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shiny-the-golden-magikarp chapter 5 . 8/2
Shiny- Hey guys,.check this out! The cameras got new videos of Chris adventures, you know i really enjoy watching those parts the webpage didn't tell ... Where's everyone?

Lucy- I don't know, out there, they didn't leave details.

Shiny- Really I have to watch this awesome shit with you from anyone here?

Lucy- It's not like I didn't enjoy the violence and humor in their adventures.

Shiny- You are a cheap copy of Chris Lucario.

Lucy- Blame my author, I never chose this.
Can we see how my male version destroyes everything consumed by rage?

Shiny- Why the hell not, I'll make some popcorn, plug the camera.
Demonfan50 chapter 221 . 7/26
richard.liu chapter 208 . 7/26
Error on one of my quotes. It's "I'm not letting Karma take you from me!", not "I'm letting Karma take you from me!"
Guest chapter 217 . 7/23
Hey since Ryu is part of the roster now, will we see an arc with the World Warriors in the future?
Blade Chore chapter 212 . 7/23
Not to be mean, but this was a not-so-good arc. I would've said terrible, but the fanfic as an overall is good. This arc was super repetitive and an excuse to bring back the dead.
richard.liu chapter 221 . 7/24
If you're still considering adding my OC, here's a few starter quotes to expand my character's personality:

"Stop whining Pit! Your current weapon can do fine against Hades!'
"Great, malicious fucking Hade cells. And when I smell of his guts."
"Tabuu's alive!? Well, that means that I can kick his ass myself, not that I mean that i'm going solo. Besides, you're all my teammates and friends."
"Meta Knight, it is a great honour to meet you, the legendary knight of Dreamland."
"Awww... Popo and Nana look so kawaii in real life..."
"I gotta admit, Pandora, that Fountain of Youth makes you look sexy as a human."
"Any side-quests? I can help you on them, besides, you're in the company of a veteran Nintendo fan."
"CHRIS! Shit, don't you dare die on me! I just met someone who shares my passion and my love of Nintendo, and I'm letting Karma take you from me! (administers First-Aid DRABCD procedures)"
"Well, it wouldn't hurt to do one Turf War..." (Splatoon world)
"DJ Octavio... I'm going to send your hellish music to the musical purgatory it belongs to... WITH MY UBER GUN!" (Vs. DJ Octavio)
Blade Chore chapter 202 . 7/21
Despite this fanfic being pretty good, I can't get past all the cheesy parts. Still, they add to the drama. The problem Fox had with Chris... I was with Fox and against Ryhme. I can't let this go, I'm just saying that everyone psych is different, and she was in no way to say what she did to Fox.

This is probably the most irrelevant post ever. As the hotdog-blessed blueberry gods are dining upon the waffle baked potatoes.
enokimoto chapter 5 . 7/23
aaa~ seeing the e-mail notification of the chapter instantly put a smile on my face~ Thank you for your continuing effort of this amazing piece of work! Also, thanks for answering my other question on here, now I'll be able to thoroughly enjoy what's left. Although, if many others asked the same question, then sorry for bugging you~ Now I'll be commenting a bit if you don't mind~
I was right about your great ability to reference the past and help new and old readers catch up with the story. It was a long while since I've read chapter 4 and I had only a vague idea of what happened before. But thanks to your writing, I was able to fully recall the events of the previous chapters, nice touch with the ghost too!
Godddsss thank you for your amazing ver. of the Earthbound crew! I loved them all to death and you gave them a bit more character than the actual game, in my opinion! The scene where the Earthbound crew all talked about their fears of their adventure and PSI powers as well as he goodbye scene made me tear up, great job on that!
Alright, I'll stop taking up space. Thank you again for your hard work and letting us know you aren't giving up on this anytime soon~ you got our fully support! Have a day as great as you~
smashgunner chapter 103 . 7/21
Yah Chris needed to rek someone sooner or later but snake should not have been burned because he is badass
shiny-the-golden-magikarp chapter 126 . 7/21
Shiny- What a fine day to continue with my reading after so long!

Lucy- You haven't finished super mario rpg jet (She replied meditating).

Shiny- I GET IT! I know I know, I get the concept. I got stuck at monstro town and I can't continue, happy now?

Lucy- As long as I get you on your nerves.

Shiny- See?! This is why I envy Chris, his lucario is loyal and caring, you are just the standar lucario who does nothing but grunt and fight.

Lucy- Just because all your pokemons got corny and cheesie with you, it doesn't mean I will do it too.

Shiny- But you are under my pokemon just like the others, aren't you supposed to end up liking me after a long period of care and love?

Lucy- Urgh! No way!

Shiny- Oh come on! I've done everything he does with his lucario and the other smashers, doesn't that make any difference?

Lucy- No, I actually find his personality changes hilarious, like when he starts to flirt with women even if he isn't that kind of guy.

Shiny- We have some of that here...

Lucy- Having nervous breakdowns or being possesed by an evil being doesn't count.

Shiny- Ok, you win, but if you want to. Do like you are so great, tell me, why are your physical attacks so weak if you are a fighting type?

(Lucy turns around with a death stare and remains quiet).

(Meanwhile at the kitchen).

Big Boss- And that is how I seduced Paz.

Edgar- Hang on, she was a loli or was she underage?

Big Boss- The first one.

Edgar- Oh, it's okay then.

(Something broke the wall and passed crashed at high speed on the other one).

Shiny- I-take-it-back... "faints".

Edgar- Wow, Lucy is getting really good at creating those mega spheres, she could only blast him past 3 rooms before, now she launchs him past 15!

Big Boss- I think he should go to the clinic.

(End of the video).
Blade Chore chapter 191 . 7/18
Okay, I don't expect this to be done, but I was thinking of a Rita vs Elizabeth fight. Or maybe even with a fully powered Light Gaia ir Master Hand (who will crush girls). I can't be the only one thinking this.
enokimoto chapter 220 . 7/20
Oh drat...I caught up. The one problem on my end was the fact that I basically skipped around until I found a spot I found suitable and familiar to read and continued from there. (Which wasn't much: I started at Chapter 200.) The reason I started here was due to almost staggering difference in your writing style between now and back then. It was almost like reading two different people write. Note that isn't an entirely bad thing, as it gives you lots of writing techniques to utilize. You've already fixed a lot of the problems of your past writing (but that doesn't mean your writing now is perfect; continue your hard work!) and reading these chapters over week was the absolute best use of time~ The vivid picture you paint for worlds unfamiliar to me were useful, and thanks to your frequent references to past events in this story, it helped me understand the current dilemmas of the Smash Crew, as I'm sure was the same case for many new readers. I have a question that you can easily answer in PM: where would you recommend I start? I've already read the first 4 rewritten chapters and decided not to continue reading from there, but your writing made it hard to resist to read your more recent entries so sorry about that~ I hope this project is ongoing and I look forward to any future updates: from here as well as The Bond of Aura~
Link Reincarnate chapter 220 . 7/16
I want to say, i got to here from the first chapter in a matter of maybe a month. I read every now and then, but this is seriously one of the best stories I've read. This story is legitimately the only story to make me shed tears. The only complaint i have is about Chris's sudden personality change, hes suddenly always down, despite knowing before the TWEWY arc that he only had one more life. But still, i see why he's like that. I only wish new chapters could be written everyday so i would never have to stop reading, though i know that's impossible. Keep up the good work
NeddardStark chapter 220 . 7/16
Great chapter :) I can see this arc shaping up to be a definite favourite. I love KI: Uprising, the humour's always on point and you definitely captured that here :D

Will we be seeing a certain doppelgänger and slightly detached goddess making an appearance at the mansion once this arc has ended?
Thekoopatroop2 chapter 1 . 7/13
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