Reviews for Strawberry Fields Forever
Flowers Legacy chapter 4 . 6/16/2009
o intreging!

I have a slightly similar GATB fanfiction but don't worry it's different enough! ahh I'm so excited!
JuJukins chapter 4 . 6/15/2009
I really like this story! Can't wait for more...

But... *sniff* why is Kartik evil? Or possessed, or something. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to find out, won't I?
LaaciLoo chapter 3 . 7/11/2008
I'm dieing! Don't just leave it there. It was amazing and Iw ant to read more! AH! -tears hair out-
greenchica chapter 3 . 6/24/2008
Woah, cliffhanger! MORE MORE MORE!
IcelandGirl812 chapter 3 . 6/20/2008
Wow! I love this! I want to read more! Find out what's happening, where you're going. Please update! I know it's only been like two weeks since your last update, but still. I feel the need to beg for an update! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update! It was great! Can't wait for an update! Now I'm gonna go see if you have any other stories...
Stephanie chapter 1 . 6/18/2008
This is really good so far! I like the new setting and where you've taken the story. I can't wait to find out what happens next!
Nikki chapter 3 . 6/8/2008
Okay, seriously. That was amazing. You're an amazing writer. So hurry up and write more. I'm dieing.

I thought that this whole next generation thing was going to be cheesy, but you actually made it interesting.

Can't wait to read more!

ANGELOFTHEBLACKROSES chapter 3 . 6/7/2008
omfg! update now! please! i'm pumped up and excited...di i tell you that i love the title of your story!
Sasha chapter 2 . 4/6/2008
Oh, it sounds so good so far! I love that you encorporated the story so perfectly into modern times. Abby has such spunk, exactly like Gemma, and James seems so have the same doubtfulness about him as Kartik. Keep making more chapters, I'm excited to read more.
ANGELOFTHEBLACKROSES chapter 2 . 3/26/2008
I like the name of the chapter. you know that's a band right? Awesome story! really really good. thank for being one of the only stories that has no spoilers for the 3rd book cuz' i have'nt read it yet. you rock and so does your story!
Call Me Mimzy chapter 2 . 3/21/2008
well this seems interesting. update soon please :)

Saibryel chapter 2 . 3/21/2008
this is going really well! i cant wait for the next chappie!
XoXoXStarlightXoXoX chapter 2 . 3/12/2008
OMG I love it! UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE! lol :)
ValoryAnnClark chapter 2 . 3/8/2008
it really good i like it. i think your a really good righter and i think the story has a lot of potental. i also knotested that you like to use music refereses 4 titals. its a nice tuch. oh and if you looking 4 a name for the ann like charecter, (i think you should put one in here) Alexandra would be a good one. she can go bay ali 4 short. keep writing and having funn with it...

Facebooks Ann Bradshaw.
actions-we-remember chapter 2 . 3/8/2008
Yay, Gemma! I That was really...different. But cool. Abby's got an attitude. Ha. Good job!
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