Reviews for Savoring the Moment
Blair.Alice. CullenLuvr chapter 12 . 8/20/2012
like like
candyluvsu chapter 6 . 11/4/2011
Aww this is such a sweet story. A different take on the wedding and honeymoon then what I have previously read.
Siriusmunchkin chapter 12 . 2/20/2010
That was a really nice story. Well done.
Siriusmunchkin chapter 11 . 2/20/2010
That was a lot of fun. Emmett definitely needs to eat a little humble pie.
Siriusmunchkin chapter 10 . 2/20/2010
Like it.
Siriusmunchkin chapter 9 . 2/20/2010
Very well written.
Siriusmunchkin chapter 8 . 2/20/2010
Not bad at all. Everyday ordinary stuff is much more interesting than all the villians and angst that author's seem to think people want. Well, I suppose many people do want that. There's more than enough angst and villianary in the real world to want to read about it.
Siriusmunchkin chapter 7 . 2/20/2010
Bella needs to do more crosscountry trips. There is always something to do when you're traveling by car, especially if it's someplace you've never been before. The changing landscape particularly when you're traveling through Alaska. Just having Edward to herself for 15 hrs should put her in seventh heaven.
Siriusmunchkin chapter 6 . 2/20/2010
Fluff is frequently much better than villian. Those stories are way overrated. This is fun.
Siriusmunchkin chapter 5 . 2/20/2010
It was okay
Siriusmunchkin chapter 4 . 2/20/2010
Very sexy. And sweet. And romantic.
Siriusmunchkin chapter 3 . 2/20/2010
Like this a lot. It's really fun.
Siriusmunchkin chapter 2 . 2/20/2010
Loved it. This is the way it should be.
Siriusmunchkin chapter 1 . 2/20/2010
Nice. Love the vows. Wish Emmett could have done my wedding.
WithoutLove.LifeIsLike chapter 12 . 1/3/2010
:) I really liked this!
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