Reviews for Of Course
Juleezy chapter 1 . 1/3/2014
I loved this. There really aren't many Suzaku centric fics since he's always paired romantically with Lelouch in some way. I liked the way you wrote Suzaku's thoughts - constant, repetitive, drilling, and absolute. It was a mess of unified confusion almost.

Even though the belief of Britannia was never brought up, I think it being Catholicism is quite fair, especially during that scene at the last episode with C.C. praying in a church. The fact that you made the topic of death and forgiveness the main points of this fic was a great must. However, I must say that there is a bit too much self loathing in here since Suzaku seems to think that he is most absolutely positively right in the anime, or at least that is how I interpreted him.

The ending was great though. It made the piece as a whole much stronger.
Puffie chapter 1 . 4/28/2008
Excellent idea, a nice choice to tackle an untapped topic in Code Geass. The situation fits Suzaku perfectly. Continue writing unique fics!
canicide chapter 1 . 4/21/2008
Brilliant. Bloody brilliant. I must say, I really liked your story (even if I'm Catholic, and I don't exactly agree with your points.) It's a great study of Suzaku's character; you portrayed his desperation, his hungry need for absolution well.

But there's still one thing missing, you know. Your story somewhat forgets the fact that Kururugi Suzaku is a soldier of Britannia. He puts himself at the frontlines, waiting to die. He feels that if he died, maybe his sins could be forgiven. It hardly mentioned that at all. You could've put that in and made this story a bit better than it is. That one single fact emphasizes his attempts to recovery, as if highlighting it in yellow. Heh.

Aside from that, your grammar and spelling is perfect; I couldn't even see an error there. The part at the end was probably the strongest point. I loved it, really. Connecting the main story to the CG canon was a wonderful idea, and it just made your story all the more real. You couldn't have ended it better.

Rago Dragovian chapter 1 . 4/21/2008

This perfectly displays how Suzaku's guilt creates his irrational beliefs towards Brittinia and his fellow Japanese people and how pathetic he truly is. Mao was so right about him when he said Suzaku was just a selfish brat who wanted his father to punish him.

What is even more abhoring is he delusionally believed the Japanese would be equal and that he could change it when he was part of the force that were killing off Japanese civilians in the shinjiku ghetto in episode 1.

Suzaku's such a hypocritical idiot for saying what he did to Lelouch at the end of season 1. He should've looked in a mirror when he said those things since he single-handedly destroyed Japan due to his actions as a kid. It's laughable that he would think there would ever be willing equality after what he's seen and done. His girlfriend was close because she was of high stature and Schnizael backed her up.
TheDukeAffar chapter 1 . 3/7/2008
Well despite the warning I didn't cringe and want to hurt something when I read this. (Not a Catholic, but a Christian none the less).

Still this fanfiction just shows naive and hypocritical Suzaku can be.

First off he clearly doesn't like taking life but he does anyway if its a chance to put himself on the line, and to his own country men none the less. He also believes that they(Japanese people) should all just accept the current system and bend over backwards for a nation that ruined their own. On top of that he is fighting for a nation that not only exiled his best friend but also turned a blind eye to Lelouchs mothers death. Sometimes I don't think I'll ever understand what goes in Suzakus mind.

Besides that good fiction, was almost going to skip because of the slight SuzakuxLelouch warning but it was up to interpretation so I went ahead any way. Read all your other works and all of them are usually better than the last, keep up the good work and happy writing.