Reviews for Harry Potter And The Elemental's Power
MoltenCheese chapter 61 . 2/18
Awesome Story! Usually, I don't like stories with OFC's, but this was epic! Great Job! I loved it!
Ashcrow Knight chapter 61 . 2/17
Niuuuuu! Gaddaammnnn ittt! That's not how you finish a story! You can't end it like a cheap Chinese Kung Fu flick!

At least, have Harry revive Lillian and have her say "Let me sleep damn it." or something!

Or at least give a status like, 1-10 years later with mini Lillians/Harries running around.

TT ahhh, as good as it was, I'm sad that such a great journey has come to an end. Few people can really do a Harry Potter Story with an OC in it as well as you. Most of the time, it's just a shameless self insert. Well, I hope that you continue writing more stories, this was sure one of the best.
Guest chapter 61 . 2/8
Omg this, this, this is amazing. Wow, just, wow. This story is the best fanfiction I have ever read about harry potter in my life. It should be first on the list! You obviously spent so much time on it, because you wrote it for 8 years. I almost never write reviews, but I have to say that you deserve a review. This fanfiction is the only one where Harry is is slytherin and it actually makes sense. The whole thing where they visited the other dimension which was the actually Harry Potter story line, well that was fabulous. You have great talent, continue to write!
Niet boeiend chapter 31 . 2/4
I thought I wouldnt bother with reviewing cause the story is alreadu finished and I was planning to leave a review when I finished in which I'd probably state how much I enjoyed the story.
So far I really like it I laugh quite often but you really had me laughing at the garage. Seriously Ferrari's Audie's etc and convertibles :P nor only are there many better looking cars then audies (like Lamborghinis, McLarens, Morgans) but seriously in that sentence you put convertibles hahahaha . I can tell you're not into cars (which is fine) anyways so far great story though I wonder what's with Lillian and Slytherin
zeesims chapter 61 . 2/1
love, love, LOVED it!
one of the best fanfic evr! i even cried.
Luc chapter 5 . 1/26
It was a good story. Id totally read without the oc. She is highly offputting. I dont think its anything in her character, she is a spunky normal girl. But the fact is she takes time away from harry, she has the same powers as him thus making harry less special, her character growth is taking away from harrys making him a flat canon character. Theres nothing she brings to the plot another canon character couldnt. I dislike her because she isnt harry and so she shouldnt even try. Shrugs. Thought you deserved to know.
Luc chapter 4 . 1/26
I hope harry has both elements and this wont be harry/oc pairing. The summary didnt say anything about a pairing.
I dont like this lillian character. Why is she here? Why not a suitable real canon character, theres plenty.
Will she be mary sue. Just as special as harry?
Id like not to read more for i have a bad feeling about this but the writings good and the plot has promise. But i know ill be dissapointed if i read on and that oc becomes important. Sigh.
Im sure others have felt this way but not said it. I guess ill read a few chapters more to see.. Damn oc's, spoiling perfectly good stories
kamao7 chapter 23 . 1/23
There are so many things that are good about this fic, but I couldn't keep going after chapter 23. I just didn't care about the AU bit, and while Harry being a tight lipped prick super-Slytherin was funny at first, eventually his interactions with the other characters wore me a bit thin. The only times he's even vaguely likeable is when he's bantering with Sirius or Blaise.
leemikki chapter 18 . 1/21
Harry is getting extremely hard to like. I don't think I will be continuing.
Nouney chapter 61 . 1/17
Hi, I really love your story, and Lillian is my favorite OC.

I hope you make an other story with Lillian and Harry together...

I really hope.

Thank you for this awesome story.

Cassx313 chapter 61 . 1/17
OMG. I fucking cried... a short sequel of the futureee! since its a Dystopia world how is it remake?
The nuclear gasses and all that... Whabout Lillian?! Are they both going to live happily ever after or...
Whabout Blaise or Draco? The Weasleys. heck! Even Lillian's father or the Grangers
ironhair chapter 1 . 1/14
Read this and enjoyed it quite a bit.
Good plot and balanced villain, even if Harry does feel overpowered at times.
Loved Lillian &.his interaction with her.
Crazy commenter chapter 61 . 1/11
A few minor points:

1) How can Arthur be part of a meeting when he's already dead?

2) I'm not sure you know what the word "exponential" means, because you use it wrong several times.

In general, interesting story, but I liked the first section far more than the second.
Confused chapter 51 . 1/10
When the wards on London fell, and knowing that it's the big bad's capitol and that he is likely there, why the hell did they not send in ten to thirty nuclear Trident missiles from their subs? Or, to quote another source, evil wins because good is dumb. They're still fighting with kid gloves on while the world literally burns.
The marauders21 chapter 61 . 1/4
I read the whole thing. I think it is sad that she died but i do not know what that black cube is?
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