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autumnnsprite chapter 12 . 5/18/2008
i do feel a little sorry for stephano, it sounds like he needs a little lovin... but oh my poor rose! i wouldn't like to walk in on that! eep! update soon please!
Paige232 chapter 12 . 5/18/2008
hi, i found the story great! :) can't wait for the next one!
wonderstruckflightrisk chapter 12 . 5/18/2008
Wow! Amazing chapter, as usual! Okay, first things first.

Rose, i feel so bad for her. She's a nervous wreck. I mean, first she almost kisses Scorpius, her boyfriend's best friend, not once, but twice. THen, she's avoiding Stephano. But, when she and Stephano finally talk, they kiss and sherealizes that she's not in love with him. THen, she walks in Scorpius having sex with another girl? Wow, amazing. Sucks for her though.

Stephano, I can't help, but love him. He's so sweet. I just hate how Rose doesn't feel anything for him because I think he's amazing.

Scorpius, wow. As much as I love him, I really just want to slap him in this chapter. For god's sakes, can't he control his urges long enough to move to a bedroom. Ugh, too bad I love him too much.

Well, I can't wait to see what happens next! Will she run to Stephano because she's so upset? Or is she going to confront Scorp about it? Who knows? Well, you probably do so yeah. I can't wait until the next one!

And sorry for this obscenely long reveiw.
just a girl chapter 12 . 5/17/2008


not EXACTLY unexpected of him to be there with Violetta, but the fact that rose walked in on them...THAT was unexpected.


i have to see how this they see her? does she duck out of the room before they do?...i have a feeling i know how she's going to feel about it all, but totally have to see what you've come up with for the next chappie...plz post up the next chapter soon!

can't wait to read it...

oh and this was yet another great chapter, by the way...

Ramzes chapter 12 . 5/17/2008
God, Rose's life is becoming more and more complicated!
Alexandrra chapter 12 . 5/17/2008
I so want to shoot Malfoy right now. I mean, really, how much more of a cad can you possibly be? USE YOUR OWN ROOM, PLEASE! You wrote it brilliantly, though ;] that's because you're a brilliant writer! But we already knew that, didn't we... I hope you'll update soon and spare our poor Rose and Stephano all that heartbreak... but that's what makes a good lovestory, right?
Flora chapter 12 . 5/17/2008
God I feel so sorry for both Rose and Stephano. Scorpius really is a prick but I love him anyway ;) I'm curious to see what her reaction will be... and his too, of course. update soon
pdaervo chapter 12 . 5/17/2008

Great chapter, I think that you are progressing the story along well, and even though I would like more Scorpius Rose interaction, the pace you're going at just makes me want it even more. The last part was sort of ew but I generally LOVED it. Love this story, it's the best Scorpius Rose story I've read so far; update as soon as you can please!
hondagirl chapter 12 . 5/17/2008
You are definitely one of my favorite authors at the moment. You always seem to update on days when I need it most. Like today, I have 2 papers to write and 2 different test to study for and when I say I need a break, I need a break. So it is nice to take a minute and read something that's not out of a microbiology or medical terminology textbook. So I thank you for that. :)

Now onto the actual review: Okay, so first lets talk about how poor Rose was going through a ton of emotions in this chapter. I mean she feels guilty for 'almost' kissing Malfoy, she feels guilty for thinking about Malfoy, she feels ashamed for ignoring her boyfriend because, being Malfoy's best friend, he reminds her off Malfoy and she feels guilty for being ashamed of that. And I don't know about you, but when your boyfriend reminds you of another bloke, you might want to think twice about the two of you as a couple.

And Stephano kissing her was just another reminder that he's not the right guy for Rose. I mean really, who wants to be ASKED to be kissed? This does not take place back in the 1950's. I mean, I don't know about you but my favorite kisses are the spur-of-the-moment/body-against-the-wall/I-need-it-NOW kind of kisses. Thats the kind of kiss Rose needs. Now Stefano, as nice and sweet as he is, he not the type to do that. Now Malfoy on the other hand, you and I both know those are EXACTLY the kind of kisses he wasnts to give to Rose. Yet another reason why I root for the Scorpius/Rose side of things and not Stephano/Rose

Which now brings me to your last line, Scorpius shagging Violetta in his and Rose's common room, when he knows Rose will eventually come back from the Ravenclaw common room. Now Malfoy isn't dumb. He knows that Rose will be coming back and he could have taken her into his room. But he probably feels guilt and anger at A) Liking his best mate's girl B) Feeling those emotions towards a Weasley and C) Knowing that there is knowing he can do about it. So what does he do? Sleep with the, pardon my french, school whore to show that what Rose Weasley does or who she does it with, has no effect on him. At in the middle of the common room where she is sure to walk in. I read some of your reviews and I know some other people are surprised by this turn of events but I'm not. He's feeling as many conflicting emotions as Rose is from the night before and this is his stupid guy way of dealing with it! One word: boys!

Wow, this review turned out a lot longer then I expected but you know I like to talk. And I hope all of these reviews have cheered you up. It will be interesting to see what Rose does next chapter. Knowing her she will prob be in shock at first, then pretend like she doesn't care what he does, all the while inwardly berating herself FOR caring. Ah,the path to true love is never smooth.

Well I would write more, but a 5 page paper on Meniere's Disease is currently calling my name and try as I might, it's not shutting up! Until next time!

JessFantasy16 chapter 12 . 5/17/2008
FINALLY Rose has some sense! I can tell we're starting to transition from the hatred stage to the awkward/not-sure-what-to-say-because-i-think-i-love-you stage... or, we might already be there? haha... this was a great chapter and your story is progressing nicely! I actually do have some constructive criticism this time... *gasp* i don't know if stephano's problems are particularly important to the plot line, but I think it might be just a little much to have him have all these problems so that it makes it even harder for rose to break up with him, etc... now, i'm just guessing on that, so if that was not your intent, sorry, but I just think it's a bit much... that's all... otherwise, it was bloody BRILLIANT! _ can't wait for more!
Katty.164 chapter 12 . 5/17/2008
oh poor Rose but i really liked this chapter!
sa0irse chapter 12 . 5/17/2008
Uhm, I am nearly crying! Honestly, I think I am the one who needs serious cheering up now. :D

I think it was unevitable though...

But I get the feeling it wasn't cheer fortune that Rose walked in on them, really, they could have gone to Scorpius' room and not shagging in the common room!

I hope everything is going to clear in the next chapters, I want interaction between the two and not just an angry and jealous Rose who refuses to speak to Scorpius.

You have done it again: I am so in love with your story and already counting the minutes to the next chapter!

Fabolous work as always!
QuickQuotesQuill07 chapter 12 . 5/17/2008
God, I hope something happens for Rose to develop at least a smidgen of attraction to Stephano...actually I think this last scene should qualify for that. Scorpius is kinda disgusting for not taking their screwing (pardon my French) up to his room. And Violetta Chang is such a dirty whore that she and the rest of the 'village bicycles' of Hogwarts should be lined up against the wall and shot.
irene0222 chapter 12 . 5/17/2008
Okay, couldn't he just go to his room/ I mean doing it in the common room? That's just plain stupidity. Can't wait to see hoe Rose will react. Or better yet, hoe Scorpius soon
aldehyde chapter 12 . 5/17/2008
oh crap! this was inevitable though, i've been waiting for her to walk in on scorpius and some chick for some time. i just hope she doesn't do the predictable thing and have a HUGE hissyfit about it, and spend the next few chapters snarking at scorpius more than ever while trying to convince herself she DOES love stephano. though given her characterisation so far, i have a feeling that's exactly what she'll do. poor rose :(
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