Reviews for Revenge Is All The Sweeter
ClaraBragge-Ravenclaw chapter 24 . 3/15
Easily one of my all-time favorites!
Guest chapter 24 . 3/10
THE ENDING WAS SO CUTE! I loved it :) :) :) :) :) such a good story :)
Dreameuro chapter 24 . 2/27
Aweeeeeee this story was so great. You're an amazing writer and I'm really happy you never abounded the story. The interview at the end of chapter 23 was so original and just such a cool idea. I think you captured hermione and Draco perfectly in their interactions.
Congrats on being wonderful!
Dreameuro chapter 8 . 2/27
Holy shit Ginny is such a manipulative bitch but I love it
aamlkb chapter 20 . 2/7
aamlkb chapter 7 . 2/7
You tell him! I hAte this Ron
aamlkb chapter 5 . 2/7
Things are about to get interesting
LeMongoose chapter 21 . 2/2
I went from one emotion to its completely opposite in a matter of seconds. I also have mixed feelings about you, Author! XD just kidding your story is fantastic!
HonestMistaek chapter 24 . 1/30
Loooooooooved it. What a great ride! I would've loved more heated discussions, sexual frustration, or teasing since I think their coupling goes a little too wham bam for my taste. Loved the parlour scene and the description she had of how he was a fabulous actor and her looking for his tell. I love the detail you put into that scene, I wished you had added the "right hand" detail to a later chapter. I thought you were going to do more with Goyle since there was seemed to be a big mystery about him when he arrived at the manor. Cat and blaise are adorable! Loved blaise lol also, really loved your version of draco! He was so smart, charming, and seductive! Hermione could've been more analytical/ brainy but I really liked her eureka moment when pansy went into labor. The iPhone scene was great too! I loved how draco had that great memory of hus mother. You put in a lot to make the story really original with great details. I can't wait to reread this in the future and to read more of your stories ;)
HonestMistaek chapter 5 . 1/29
Omg I was a little bit hesitant when the "action" started bc I wanted them to spar more but it makes sense! He's been ready to go from the start and he was too hungry not to take a bite lol. Omg a seductive draco is impossible to stop! Omg the harmy, pansy, Hermione dynamic at the end was super cute!
HonestMistaek chapter 3 . 1/29
I looooooooove the description of draco's eureka moment at the end of the first part! I felt so excited for him lol Omg that was awesome! Holy hell his determination omg I'm speechless. Love the ending too!
HonestMistaek chapter 2 . 1/29
Woooooo I'm loving this! I love the catalyst in the beginning, though I do think harry could have been a little more sympathetic. Also, I never really liked ginNY or Ron that much but I did love their family so this chapter was great to me lol love how Hermione got the news at the end, what a great exciting finish!
HonestMistaek chapter 1 . 1/29
Doing an excited jig because I can tell this is going to be good! I loved how you painted draco in this chapter (the thing with the paintings was a nice way to show that) and the interview! Oh man, I love how cool and collected him seemed. So icy yet so hot! What a great, well written first chapter!
Bernaheartsyou chapter 24 . 1/24
I truly enjoyed this story, if it wasn't for work I would've finished the story within a day. Thank you for that
Bernaheartsyou chapter 12 . 1/23
Those words that Rob spoke hurt me as well. Dang, this chapter brings out all the anger that Ron had inside. Crazy guy.
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