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Guest chapter 120 . 2/22
Update the story soon please!
Kimi-chan99 chapter 30 . 2/14
i actually created my own imaginary world. i made myself Haruki, and i married Kakashi. we have 4 kids: Emiko is the oldest, then Seika, followed by Kaito and Henry (i can't think of a good Japanese name). It shows how much i love this story and you as an author
animeatemyfeels chapter 2 . 2/7
NO NOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOO I LOVE THIS STORY BUT I CANT DEAL WITH THE EXTREME VILIFICATION OF OROCHIMARU AAAAAAAAH IMMA RANT ABOUT IT SORRY OK firsts of the reason that orochi-chi left the leaf is because danzo ordered him to merge the hashirama cells with stolen children bc danzo wanted a stronger root ALSO Orochi-chi was found out after that experiment and abandoned the leaf BUT LETS FACE IT He would have abandoned it anyway because HE WAS THE LAST LOYAL SANNIN like tsunade had left and was not heard from again and jiraya was AWOL bc he couldn't deal with his guilt and grief and THEY LEFT HIM THEY LEFT OROCHIMARU ALONE WHEN HE NEEDED THEM and goddamnit just SOMEONE HELP THE GENIUS SNAKE CHILD GODDAMN CHILD PRODIGIES AND BEING EMOTIONALLY STUNTED
mikan26 chapter 120 . 1/20
Pls make more chapters I garuntee u this is one my favourite stories and I want sasuke and emiko to reunite as well so hope for more
I always check for updates more
I hop my message is a motivates u
The Perfect Re TPR chapter 14 . 1/4
okay. I'm done replying to these... chapters. I can't deal with the amount of optimism in this story anymore. No real plot, so u stick with the original. no good training to show how she gotten strong enough to beat genuine easily. AND SOMEHOW SHE GOT A SICKNESS THAT ITACHI HAS, DESPITE IT NOT BEING CONTAGIOUS AT ALL (I checked on I'm done reviewing with this story. I may read it agian some time, but probably not for a bit. Bye
The Perfect Re TPR chapter 13 . 1/4
OK. so she has wind element, apparently has enough control to make a sword from it. And apparently she can unrealistically take down two chunnin material people at once... and she's four. now I'm kinda okay with that, even tho the lil spoilt princess of akatsuki didn't react to blood at all, I can live with that. Doesn't really justify that there was no training, and in the rest of the chapter she (surprise!) was hiding and crying.
The Perfect Re TPR chapter 12 . 1/4
... I'm about to stop reading this. So far, this girl has only cried, cried, and hide when faced with danger. She is practically a civilian. Fucking hell, "don't worry, well make sure nothing happens to u!". I understand that she is four, so it's expected... but then I see the dream parts, saying when she's older, she's gonna see the others die and how... and u know what she did? watch them die, then cry. ... One more chapter, and I'll send if this is really worth it. if she doesn't show any of her "training" or "element" or if she only cries and hides... then I'm done, cuz that's just too fucking annoying. Another thing is that everyone wants to know her name, then ignores her in favor of FORCING THE ORIGINAL PLOT. and then there's the fact that she was apparently brave enough to be an idiot next to Naruto (and the room full of people meant to kill each other, just eye roll?... *sighs* this is quickly becoming a Disappointment sadly.
The Perfect Re TPR chapter 11 . 1/4
... how did she know how strong Naruto is? She can't really say "Your worse than Naruto" becuz she barely has seen him, nevermind judge how strong he is. Also, She is freaking four. u gave her the intelligence of a 12 year old, but the mannerism of a 4 year old. She shouldn't be able to handle much training, and I'm still pissed u completely avoided a training scene or such, and think a FOUR YEAR OLD is good enough for the chunnin exam... I know it may reunite her with her family, but it's still completely ridiculous in my opinion. I Really Really hope u have a training scene or something, not just saying she trained and have her practically cry every time someone puts dust on her dress. She relies way too much on others... hiding behind the one u called weak? That's sad. So far, I'm a bit annoyed at this story.
The Perfect Re TPR chapter 10 . 1/4
... nobody asked who she was besides kakashi. nobody asked who her father or family was. nobody questions her in the slightest... and apparently they are the most strongest hidden village, with such a low security? I'm also pretty pissed that it said she'd be training for a bit, but it never showed. Then u say "She is very good with her element" and not even hint at how she's good with it, how they found out, or what it is... Fucking unrealistic for a Naruto world. I really hope u come back and fix this by putting in training scenes...
The Perfect Re TPR chapter 9 . 1/4
I noticed that u said "Do not show off your training". this has me confused, as 1.) She is Three, and spoilt 2.) It never had ANY scene of training in any way, which I was looking forward to very much. Honestly, I like this story so far, but RN it's only spoilt lil girl by a group of cold hearted killers. I know the importance of character development, but so far absolutely no action or real mention of action... Just a bit let down by that. Also a lil wierd that they ALL spoil her. Especially Zetsu, Hidan, or even sasori. Zetsu, cuz he practically eats people... and corrupted Indra as well as Madara and Obito, so it's kinda shocking that he's taking a genuine liking to this girl that resembles Uchiha. Then Hidan... do I really need to say much about how I'm confused u make him so caring, despite being a tsundere about it. Well, honestly she may have grown on h, so I'm kinda okay with him. Then there sasori. The living puppet. The one who killed off a whole country and turned their bodies to puppets. The guy who literally cannot truly feel emotion (which also confused me with kishimoto showing sasori with a bit emotion at near death, or when he was reincarnated.)... and he is one of the nicest and most caring to her. Just my thoughts tho. Also surprised no one killed the teacher, or at least harmed her. And the kid u mentioned being too close got me suspicious, but never really did anything... well. that's my thoughts on this chapter. ALSO ITS KAKUZU, NOT KAKAZU! tho it is amusing to see her call him "kaka"
The Perfect Re TPR chapter 6 . 1/4
xD only kakuzu would try to name a child "Money" xDD
The Perfect Re TPR chapter 5 . 1/4
*spoiler* I haven't I'm beyond this yet, but imma guess the mission tobi is planning for her, is befriending Sasuke and make him join akatsuki early... or something similar. idk. just guessing.
The Perfect Re TPR chapter 3 . 1/4
holy shit, she's a prophet xD finding out how they die (tho vaguely) is quite ironic xD
The Perfect Re TPR chapter 1 . 1/4
lol. just find it funny how 4 S-rank missing non can just go to the market and buy baby clothes xD no henge as far as I can tell either. otherwise, good portrayal of the baby.
Evolution Neya chapter 21 . 12/11/2016
No matter how many times I read how Emiko cries over Sasori and her other family I always tear up. You always hit me right in the feels!
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