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xXxShiniXKazexXx chapter 3 . 8/11/2010
Excellent. )
iS2.coheed.and.cambria chapter 3 . 4/20/2008
“Darling, you just gotta keep searching. You;ll find him sooner or later.”

His nostrils flared as he tensed and she momentarily wondered if she had broken him to the limits by saying that.

I loved this third part. I don't even know what to say! It was so damn good! I love that line above I'd never really thought about it that way like if I had written a fic and had a character say to another I lost someone meaning something they loved is dead, I would never think to flip it and have it have a double meaning, I just loved that bit subtle parts like that are what really make a story.

I also loved "Sam didn't feel anymore, he didn't know how to." That. You refered to that a couple times that Sam couldn't feel or that he was numb and it was just great imagery. That specific line was perfect.

And finally omg omg omg the letter. I don't usually cry during stories but omg that made me cry, like tears going down my face, crying not just tearing up. Just the idea of fiding that after he'd been trying to heal and finally getting that closure it happy sad, my favorite kind! The last line, "Until then, Sammy, you bitch. I can almost hear you say Jerk. And now I can almost see you laughing. " That line was what really made me cry. I felt like the letter was so Dean. Like it wasn't overly dramatic, just dramatic enough to have tears coming down your face and having a pathetic laugh after you finished reading it.

Just loved the entire thing, brilliant work!

iS2.coheed.and.cambria chapter 2 . 4/20/2008
Loved part 2, gonna make this review a bit shorter because I want to get to part three, but i really loved how this was slightly lighter, like it was a bit more suddely heartbreaking (if that's possible). The ending is happy, which I like even though there were some truely heartbreakig moments in this part like when Sam lost it and told Dean he's seen him die over and over and can't do it again. This part was a little less in your face heartbreaking, and when you think about it has the same affect as part one, only in a different way. Both I love and I can't wait to read part three, which I will do right now!
iS2.coheed.and.cambria chapter 1 . 4/20/2008
Wow. That was an amazing start to this story! The detail in describing how Sam was feeling in all of thoose instances was just soo good. I loved the time line of this piece, how you weaved through the events leading up to Dean telling Sam he only had one year in a sort of unconventional way but in the end everything came together and all the information you have writen about their childhood was clear. I don't really know how to explain it, but just when you finsih reading this you have a like a second of clarity where you think "Oh that's what happened." I don't know if that makes any sense whatsoever but that what I think, lol. I really liked the line in the beginning

"He watched the rise and the fall of Dean’s chest, his heart tearing into shreds as he told himself that after two months, that chest would remain still like the earth beneath his feet. Flat and unmoving."

I had to read that line a couple times just something about it really stuck out. The part about Dean being a comedian and the "Real Music and Shit Music, Sammy," bit was funny yet heratbreaking because the whole point of that was to make you sad that stuff like that won't happen for Sam anymore. I also loved the last two lines being 'One year.' really tied the whole fic together.

Wow that was the longest review I've even written but now on to part 2 : )

jenilee chapter 3 . 3/24/2008
Very nice ending, girl. Very sad, but you ended it on a nice hopeful note for Sam. That he would try to live his life even without Dean. I think Dean would've wanted that for Sam.
FairyElle chapter 3 . 3/24/2008
Hey Funky!

That was such a kick-ass finish.

I loved every word of it. It was so SAD! You had me crying so much, and I rarely cry unless the fic is really REALLY good. And this one really was that good. :) I’m so happy you decided to write this fic. Normally I don’t really like to read Death Fics but yours was so beautifully written, and you really did an awesome job with this one. You should really be proud of yourself, Funky - because this was amazing. You had some really heart-wrenching moments in there.

I liked the way you used the songs throughout the entire fic, you can really feel the music telling a story connecting it to the story you are trying to tell, if that makes any sense. And I also like the use of the rain, I especially liked that part. You could feel the grief, hurt and anguish in the way the rain was beating down on Sam. Loved it :)

“Tears of frustration made their way down Sam's face but as quickly as they sprung, they were washed away. Sam's chest heaved as his lungs fought to pull oxygen in as his legs threatened to break under his weight. Water continued to whip at him, the torture seemed to never end.”

Oh and that letter! That really had me crying… it was so spot on though and I could totally see that happen if Dean should ever go down this way. And I liked the fact that it didn’t end on a completely dark note, that you put some hope in there.

Oh and that’s for the shout-out, you know it’s a two-way street. )
MayukoSon chapter 3 . 3/21/2008
I was hesitant to read this chapter because I don't do well with death fics, but the first two chapters were so well written and had to see this story through to the end. I'm glad I did. This story was lovely.

The last chapter seriously had me in tears. I lost it when Sam spoke to Dean in Latin. And when he found the letter... Man this story left me a wreck. But in a good way. I'm glad you somehow managed to give it a happy ending, considering. You handled this story superbly. Wonderful job, I'll be looking forward to more entries from you. *wipes away tears*
friendly chapter 3 . 3/21/2008
great job.. that was an awesome story...
staceycj chapter 3 . 3/21/2008
Awesome chapter! Made me cry! LOL
SamDeanLover28 chapter 3 . 3/21/2008
Don't say goodbye

Cause I don't wanna hear those words tonight

Cause maybe it's not the end for you and I

And although we knew

This time would come for me and you

Don't say anything tonight

If you're gonna say goodbye

Dear Sammy.

I guess this is it. I hope you're not pouring your heart out as you're reading this, because hey remember, even though the car's yours, don't ruin it with your tears. The driver's seat is special, remember. Don't let anyone drive the car, don't let anyone touch it and if you need company, take it around for a drive to soothe your feelings.

Sam, I know how hard this is for you. For that I'm terribly, truly sorry. I couldn't survive a day without you, and knowing that you're forced to live years without me hurts so much. (And you better live years, Sam!)

The Impala is all yours now. Remember after you killed Gordon? That was the day I officially handed my baby to you. She's been in every hunt with us and has saved our lives countless times. Hell, she even survived a crash of her own.

Don't dwell on the past, Sam. Look into the future. Continue hunting, or have kids! Don't think what I would want you to do, think what you'd want to do. I'm here supporting you all the way Sam, whatever you choose. Don't follow Dad’s footsteps and forget about what your kids need. If you keep hunting Sam, seek Bobby's help. Be careful if you hunt solo, and always check things over.

I know you as one of the most skilful hunters out there Sam. Keep up the Winchester name. Kick some demon ass, brother. Go to the bar every so often, get laid Sam!

Don't forget the awesome moves I taught you, especially on how to get a girl drooling all over you. I know you’re stronger than me, stronger than Dad. You can overcome this. Don't be obsessed with evil so that it takes over everything. And don't let your emotions win the fight, and don't ever take it out on the Impala.

You are not to remember me as a major chick flick all because of this letter- no, that's all you. I'm your handsome big brother that gets all the chicks, but I guess one chick flick can pass.

Sam, I hope you can be happy like we were, happy like you always were as a little toddler asking questions to an adult Sasquatch. I can honestly say that I have no regret in me for doing what I did, and I have never been so honest in my life.

If you ever need to talk to someone, and Bobby's busy with work, talk to the car. You can think that I'm there listening in the passenger seat. Don't ever feel alone because you never were and you never will be. You know who's standing behind your back. You've got crowds of people supporting you, cheering you on. Don't give up. You never were that type of person.

You know I adore your handsome ass, but I won't spendlines andlines explaining that four letter L word. Chick flicks can only go so far until it becomes corny. You know what I mean, Sam. I know you adore my face too, dream of having it at night. Some things haven't been said between us but I know, Sam. You might think I don't, but I understand. Unconditional love doesn't come easy for most people, but it does to me. Especially when you have a geek-boy brother called Sammy Winchester.

And if you're thinking how I know the word unconditional, I'm so gonna kick your ass. I know I'll see you soon, Sam. We saw Dad and he was in the same position as me. I'm positive. Just you wait.

And did you think I'd forget your 25th, Sam? Happy Birthday, you giant little brother of mine. I'll tell you what you can do, set yourself a record and see how many women you get to sleep with. If you beat mine, then you got it goin'.

Don't think I won't be there to celebrate these dates with you. You know where I am, and I don't mean downstairs. Knowing you for my entire life, you'll never forget me and just know it's a two way street.

Until then, Sammy, you bitch. I can almost hear you say Jerk. And now I can almost see you laughing.


*cries*...*is dead*...*
wcfan chapter 3 . 3/21/2008
I feel no shame in telling you that there were tears in my eyes! Funny thing was I was fine during the whole story but when it reach to the part where Sam walked over to the candles in the church, I just lost it! Tears in my eyes, chin started trembling.

Amazing story. Of course, i'm sad to see Dean die and Sam living suffering but still A-MA-ZING!

You're really good at this.

Now, on to your other story, 'invisible touch'!
Spoilerwolf chapter 3 . 3/20/2008
*sniffs* Okay, seriously? *wipes tear* that was freaking amazing! *hugs padawan* That ending left a smile on my face. Sam knows that he'll see Dean again. Aww... still a form of happy ending... I like my happy endings, lol. You should be proud of yourself funky. :D I am. :)

- Jess.
FairyElle chapter 2 . 3/19/2008
Hey Funky!

I loved this chapter even more than the last one. It was really sad, how you could just feel the way Dean’s deal was surrounding Sam all around. I liked how you described the pure desperation and obsession with finding a solution that was just not possible to find. It was really sad to read about Sam’s comprehension about how Dean’s death would effect him and how they wouldn’t need to write notes to each other anymore. *Sniff.* Aww! It was so good though. I especially liked this part, I thought it was beautifully written:

“Feeling like broken shards of glass that can never be replaced, Sam glanced at his brother wearily.”

“He felt like he was in a forest finding an antidote to a deathly poison slowly eating away his brother. The only catch was that the antidote could be anything of the color green. That was how hard it was.”

And that song really fit with the text. Awesome work girl!

Much love,

jenilee chapter 2 . 3/17/2008
The tone of this whole story is so sad and after reading your a/n I'm almost scared to read the next chapter cos I have a feeling I'm gonna be sitting here bawling.

I'm glad Sam did take some time off from researching to spend some time with Dean. If at the end of all this he doesn't find a way to save Dean then that'll be what he regrets most, not spending Dean's remaining time being together.
Spoilerwolf chapter 2 . 3/15/2008
Aw... Poor Sam. Dean doesn't know what to say to really make things right, but just being himself, seems to be enough :) Nice work padawan :D Can't wait to see what you have in store for the next chapter. :)
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