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SuperGoku987 chapter 7 . 10/21/2008
Great story. I enjoyed it. I'm going to look at Taiyoukai's awakening now.
Alan Wilkinson chapter 7 . 10/21/2008
Oh dear. It was going so well...

Kanius, the new Senshi went Super FAR too fast. Tyra had her powers... what, two days? Eris... maybe a week? That's about a year or two too soon. Look how long it took the Inner Senshi to reach their Super forms.
Alan Wilkinson chapter 6 . 10/21/2008
Tyra is SO not the sort of character I was expecting for a Senshi. I think we have the Kunipers "most likely to turn evil".
Alan Wilkinson chapter 5 . 10/21/2008
Playing catch-up.

Shadow and Darkness powers? Someone has got to get that girl a Duel Monsters deck.

More seriously, I hope there's a weakness to those. We don't want Orca to be a Mary Sue, do we?

Before reading the next chapter: Chi and Pi remind me of Dee Dee from RotJ
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 7 . 9/12/2008
Loved this story. Really enjoyed it. Good to see the Kuiper Senshi complete.

Christina/Sailor Orcus and Taylor/Sailor Eris were definitely my favorite of the new Kuiper girls.

Out of the Animamates, I liked the Sailor Heavymetal Pappillon. Really cool alternate intrepretation of her character. Really I liked all of these Animamates. I kinda wish they had been in the Sailor Moon anime. *sighs* Oh well.

Looking forward to the movie fic! Please, have it up soon! _
Jeffrey chapter 7 . 9/8/2008
Good endning to a very good story. I'm very happy everything turned out right for the Kuiper Senshi and are living with the veteran senshi. Didn't expect a change of heart from the big boss, but it's good she didn't kill them (They defend and not kill right!)

Favorite Kuiper Senshi-Sailor Orcus (Happy go lucky but knows when to be serious)

Favorite Animate- Sailor Mnemosyne (she has a good heart)

I can't wait to see how everything starts weaving together in the new season (and won't the other heroes be surprised about new senshi helping them kick serious butt!)

Keep up the good work with your stories dude! Later
LazerWulf chapter 7 . 9/8/2008
Without a doubt, Varuna is my favorite. She was the most fun to create.


Titan Thanos chapter 7 . 9/7/2008
Excellent ending to a nice mini story. I must say this was a well thought out and executed original Sailor Soldier fic I've read. I'd Yes, probably the only Kuiper belt Senshi story I can find anywhere on the net. Bravo, my friend.

This chapter was well done. The battles were kept short but sweet. I quite enjoyed the dynamics of the Kuiper team. They're only going to improve from here. With Sedna as leader, I have no doubt they will succeed the old guard.

This was a good conclusion. The Animamates prove that they're not the pushovers the Kuipers like to believe. Sailor Heavymetal Papillon was certainly the threat that Sedna needed to oppose. Their fight demonstrated that age old concept of the new generation surpassing the previous one.

What really grabbed my attention were the final scenes, especially when Nix visited those mysterious individuals. I noticed that mysterious 'Prophet' we've come to know about since the Pharaohmon saga. But, this other vague figure intrigues me. Perhaps it's a foreshadowing of events to come in the distant future?

Moreover, the Kuiper Belt Senshi are now part of the official cast. I can't wait to see them interact with the older Sailors. I foresee some interesting scenarios. As for your mini-survey, I was quite fond with Sailor Varuna of the KBS and Sailor Lethe of the Animamates.

So, next we have the movie fic. Entitled 'The Taiyoukai Awakening'? Well, whenever its posted, I will look forward to reading it.

Take care and stay in good health.

- Thanos of Titan
avatoa chapter 7 . 9/7/2008
I have a question about Sailor Lethe. Can she copy abilities of any anime character or can she only do Nico Robin's powers?
Belletiger chapter 7 . 9/7/2008
awesome story. too bad is already over.

Now we have to wait until the 3rd season is up.

My fav KB is helena. As for my fav neo-animate is pewter fox. I think she's funny

I can't wait to see the 3rd season.
Starlight AT chapter 7 . 9/7/2008
Jeffrey chapter 6 . 8/17/2008
Sailor Varuna is hard core! I'm glad she decided to go with the others and the final battle is coming, I wonder what's going to happen? So Tyra knew Lynn when they where younger, I hope she does meet her after they defeat the neo-animates. Your on a roll, Keep up the good work.
Titan Thanos chapter 6 . 8/16/2008
This is the best chapter of the mini-arc so far. Tyra was a far cry in terms of background and personality from the other new girls. Nothing too girly about Tyra at all. But, she had her own 'bad ass' aura that makes her stand out amongst the Kuiper Senshi.

Her entrance was very well done. Her sequences, especially when she confronted that man, were very gripping. I could feel the girl's pain and anger. Luckily, Sedna was there to stop her. Why do I get the feeling Sedna and Varuna's relationship will almost be parallel to Moon and Mars? Their friendship can only build from here on up. They start off bickering alot but they essentially build a very close bond. Then again, this is just my assumption. Those scenes were the main highlights of this piece.

But, that didn't detract from the action. The street fight with the gang members was nice. Good to see the girls actually put up a fight without resorting to their powers. Sailors Phi and Chi were a threatening pair. They gave the girls quite a bit of trouble. Varuna and Sedna demonstrated neat teamwork. That was all they needed to beat the Animamate twins.

On a side note, I'm surprised Tyra actually knowns Lyn. I wonder if she will see Lyn again? A bigger question would be how Lyn would react to see Tyra being a Kuiper Senshi?

This was an excellent chapter. Nice pacing and the fight scenes here were well done. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I find Tyra an interesting character to dissect.

Now, I've finally caught up. I look forward to the conclusion of this mini-arc. Take care and stay in good health.

- Thanos of Titan
Titan Thanos chapter 5 . 8/16/2008
This mini-story continues to impress me. This is a truly well-written Sailor Senshi origins story. I do believe this is the only Kuiper Belt Senshi based fic on this site. If so, congratulations on that accolade. I wonder if you'll inspire other Sailor Moon fic writers to create their own Kuiper Senshi stories.

As for this chapter, it was great. So, Christina is almost... no, she is the Australian carbon copy of Minako. Even so, Sailor Orcus has her own unique charms and she displayed a very interesting shadow ability. I must agree with a review that it's similar to what Shikamaru utilizes.

On top of that, this chapter had a nice fight between Sedna and Heavy Metal Papillon. It appeared Sedna had to reply on her Valkyrie power to compete with the Neo-Animamate leader. Papillon appears to be top Animamate and second-most powerful below Galaxia herself.

Good chapter. Next, Sailor Varuna.

- Thanos of Titan
Titan Thanos chapter 4 . 8/16/2008
Another good chapter. Helena was quite a nice character. I am very pleased to see a group of Senshi with a diverse ethnicity. We have one Nigerian and now a Brazilian. This makes the Kuiper Senshi an itneresting bunch indeed.

So, we have a Senshi who is an excellent Capoeira practioner. Sailor Quaoar takes out Sailor Lethe, who herself possessed a unique ability with those arms.

Now, the group is just short of two members.

Overall, very good chapter. There was nice action with decent pacing. This story is building up quite nicely.
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