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Guest chapter 6 . 7/18/2013
that's kinda gross. going down on someone when it their time of the month
mmm chapter 20 . 5/6/2013
I had to come comment before I read this chap, (although ive read all your fics about 4 times and still waiting on a sequel ;).) but anyways, your stories made me realise my sexuality, I always thought that I enjoyed the idea of a relatiinship like miley/lilys but then I realised I shouldnt if I were straight (which am not) although ive never been romantically invlolved with a girl, your description of the connection and bond, not just sexually but all the time makes me want that type of love! & am not ashamed to say that am 18 years old and have never experienced that! Anyway sorry to vent but had to tell you this. Pleasse write a sequel to your whole lileyverse I love it therefore I keep reading it haha! Michaela:)))
WyldCard4 chapter 25 . 3/22/2011

I THINK these two chapters are the first time we've seen Roxy on screen. Even if I'm wrong, she's still incredibly funny and awesome the way you write her.

I'm officially curious about what Luanne is doing...

("You know, ready. To be with him.")

She means marriage, right?


("Eventually. After how many boyfriends on our parts?")

In Lilly's case there was one who cheated on her and the one she sued. Not exactly a fantastic track record.

(She certainly didn't want her Mamaw blaming her or Lilly when either of Mamaw's current "little angels" inevitably discovered boys. Or girls.)

Livestock, buildings, and siblings are also possible.

("What's a sperm donor?" asked Melody, carefully sounding out the funny phrase.)

That's the kind of thing best left to Wikipedia.

(Oh fuck, no! No no no. Not like this!)

Is it wrong that I laughed at this?

BTW, I love how good aunts Miley and Lilly are, and Luanne's talk with Meredith is very good. Just not too much to comment on.

(Lilly turned to Miley, but Miley just mouthed Don't ask to her. Lilly nodded and let it go.)

That is extraordinarily funny.

("Because a' some of the immoral and sinful things that little girl has done. Is doing," she corrected. "She's a lesbian!")


Wait, Lilly is a LESBIAN! All this time I thought Lilly was a boy! This changes EVERYTHING! How does SHE go to the bathroom? How does SHE have Miley's baby?

("You're really an assassin for the CIA!"

"No, goofy."

"Um, you're on a reality show, and this is all going to be a big joke played on me? Because that wouldn't be very funny, since—"

"No, this is for real. You're stuck with me now."

"You're really a man!"

"Ew, no! All Southern lady here, big boy."

"You're taking me to a motel to have wild crazy sex with me!")

How wrong is it that I'd love a fic where every single one of those were true?

("So what does that mean for us?" Ron asked. "I mean, is it going to be weird for us to get married since you being Miley's sister makes you, like, my sister-in-law?")

Their family trees are getting loopy. And that's before any fic I might write (which would definitely make it worse).

(It's nothing like a psycho killer in the family or anything like that, I promise you)

That we know of!

I'd think "there is a possibility we will have psychic dreams after we have sex" should count though.

So we see the many diverse couples of the fic engaging in sweet moments...

Sarah and Dani are back together? Not what I would have expected to be honest. I am kind of relieved that Cassie is going with Pete though, for a number of reasons.

(So stretched out on the floor next to the bed were Sarah's "friend" Jaime Escante and Dani's "friend" Gina Giles, spooned together in a loving embrace much like Sarah and Dani. Eventually Sarah's parents would figure out the ruse, but it wouldn't be tonight.)

They just had a foursome, didn't they?

*starts humming Seventeen Forever by Metro Station*

Luanne meets her mother. Is there a reason Ron isn't part of the dream?

Anyway an absolutely awesome ending to an absolutely awesome fic. Now, divided here. If you respond to this and we start talking about where to go from here in your Lileyverse I'll finish it, because I need to read it in full to do it justice. Otherwise? I'll save the last one for a very rainy day. It is the last, and the longest, of the Lileyverse. Someday I might need it, like I needed this one.

Thank you, Kurrent. I hope to see you soon.

Best wishes, WyldCard4.
WyldCard4 chapter 24 . 3/22/2011
(Welcome back! I promise, this chapter does indeed have Robbie Ray's surprises revealed, so no more throwing rocks at me, please)

But throwing rocks at you is FUN!

Also kind of disturbing that you joked about stoning a lesbian.

*mutters dark things about the House of Submission*

("We are not fooling around with anybody sittin' up there in the front seat, especially Daddy!")

They seem to fluctuate on just how much they'll do and say in public. Which is actually a pretty human thing to do IMO.

("Are we troublemakers?)

Is there ANY doubt?


I love the introduction of Paula. Sure, another time where Alex Russo is blasting Lesbian Beams, but joking aside a very touching scene all around.


Paula actually has a girlfriend named Hannah? Poor thing.

(And it was 'I Got Nerve'. My favorite song of yours, I mean.")

Seriously, an awesome scene.

I am sorry if I've been a bit too critical this time around. By the flames your fic is excellent. I do NOT think this one is quite as good as As I Am, but that's my favorite total of the four I've read so far. It's just such an overwhelmingly sweet fic. Joy, hope, faith, love, compassion, it all just WORKS here. Miley and Lilly are awesome people who deserve to be considered our heroines. This fic is funny, sentimental, sweet, sad, sexy (worst case I can laugh through the smut), heart warming, scary, and intense. Your Lileyverse is one of my all time favorite fics.

("Ah, we don't need a dark corner," Miley said, turning around and leaning back against Lilly, who wrapped her arms around her best friend. "We don't mind to kiss much of anywhere now.")

Since when have they EVER had trouble with PDAs?


I'm almost sad this isn't the last chapter of the fic, because everything seems to be wrapped up, it's all coming into place. And such a finale, hearing Hannah sing a song that is made specifically and entirely for this fic.

Hm, hearing that it was supposed to be a septogy again makes me a bit sad, but I won't dig much into that until you RSVP. We DO need to discuss that part, if I'm going to contribute to this.
WyldCard4 chapter 23 . 3/22/2011

Wouldn't Ron and Luanne's son count as Miley's biological child, as they two are identical twins? Wouldn't he count as Brooke's half brother? Genetically speaking of course.

("Are you two talkin' about sex?" said Amy loudly. "Over breakfast?")

*shakes head*

Some things should never be mixed. Food, sex, and childhood friends...

Alright, they can be mixed, but it's still not something I would be comfortable with.

("Why can't I see her? WHY?")

There is only one logical solution. Miley and Luanne must have sex. That way, Lunanne can enter Miley's dreams, and see her mother. It worked for Lilly, so it must logically work for Luanne.

It is the ONLY logical solution. I see absolutely NO problems with this idea.


Besides, Lilly probably thought about it from the first time she saw Luanne. And by "thought" I mean "masturbated to the idea..."

I really shouldn't be talking like this to a grown woman, should I?

("She's up to something, and you know it as well as I do.")

We know that she and the Truscotts are willing to be in the same church in a decade or two. We know she marries Ron. Besides that? I wouldn't trust her as far as I can throw her. And I am worse at sports than Miley.

Todd and Luanne's scene was good, and a long time coming. He deserved something like that after how Luanne treated him.

I do think they're being a bit harsh on Todd. He did have every reason to believe that Lilly was abusing and controlling Miley. He was immensely stupid, not evil.

(Lilly couldn't help but grin, because Miley understood her too well. "I'd say, poor Oliver. Dumped that crab down his shorts.")


Hm, my reviews seem shorter tonight. Annoying, but there's less to comment on when things are sweet and pretty close to perfect.
WyldCard4 chapter 22 . 3/22/2011
(I hope last chapter wasn't too sweet and lovey-dovey for everyone.)

A horror that is dead but is not watched Miley and Lilly make out in a graveyard. What's not to like?

(As always, I greatly appreciate everyone's time and reviews)

To be honest I WOULD like it if you replied to them eventually. I do know how busy you are, but I would like to discuss this fic with you. I prefer PM to Review Replies.

("You always go along with my plans,")

One of the MANY reasons why I consider Liley to be borderline canon is just how much Lilly will do for Miley.

("Life with you is never going to be boring, Miley.")

If she could ever both of them have secret identities as an actress and an international singing sensation being stalked by her mother in law's ghost while her wife has psychic visions to be boring she has lost all sense of perspective. That's without murderous villains, their family dynamic, and being involved in science to enable to members of the same sex to mate.

("Because we're supposed to eat them, not the other way around!")

Very true. We must feast on the flesh of our lessers!

("I couldn't leave that little guy up in the tree," Miley said quietly.)

Hm, is it wrong that I'm thinking of ways to prevent the kitten from scratching instead of being impressed with Miley?
WyldCard4 chapter 21 . 3/22/2011
Wasn't Dolly actually Miley's "aunt" not aunt? Her godmother? Definitely was that way in the show.

(Just let our girls admit it already, Disney, please! They deserve to be happy!)

They did, in the last episode. We just cut before we saw them kiss. That's what I believe, no matter what anyone else says. I may not totally support canon Liley, but the it HAPPENED in that episode. There's just nothing else that makes sense.

Odd thought, but have either Miley or Luanne intentionally attempted to induce psychic visions or do a real seance to contact Brooke Stewart? Miley and Lilly sleeping along with Luanne thinking about Ron prompted that one.


Lilly's Robbie Ray's second daughter. IIRC he has no knowledge that Luanne is his daughter...


Not knowing she's your daughter? That is wrong, horribly wrong. Not even knowing you have a daughter, that just makes me shiver. What Ruth did was abominable.

("We do not snoop!")

When did she and Luanne trade places?

("I said I was hungry, Miley. I didn't say it was for food.")

Is she talking about oral sex? I get "eating out" but just saying "hungry" doesn't seem to imply that to me.

(Lilly gave Miley an amused look, trying not to laugh. She and Miley could retire right then and live quite comfortably for the rest of their lives as well as take care of their future children and their children. But Miley simply nodded her head and said, "Yes, ma'am. That's what we're plannin' on doin'.")

Which so definitely explains why they are going to college, taking up the slots that someone else could want and actually need, costing tax payers money by being in high school...

BTW I'm a home schooler who started college at 16, if I didn't mention it before.

(Without Lilly, life would be survival. Nothing more. No happiness, no joy, no anticipation of birthdays or anniversaries or parties or concerts. It would all collapse to nothing without Lilly.)

Goes back to what I said a while ago about Miley being Lilly's home.

You HAVE children. Your moral obligations and love stretch across time, Miley and Lilly Truscott. Brooke and Meredith may not be born yet, but they exist in the a concrete sense.

So don't think that, ever. You can't say that, because you're supposed to live for your kids, too.

You also have concrete proof of life after death, so quit your whining and worrying. The two of you have more security in your lives than anyone in my universe.

("You're both of 'em to me. Oh, and sex slave too."

"Pfff. You are my sex slave, woman. And you love it."

Miley grinned. "Yeah, I do. Now watch what you say, you might embarrass Momma.")

I'm pretty sure Miley's dead mother has watched them have sex. As she exists in the physical universe when she contacts them (as proven by how she contacted them with the name Megan Montana) she's at LEAST seen them sleeping peacefully after they've had sex when she makes contact for entering their dreams.

I think.

I spend WAY too much time on the metaphysics of this, don't I?

Anyway, Lilly is Miley's sex slave, not the other way around. Lilly's always been the sub.

I like the idea of Lilly as a drama teacher. It seems fitting. Miley majoring in finance also works, and might give an excellent cover job. Well thought out majors IMO.

(In the woods just outside the boundary of the cemetery, a woman with long, chestnut-brown hair and sparkling eyes of blue smiled as she watched her daughter and daughter-in-law express their love and devotion for each other. Seeing what had been a place of tears for her daughter become a place of love brought tears of joy to her eyes, and she marveled again at how powerful the bond between the two young women in front of her had become. She composed herself after only a few tears had fallen, and she silently blew them both a kiss. The wind complied with her wishes, gathering itself into a light breeze that covered the peaceful cemetery, finally brushing lightly against Miley and Lilly.)

She's not a ghost.

Okay, not JUST a ghost. She's something more than that. She's...

She's a witch. That's the only term that makes sense. Visions, surviving after death, controlling the wind, she's more than a spirit, more than dust on the wind. Maybe not THAT much more, but she's still a creature of the night, of death.

Why did she fade out? Where did she go? Is she in Hell, or Heaven, another time, another place? Nowhere at all? In her corpse?
WyldCard4 chapter 20 . 3/22/2011
This was officially planned as a seven story fic? That is interesting...

Hm, you actually have stated that you are opening this fic's conclusion to other authors. For a number of reasons (I am not as talented as you, I have a very different writing style, afraid of messing up something like your Lileyverse) I am wary of taking up this challenge. Still, if I were to do this I would like to know what your overall game plan would have been (once I finish reading We Got Nerve).

Hm, Lola Montana? Strikes me that the two girls will have to live out their lives with names they chose when they were 14 or younger...

What are their middle names, anyway? Lola (what) Montana? Hannah (what) Montana?

Hm, how was Trey a mistake? Was it simply not being together with Lilly at this point? Not like Trey did anything wrong. His parents were royal pains, but that's not a good reason for the son to be a mistake. It also is kind of arguable that getting together sooner would have been a good thing. Cut a few years of maturity off them and their public images and things could have gone worse for them.

While you somehow are managing to make GOLF interesting, it is still golf. Not much to comment on, really.

Okay, might as well point out what is interesting to make it clear I wasn't being sarcastic. The whole running joke of Miley's being dangerous with the golf clubs is my favorite part of this. I just love the idea of Miley being dangerous in any capacity.

(Aw," Miley said softly as she could see the unshed tears starting to form in her best friend's eyes. "It's okay, sweetie, I didn't mean it that way. That football game was the only time you ever did that to me, and you never did it again. You've kept your promise, and I know that. I just wasn't thinking when I said that.")

I was always kind of annoyed with Miley in that episode. She KNEW how much she sucked, and SHE was the one to make the wager.

I can kind of see where Harris would get the idea it was rigged, to be honest. SAYING that is wrong, especially in public, but I'd also be suspicious if someone like Hannah suddenly turned out to be an excellent golfer. He's still a jerk for saying it to their faces.

("ARRRGHHH!" Miley growled, far beyond the limits of her temper. She stepped forward and jabbed a finger at his chest, being careful not to actually touch him. "Listen here, bud. First, Lola's isn't my sidekick. She's my wife. W-I-F-E. Wife! And she has more kindness, intelligence, charisma, athletic ability and charm that you could ever dream of! Second, I'm not a 'backwoods hick.' Yes, I'm from Tennessee, and I couldn't be prouder of it. Back there we're raised to show some class and

manners, even when dealing with sorry excuses for people like YOU.")

How exactly are sidekick and wife mutually exclusive? Honestly sidekick seems less offensive than girlfriend as a term. A sidekick is a less experienced partner in training and supporting agent, which isn't that far off from what Lola is, or at least was until recently. Snapping at "sidekick" when she's dealt with SO much worse seems...

Usually I just like Miley's rants, but this seems like an overreaction. The way to handle people who think they're better than you is to show superior class. She actually just proved his point by shouting at him.

When Miley rants she is ranting as Miley Truscott, wife of Lilly Truscott, Tennessee girl, and citizen of the United States. Miley has the right to be crass, explode in anger, and just outright punch a girl in the face.

When Hannah Montana rants she is ranting as Hannah Montana, wife of Lola Montana, face of her record label, LGBT activist, founder of very respectable charities. This reaction is frankly lower class and very inappropriate in this context. She's letting him win.

Um, as for "fashion disaster." Well, the entire point is to dress so garishly that no one would recognize her as Lilly. Yes, Lola makes it her own style, and does it with honor, but the choices would be useless if her style was not intentionally strange.

For once Miley shouldn't be winning here. She's in the right, but that doesn't really matter much. She should be seen as exploding at snide insults on a golf course. Trey deserves WORSE than he's getting, but Miley has managed to prove his point completely. I'd want there to be a backlash against her for this explosion myself.

Why do the Montanas officially know Miley again? Shouldn't they have referenced Jackson instead? He's the public friend of Hannah who would know the situation.

("My daddy always told me that people who try and insult others all the time only do it 'cause they can't stand themselves. I guess in your case that's about right.")

What does she consider what she was doing to be again? She has insulted him WORSE than he insulted her (which is saying a lot). Claiming someone donated to charity for impure motives when he donated 200 thousand dollars is just catty. Even though she's right she still insulted money going to help people.

No one seems to have even the slightest bad thing to say about a celebrity losing her cool like that? This is TRASHY. It doesn't matter that he's such a monstrous asshole, you DON'T do that kind of thing in this kind of venue. If you do, it's trashy, even if you are 100% right.

I can support Miley exploding in a lot of situations. When she's dealing with bullies and homophobes for example a rant is completely acceptable. I usually like and anticipate these kinds of speeches. But good girls don't do this kind of thing on the golf course.

She should save her righteous fury for elsewhere.

(Lilly snorted. "I won't." She took Miley's hand and began to walk to the main doors. "Okay, maybe I will," she admitted. "We had lots of fun here, didn't we?")

Never heard of studying on set or home schooling, did she?

("It's none of our business, Miles, not until Ms. Hughes wants to tell us. She is entitled to some secrets, you know.")

Just get out the security guard uniform already. I won't stop you.

("We'll have Oliver find out just who she's seeing once we get to the party,)

I was worryingly close to correct.

(Miley May Rock Star Pop Princess Hottest Girl On the Face Of the Earth Stewart Truscott)


I feel like more than a bit of an asshole, as you struggled for two weeks on a chapter that is among my least favorites. It seems like a bit of a rehash of stronger chapters combined with golf, which is not by itself that interesting. Just seemed relatively poorly plotted, less realistic, less respectable than other chapters. The parts I did like such as the humor could have been done elsewhere.

This chapter was one of the longest for me to finish reading. I kept getting up and doing other things.

Admittedly I liked it a lot more once the golf bit stopped and the graduation happened.
WyldCard4 chapter 19 . 3/19/2011
Thought, the psychic powers seem to be passed on down the female line. Lilly is technically the father of Brooke, but Mer (assuming I got the name right) would have Miley as her biological father. Wouldn't that prevent her from becoming a psychic? Or am I confusing how the psychicness works?

Brooke and Meredith? Works, though having a second Meredith Truscott while one is still alive should be cause for confusion.

I REALLY hope our heroines aren't this horny after each going through a pregnancy. They're already going to have to raise their kids as secret pop stars. The poor kids will be messed up enough without their mothers mortifying them in public.

("Lilly just fucked me really, really hard.")

I so wish that was possible.

Lilly is very wise in not letting Miley use the "big club."

Not much to say this time for some reason.
WyldCard4 chapter 18 . 3/19/2011
("No way," Miley said, dismissing the possibility with a wave of her hand. "I had on a silver shirt and blue jeans under it, plus a big white leather belt and a couple necklaces over it. Trust me, there ain't nobody that could recognize that dress under all that stuff.")

I'm curious if you just made that outfit up or if you took it from a real Hannah outfit.

Luanne's changing hair colors? That instantly makes her a bit more trustworthy. She doesn't plan on impersonating Miley. Hannah's still plausible though.

For a second I thought Luanna and Ron were moving to Algeria.

("The Stewart women can be very persuasive.")

I'm curious if she's talking about whips and chains or not.

I get the odd feeling that Ron might be considering proposing to Luanne.

Amber is back?

At first I thought Oliver was simply failing to man up when he doubled over. But metal tongs? No shame in losing to an armed foe. Not when she takes you out without warning.

I do wonder why Amber isn't in, you know, PRISON. She is still guilty of attempted murder, even if she was brought down by Ashley. It made sense when she was in a coma, but now? Why is she at liberty?

Stun gun?

The chapter title just struck me. Fighting fate? What does Amber know about fate? Does she know about the Truscott visions? If so, when did she find out?

Did Amber kill her mother? What in Hell is wrong with her? This is going well beyond hating anyone, it's beyond sanity and reasoned evil. Either she's twisted in the head beyond all sanity, or she is acting under some power other than her own.

What exactly makes Ash think that taunting the murdering sociopath is a good idea at the moment?

("I'm going to fuck your little boyfriend while you have to watch. Then every time the two of you are together from now on, you'll be reminded that I screwed him right here in front of you, and there wasn't a damn thing either of you could do about it.")

Or she could proceed to make sure he could never perform that service for anyone, ever again. She's got the knife...

Pop out Ashley's eyes, too. Make the last sight she ever sees be her boyfriend being raped and mutilated. Then cut out Oliver's tongue.

She's evil, right? Twisted matricidal freak? Why is she leaving anything to chance? So far she hasn't done anything permanent yet. She's caused pain, but nothing permanent yet, nothing to remind us forever that she was here, and nothing we can ever do repairs that.

("WHOA! I did not need to see that,")

I love Miley's dialog in incredibly threatening scenes. She's damn snarky.


Sees the future. She dreams the world. Miley's twin sister shares some piece of her gift, if not all of it.

Of course she just invalidated fate as absolute. Unless (odd thought here) her gift is different from Miley's? Miley never saw Lilly's death, and always sees the future as absolute. Luanne seems to see possible futures that she can and does change. Miley's future seems to encompass Luanne's post-vision actions...

Could Luanne's gift be more powerful than Miley's? Miley can only see futures that Luanne has crafted, and cannot change it.

Or could there be another possible dividing line between Miley and Luanne's gift? Miley was raised by her mother, who has enough psychic oomph (that is the technical term for it) to either stay around as a ghost for years or to project her mind into the future. Lilly shows that strong interaction with a psychic can have a psychic impact. It could easily be that influence that changes Miley's powers.
WyldCard4 chapter 17 . 3/19/2011

Miley is Lilly's home? That works...

I'm going to do a minor actual complaint (as opposed to just quibbling about minutia while loving this fic to death).

Miley should be PART of Lilly's home. Miley is her wife, but they're going to be having children. Those children should be home, too. With the meaning you're using, home is family, the people who love you.

The statement would be perfectly fine for anyone else on the planet (that we know of) but there is an Issue here. Lilly and Miley are not entirely temporally fixed. Things like love and moral obligations that exist in the future apply to them in the present, even if they haven't happened yet.


I rant WAY too much on the small stuff lately. This fic has not stopped being excellent. I think I'd just get bored praising all the excellent features.

For some reason I get suspicious when Luanne is left alone in the Stewart House. She may have been "redeemed" but she's still got historical facts like "attempted murderess" defining her past. Leaving her alone in their house?

I may be wrong, but this seems overly trusting.

("What is it about those Truscotts that attracts us Stewart girls?")

Might not be from the Stewart side, IMO. While canon HM has Miley take after her father, Lileyverse Miley takes after her mother. IIRC that's where her psychic powers and appearance comes from.

I don't need to spin any insane theories about Miley mind controlling half the school to suggest that being Sensitive might have something to do with the Truscott/Stewart connection. Even without the psychic aspect, Mrs. Stewart (forge it she's Brooke or Susan ITTL) seems to be part of it in her own way.

It also makes sense for Luanne from a rational perspective. She understands Ron's strengths and weaknesses, and his upbringing. He is not a threat, and has potential to be a financial asset. A rational choice theory fits Ron/Luanne pretty well.

Um, we hardly ever see Ron on screen. Is this intentional or not?

I am STILL not entirely sure why Miley and Lilly continue to fake high school. Their careers have NOTHING to do with high school education. Worst case, why not start at college? It is more than possible to go to college while high school aged (I did it). Is it losing their friends that worries them?

BTW, I get the impression from canon HM that Lilly doesn't actually like Hannah Montana's music as much as she says. I suspect it has a lot more to do with making nice with Miley than actually liking the music (not that she hates it or anything).

("Yes, but Miley wasn't wearing a tight leather miniskirt on those nights either.")

You set up and delivered that line well.

Okay, something FASCINATING here.

(Well, did I really choose her or were we chosen for each other a long time ago?)

She doesn't care. And...

I just suggested that Mrs. Stewart had something to do with it, and have been joking about mind control for a while. But...

Would Miley care if she was being mind controlled into loving Lilly? What is the elements of her mind that cause her to love Lilly are artificially created? What if the things she loves in Lilly were induced?

Where would they end and the control begin? Does it matter if it was their God that did it, Mrs. Stewart who did it, or Miley's own powers? What if it was the Devil?

You believe in happy endings. That means something very interesting for the local cosmology if that's true. In this universe psychic manipulation of will to create love would NOT be evil. An outside cause would not invalidate the positivity of a good end state.

Did you ever watch Dollhouse by any chance?

Does LM stand for Lola Montana or Miley and Lilly?

("Wouldn't have it any other way, Lilly. After all, every parent needs the joy of wakin' up in the middle of the night to change diapers, and I sure wouldn't want to take any of that away from you two.")

Have they considered hiring a nanny? Speaking of which, how exactly are they going to maintain secret identities? Robbie Ray uses his real job as a cover. Are they going to have fake jobs? Officially live off Robbie Ray's cash? Stay in school for a ridiculous amount of time? The last one REALLY wouldn't work with their celebrity IDs.

Oh, someone recorded Hell Yeah. And THAT's of course such a serious issue. Stand by the celebrity through right wing protests about her sexuality at Disneyland, but use swears that rely on a Christian metaphysical underpinning and actively condemn the enemies of their God? Abandon ship!

More seriously it does make internal sense. The reason she could survive it was the fact that she was and is very strongly and curiously traditionally moral. Hannah and Lola made all appearances of being an exceptionally good couple, and the two served as fantastic role models. They were engaged and married ASAP. Doing ANYTHING to challenge that image is very dangerous to the Montanas. It undermines the reasons they are supported.

The Montanas could do what Cyrus and Osment actually did and start for a more adult image, but that doesn't seem to be where they are going. The Rolling Stone Hot List DOES kind of suggest that though. They don't seem to mind suggestive behavior in the slightest (it seems to add to their charm).

I would love to see Miley sing a hard rock song BTW.

Hannah handled that exceptionally well. Good job.

Jackson doesn't know about Luanne?

That seems...

Strange. Understandable, but for some reason not knowing you have another sister seems more real than not knowing about having a daughter to me.

Luanne should tell Ron, everything. He's going to find out, eventually. There are two gigantic and connected lies that his sister and girlfriend are keeping from him. She can control the situation if she tells the Secrets. If she doesn't than it will be bad, very bad, worse than if he finds out on his own. Lilly knew Miley's secret long before they even dated. If Luanne wants the same thing with Ron, she needs to go through the same motions.
WyldCard4 chapter 16 . 3/19/2011
Amber is still in a coma?

Hm, confused here. Wasn't Janelle acting in accordance with Amber? Was she acting on old orders, or were they equal partners? No, Amber wouldn't let anyone be her equal partner. Has Janelle been using her own anti-homosexual agenda to gain power with Amber out of the way?


I'd say Amber's parents being so understanding and sympathetic is a missed opportunity. They could have bee very fine villains, with a legitimate grievance, or at least legitimate enough to threaten the Truscotts with endless court room trials and law suites, especially if they could gain anything on the Hannah Secret.

It's there daughter here, and they just accept that she's at fault? Villains who think they're right are very dangerous indeed.

It is not something you HAD to do, but it would have provided some threat here, especially with Ashley (not mystically assured of a happy ending) being in their sights.


On the other hand, we get something else very interesting here. The Addisons are parental to Ashley. Given her own family troubles it explains why she would hang out with Amber. This was HER surrogate family. It makes Amber and Ashley more of the dark mirror to Miley and Lilly.

("Hate... you...")


Shudder worthy. She rises from her coma through sheer hatred. It's villainous willpower. The chance to hurt again is what is going to power her recovery.

Her story is far from over.

Yep, neither one is much of an exhibitionist, right? Absolutely not getting off at the idea that everyone in the school sees their secret IDs making out.

Okay, I'm saying they're in a bit of denial. They PDA way too much not to at least like it a bit.

Hm, Amber's theory us interesting. The logical way of doing it is pretty simple though. Get several pictures of Hannah, Lola, Miley, and Lilly. Cut out everything but the faces, and mix them together. See if she can tell which is which. At least that would confirm if they look identical or not.

Admittedly they could just be doppelgangers, and Disneyverse makes it quite possible that identical people exist.

(I can certainly forgive them for keeping a few secrets from Oliver and me.)

It strikes me that Oliver being in on the secret is a larger issue. He hasn't shared one of his life's defining secrets with his girlfriend verging on fiance. That's NOT GOOD.

(Luanne started unbuttoning her jeans as Miley and Lilly began shedding clothes as well.)

("Good thing, 'cause I really filled it full that time.")


For some reason those three lines taken out of context are awesome.

Hm, I like the description of Hannah's band. It helps explain them a bit better, fits. I wonder if Jesse the guitar player exists in any capacity ITTL.

Yet another song I don't know. I REALLY should probably start looking some of these up. It's still pretty sweet. Seems pretty realistic to me overall
WyldCard4 chapter 15 . 3/17/2011
I am instantly shipping Nameless 16 Year Old Intern with Sarah! They are clearly perfect for each other. She's, um, sweaty, and an intern, and 16. She and Sarah have so much in common!

That may be the most amusing description of stopping for milkshakes I have read.

This chapter is very funny.

Did you just reference the Vanity Fair photo shoot? It's not like the picture was even sexy, just weird.

(She knew that they needed to stop the photo shoot now before it became a shoot for a much different type of magazine.)

Well they are 18...

(She kicked her pumps off and slowly crossed the room before sitting on the bed beside Miley's legs, looking up at the blonde-haired dream girl of millions of boys (and tens of thousands of girls) around the world.)

Numbers imply a sexual orientation spread close to our own universe. That...

Alright, as the demographics are the same in our world and the Lileyverse, that actually implies that something odd might be going on in Miley and Lilly's personal circle. NONE of their friends are selected based on their sexuality (our heroines would never do that), all of them were met in some way before their sexuality was even an issue. Even the girl on Singing with the Stars was there because of singing ability.


This is weird, but could Miley actually be turning girls gay? We do know that her influence is causing shared dreams with Lilly. Cut out the girls at Seaview and the only lesbians would be the girl on Dancing with the Stars and Cassie (who would get a pass having "turned" before she met Miley).

Assuming Miley's psychic abilities are influencing people would explain why quite a few people close to her are "turning." It would also explain some of the heterosexual relationships. Assuming this is a subconscious will of Miley she might be imposing her conception of happiness on others. The men she knows are good, the ones she closely associates with, are getting girlfriends/wives. Once this pool has been exhausted, her influence seems to draw girls to the state she finds happy, which happens to be lesbianism.

Okay, that's just not going to be true of course, but it is an interesting theory. Might make a good fanfic.

("Careful is my middle name," Miley said as she captured Lilly's hot pink lips again.)

I thought it was May.

Hm, come to think of it, did she keep her old middle name when she took Lilly's last name?

Seems like ear plugs do not remove all the potential awkwardness in Robbie Ray's life. I wonder how many fathers have to deal with this situation.

("We're not going to be meddling again, are we?")

You already decided to meddle with Sarah and Cassie. I think this is trivial by comparison.

("You'd have gone for the disguise and sneaking around too.")

I would have loved to see one of those in this fic. Not enough disguise and sneaking around in this fic.

Note that I am enjoying this fic a ton. I just get a kick out of spinning theories that Miley is mind controlling half of Seaview.
WyldCard4 chapter 14 . 3/17/2011
How in Chaos does 7 Things fit into Lileyverse? It's a breakup song!

Now, having read Miles To Go I know that sometimes Cyrus will write what she calls a "pre-breakup song" where she imagines how bad one would be. But Miley Stewart of the Lileyverse? It just seems INCREDIBLY unsuitable for her and Lilly.

GNO was weird, but ITTL 7 Things was either written by someone else or has an entirely different sound compared to RL's version (no version exists in the Disney Universe, as there is no Miley Cyrus, just Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana).

Okay, I wrote that and then you begin to discuss exactly that...

America's Next Top Model reruns?

*shakes head*

Um, did you do an entire chapter that amounts to justifying why 7 Things could be written in this universe? Are you going to do that for all Miley's songs that don't fit in?

(but I think we've done a pretty dang good job of not playing up the sexual part of our relationship.")

It must look very different to people who aren't seeing them have sex every day.

Miley and Lilly are turning into a pair of hard core femslash shippers. Um, good for them?

*could've sworn she was put in here for Robbie Ray*

Ashley's possessiveness of Oliver is too cute!

Hm, Sarah definitely has someone in mind. I'm still hoping for some kind of subversion, but as she's definitely gay I can't think of any other open lesbians around. Unless she's going for Janelle, Dani, Amber, or going to try to steal someone's woman it seems safe to say that Cassie is the likely target/

("Lilly, that was us. Your mom told me once that she thought of us as married a good year before our wedding. She said we were just meant to be together.")

Eternal financial security of Hannah Money and supernatural assurance of a happy marriage kind of trump more vague generalities here.

Hm, is Ashley going to be an astronaut now?

The fact that every straight women seems to consider Miley and Lilly's sex life hot is kind of amusing.
WyldCard4 chapter 13 . 3/17/2011
The opening song reinforces the idea that Ashley is the one fighting for her life. Fire comes up again. Back to Ash. The song in general reminds me of Ashley's story in your world.

Ooh, another flash forward! I've got my fingers crossed for Miley fighting Mikayla, in SPACE, with an electric guitar, riding a robot dragon.

Random question, is it possible to induce lactation medically? If it can, wouldn't it be better to have both mothers breast feed?

I mostly say this because getting the milk out with a pump sounds gross.

They're giving Brooke a celebrity name...

Where DOES the name come from, anyway? A voice in her ear? Could it be Miley's mother? Lucifer Morningstar? Alex Russo (taking a break from firing off lesbian beams)? Jo/Kurrent self insertion?

Miley attributes it to her mother, but plenty of Things could fake that...

Alright, I might have a train to take a "We Got Nerve" sequel now, if you're honest in your offer.

("It's Mr. Corelli.")

Hm, that does surprise me.

("But we might not have time to make love this morning."

"We'll survive," Miley said as she shifted her grip from Lilly's ribs to an embrace with both arms wrapped around her best friend. "But it'll be tough.")

Eh, they couldn't go a week.

Hm, I do wonder how long one of them would last if the other decided to withhold for some reason.

Alright, Sarah's thanking of Cassie makes me wonder if she actually might start crushing on her. I joked earlier, but a one sided crush on a very nice teacher isn't really out of the question.

What? Why do I ALWAYS get the same reaction to events as your heroines? That one's just creepy.

Um, they're serious? Sarah may be 17/18, barely legal, but Cassie's like 22 if she's a teacher. Alright, not THAT big an age gap, but Sarah's not exactly mature for her age...

Actually Miley and Lilly seem to be kind of weird here. If anything I'd say they're pressuring their own conception of Sarah and Cassie on them. They barely know the teacher, after all. She had one lesbian relationship. Add in Sarah's parents and this strikes me as a Bad Idea. Maybe not if Sarah asked them for help on the subject, but doing it by themselves seems...

I so rarely disagree with you that this makes me wonder if you're setting up a reveal of some kind.


I would like to see their IC defense of the matter. They're meddling. If they Sonny it up (I love Sonny with a Chance) than things are likely to go Horribly Wrong...

Come to think of it, have their schemes ever gone wrong in this fic? Been too long since I read the early bits for me to be sure.

Alright, something to think about when they are at the graveyard.

Miley's superhuman. She's a psychic. She sees the future.

And she hasn't tried to do anything with it?

There are no alternate timelines here. Just the one, or else the whole point of her dreams are invalidated.

She can't die. Everything she has seen is GOING to happen.

Why hasn't she done something about that? Looked up dates of accidents to minimize them in her flashes, perhaps? Do it just right and she's saved a LOT of people.

Or, why not head down to Mexico or some inner city gang? She CAN'T have a bad ending. Every possibility leads to salvation and happiness. She could do anything she wants, put herself at any risk, save any life, and until she has Brooke Truscott in her arms nothing can break her career or health.

There are fine reasons not to do any of this, but why hasn't she shot down the idea, or tried to live it?
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