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Dagger-Seishin chapter 11 . 3/6/2012
awesome awesome awesome totally loved this story. way to go.
yet again chapter 11 . 10/31/2011
love this story it madde me smile and it was trully delightful :)
alix33 chapter 11 . 10/21/2011
"I believe I tried talking you IN to using..." - "INto using".

"And let's not even talk about the Weasley's!" - "Weasleys".

"Reminds me a bit of the Patil's." - "Patils".

"which included some hold-over's from when Harry was a student," - "holdovers" is one word.
alix33 chapter 10 . 10/21/2011
"His heart fall into his stomach," - "fell into his stomach".

"That attention seeking brat?" - "attention-seeking" gets hyphenated.

"They came as a packaged deal." - "package deal".

"and I would be afraid of the work load she would thrust upon the students." - "workload" is one word.

"I have one year to fix everything that's wrong with you." - "what's wrong with you".

"I'd love too." - "I'd love to."
alix33 chapter 9 . 10/21/2011
"My loving fiancée keeps teasing me that this is more of a diary than a journal." - Harry is Hermione's fiancé (one e with that punctuation mark above it there at the end: the male form of the noun); Hermione is Harry's fiancée (two e's, only the first one with that punctuation mark above it and then another ordinary e: the female form of the noun).

Yay! for Neville and Hannah.

"we will be living with the Cherokee's in Oklahoma." - "Cherokees".

"There were six .31 caret round diamonds," - "carat round diamonds".

"Harry and Hermione apparated to the Granger's," - "to the Grangers' ".

This is the process the Native American's have used generation after generation." - "'Native Americans".

"I'd know what she'd like a little bit more than my dear fiancée." - "my dear fiancé".

"He flapped he's wings," - "his wings".

"was all Harry could eek out." - "eke out".

"she gave a big shutter as the taste washed over her taste buds." - "big shudder", which is like a big wave of shivering, basically, that can go through one's whole body. A "shutter" is a wooden door-like structure fastened on the outside of a window (in certain styles of architecture) that you close to shut out sunlight from going through the window or open it up to allow sunlight through.

"she resembled a bird close to Harry's heart. His surprise at her form was ten times greater than her reaction to him. She had expected him to be some sort of bird, but for her form to be one as well? "No way! Merlin's beard! Hermione! You look like... like..." Harry sobbed. Tears were streaking down his face. He fell to his knees, kneeling in front of his fiancée. He couldn't believe his eyes. He was, for all intent and purposes, looking at a ghost. Worry and concern filled the eyes of the bird in front of him. Hermione didn't know what was wrong. Was she deformed? Did the transformation not complete? Was she ugly? She had no idea what was wrong... until he spoke again. "You... Hedwig... no way... you look like Hedwig, Hermione..." he choked out from behind the tears. He continued to stare in disbelief at the snowy owl before him. It had been over two years since he lost his closest companion. The night he escaped from Privet Drive, he lost her, killed by a Killing Curse meant for him." - AW!

"He never had time to morn her loss." - "mourn her loss".

"Ron was a step down from Harry, in his spot as Best Man. The groomsmen were Neville Longbottom and George Weasley, who were a step below Ron. Across the isle stood the Maid of Honor, Ginny Weasley, along with bridesmaids Luna Lovegood and Padma Patil." - "Across the aisle". An "isle" is a small island. Yay! for that wedding/bridal party, though.

"The reception was going to be held at the Granger's house," - "the Grangers' house".

"no fancy head dressing," - "fancy headdress".

"The brides face glowed;" - "bride's face".

"So the man awaiting her at the end of the isle became that of her other best friend," - "end of the aisle". "As Hermione reached the alter," - "reached the altar". To "alter" something is to change it.

"We're in agreement that we don't want a clan of Potter's." - "clan of Potters".

"As much as we love the Weasley's," - "Weasleys".

"Harry and I have just gotten back to my parents house after Ron and Padma's wedding." - "parents' house".

"The Weasley's and Patil's were both large families," - "Weasleys and Patils".

"The red head knew this wasn't going to be good." - "redhead".

"and about how it got turned into a fight song for the Gryffindor's," - "Gryffindors".

"I'm not here to destroy the poor grooms confidence," - "groom's confidence".
alix33 chapter 8 . 10/21/2011
"Speaking of which, you will never guess who I ran into a couple weeks ago. Go ahead and guess who. I'll give you a clue. Girl... Ravenclaw... smart... gorgous... give up? No, not Luna, but Padma Patil! Yeah! The girl I took to the Ball in forth year. Well, I should say 'put up with me'. I never appolgizedapoligized said I was sorry to her for being such a lousy git then. So, when I ran into her at Diagon Alley, she was with Parv and Lav (oh by the way, she's okay after Greyback attacked her). They sat down with me at Fortescue's, and we talked. Parv and Lav left to go to Madame Malkin's for something, leaving me with Padma. It was weird at first, but after I said I was sorry to her for the Ball, she opened up. We talked for a while, and I asked her if it would be alright if I could make it up to her by taking her to dinner, and she said yes!" - Phew! I was worried Ron and Luna might get together, but he and Padma are a far better couple. Ron would have been disastrous for Luna, IMO.
alix33 chapter 6 . 10/21/2011
"I totally forgot when I wrote this initially that it was mentioned in DH just what Hermione changed here parents names too." - "her parents' names to".

"The Granderson's were a loving," - "Grandersons".

"The decision to go to Perth was made because of its temperamental climate," - "temperate climate", which means "moderate climate", is what I think you meant to write there. What you actually wrote "temperamental climate" means "stormy climate".

"The Granderson's stopped within a few feet of the young couple," - "Grandersons".

"its kind of scary now that I think about it." - "it's kind of scary now that I think about it."

"I believe I just shook my mum and dads hand like we're total strangers and then invited them to dinner at our place," - "dad's hands".

"the Granderson's had really taken a liking to the young couple that had invited them to lunch." - "the Grandersons had really taken a liking to the young couple that had invited them to lunch."
alix33 chapter 5 . 10/21/2011
"is has beauty." - "it has beauty".

"and enjoyed each others company immensely." - "each other's company".

"After all the time he spent cooking for the Dursley's and spending multiple summers at the Burrow watching Molly Weasley, Harry was quite adapt around the kitchen." - "After all the time he spent cooking for the Dursleys and spending multiple summers at the Burrow watching Molly Weasley, Harry was quite adept around the kitchen."

"weather beaten wooden fence was gray from all the water damage it had suffered throughout the years." - "weather-beaten" gets hyphenated.

"You say that like its a bad thing." - "it's a bad thing".

"and smacked him again of the chest," - "and she smacked him again on the chest,".

"I know its S-P-E-W," - "I know it's S-P-E-W,".

"lower lip being used a a chew toy," - "as a chew toy".

"one moment scalding him for trying to interfere with her rant," - "scolding him".

"look at the Weasley's." - "look at the Weasleys."
alix33 chapter 4 . 10/21/2011
"raising their arms high in the air like a sea 11-year-old Hermione Granger's." - "sea of 11-year-old Hermione Grangers".

"Tfhere wasn't this much media around during the time of Grindelwald." - "There wasn't".

"that is there prerogative." - "their prerogative".

"The Weasley's are my family." - "The Weasleys are my family."

"but you had too!" - "but you had to!"

"Harry had shown that he had not only the metal fortitude to go through with it," - "mental fortitude".

"My mother and Snape had a falling out," - "falling-out" gets hyphenated.

"All three shuttered at the same time." - "shuddered".

"and gave a give peck on the lips," - "gave each other a peck on the lips".

"Its the way they look at each other," - "It's the way they look at each other,".

"Its scary sometimes." - "It's scary sometimes."

AW! at how cute Ron was there. And normally I LOATHE Ron, so you really wrote his cuteness well, if I FOUND it believable.

"As one, the throng of reporters leaped to their feet, yelling and screaming out last second questions, trying to get one more answer from the now famous Trio." - That reminded me of how, in the TV show "The West Wing", the White House press always yelled the name of CJ Cregg, the White House press secretary.
alix33 chapter 3 . 10/21/2011
"if everything goes how I want it too" - "want it to".

"where he proceeded to run it threw his uncontrollable locks," - "through his uncontrollable locks".

"Its called discovering love," - "It's called discovering love,".

"lets play a little game." - "let's play a little game."

"She's the only one you talk too!" - "She's the only one you talk to!"

"She never saw that look for Harry," - "She never saw that look from Harry,".

"it's not ver batem." - "it's not verbatim."
alix33 chapter 2 . 10/21/2011
"She stood along side him," - "alongside" is one word.

"when they found his parents graves." - "parents' graves".
alix33 chapter 1 . 10/21/2011
"He had nothing to compare the feeling too." - "He had nothing to compare the feeling to."
Karou WindStalker chapter 11 . 9/15/2011
Awesome Story, Thanks For Sharing It!
bigmac2759 chapter 11 . 8/31/2011
Thank you for a very enjoyable story. It was well-paced and very believable. The H/Hr relationship was explained in a very believable way.

I enjoyed how you led us from the horcrux hunt through the next 20 year while putting your unique spin on H & Hr's relationship as it developed and evolved.

After all Harry went through up until he was 17 he deserved a nice life and you gave it to him and the readers in this story.

I found this story on someone's Favorites list and read it in three days. I'm sorry I don't remember who that reader was so I could give them credit for a great recommendation.

I plan to start reading Doing It All Over Again tomorrow.

Again, Thanks!
jaythekoala chapter 11 . 8/28/2011
Fantastic story!
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