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Kiki1770 chapter 18 . 6/23
Wow that was a great story! I loved to see Ace meet with all the new Straw Hats. I read this before a few years ago, but I'm glad I waited until now to read it. All the changes and revisions you made really show.

With most OP Fanfiction, it's hard to read all the characters getting depressed an angsty. But yours was well done! They had a proper reason to not be their usual selves and even Luffy had a proper reason for his OoC behavior. More than anything, I appreciate you taking care of characters like Franky, Sanji, and Brook. It's good to see all the Straw Hat's interactions with Luffy.
DramaticPhoenix chapter 18 . 6/18
another chapterrrrrrrrr pleeeaseeeeeeeee
BulanFebruari chapter 18 . 4/20
mala chapter 18 . 3/31
hey there.. I read your story and it brought me near to tears. I really really really like your writing and use of words, You write really well tho I was thinking when would you update the next chapter? or is this the end already I couldn't get the ending tho, thought there might be another chapter... anyways keep up the good work and keep writing too, You have talent so don't waste it have my love
mala chapter 18 . 3/30
when are you going to post the next chapter? The cliff hanger at the end had me up all night I really liked your writing tho Its amazing how you use words to create such a master piece I'll be supporting you... keep up the good work
AnikaSukino 5d chapter 18 . 2/23
Please! continue this story! never imagine seeing a facet of Luffy as you have shaped it in the story ... I want to see how it unfolds for the end of the story ! plisssss!
randumgirl chapter 16 . 1/23
Ok rereading this fic again, this chaper answered the questios i had in my earlier review about Whitebeard! I guess i wasnt paying attention lol!
I love rereading this fic, its just so good!
randumgirl chapter 10 . 12/3/2018
Oh i also have a question about this chapter. It says that Whitebeard was attacked, but the crew were the ones injured instead. Does that mean Whitebeard actually fought back against them when they were possessed? I feel like Whitebeard would've just knocked them all out or something since he is definitely stronger than his whole crew. I just wanted to make sure since it didnt confirm it.
randumgirl chapter 18 . 11/18/2018
Wow. Just wow. I love your word choice and your writing style! Very nice and expressive! I just cant wait to see what happens at the end. I dont think zoro will be able to ‘slice’ through the ghosts but i feel like maybe the ghosts will back down with the ‘power of friendship’ or something. They will just see how unwilling the crew is to leave their captains side and their commitment, and the ghosts dissapear or something. Idk. Cringey, i know, but it makes sense since theyre... well... GHOSTS, you cant exactly beat them up lol. Wellll regardless, im really looking forward to your ending or whether or not you continue this! I have a feeling you will, this story is very developed and well thought out! Cant wait!
heavenlygothicgirl chapter 1 . 8/30/2018
Many years ago I had found this story and never finished it because I had forgotten about it. I had also stopped watching one piece for awhile because life. Now I've restarted watching one piece and hit thriller bark. I remembered your story. And though it caused me some distress because of the horror luffy faces I just couldn't shake that I had to read it again. So I searched high and low and found it once again. It's better then I remembered. Grammar could use some editing. But it is a sound story like I remembered and I wanted to finally read the end I guess for some piece of mind. I'm glad you revamped it and I'm glad you finished it.
Guest chapter 10 . 8/24/2018
Bloody hell. I should have saw this coming.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/20/2018
Great story please don't stop writing
Fallen One-Winged Tenshi chapter 18 . 7/13/2018
I've just bindged-read your one piece fanfiction. I loved the story and all the details that you include into your writing. Even though it's been a while since your last update, I hoping to read more of your work. Keep up the great job!
SnowyFruitcake chapter 18 . 6/16/2018
Hi! i'd just stumbled to this story like, what, this morning? and i nearly had a swelling heart in between the chapters, whether it was from the crudeness, impatience, or curiousness, or happiness the story made me! i love how the feelings of every characters were brought, and i'd say that i'm proud of how Luffy made a decision there, it was so wise and selfless of him. Thank you for writing this wonderful story! i hope you have a good day ahead :)
Klanglilie chapter 18 . 6/1/2018
So, I didn't want to review every chapter, so here is my impression to the hole story. Even tough it was a long time ago, that you started this story, it is worth every waiting minute! Your character description is great, Luffys Angst and building trust and his nakamas sorrow and love for their captain! I just love it! Your writing style is great and the story is really smooth. Thank you so much for sticking with this story and all your hard work!
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