Reviews for The Birth of Evil
bkerrmom1 chapter 1 . 9/18
Absolutely brilliant story !
Lokistrong chapter 1 . 9/14
I still love this story. I come back to it every so often and marvel at a hero who's really a villain, but still a hero. Great job for a one shot that still told a full story.
Amista chapter 1 . 9/13
iadorespike chapter 1 . 9/12
Fascinating read, thanks so much!
RonRR chapter 1 . 8/26
The most effective chains are the ones no one knows they are wearing.

Thank you for writing,

NazgulBelserion chapter 1 . 8/7
You know what this needs another chapter where are people who knew Harry meet in afterlife and are like FUCKKK we dun goofed while he's mom is super proud of her baby boy being best dark lord ever
JustARandomFandomer chapter 1 . 7/19
That was amazing I love this so much holy shit
RiddleMeBlack chapter 1 . 7/15
This is honestly one of the best fics I've ever read. I've reread this story like five times, and I have to keep coming back because it's just so good. I love the way how you portrayed Harry, and the fact that his character remained consistent. I also really like this telling instead of showing thing that you had going on, because it was really refreshing and unique to me. There are a few loose ends, like what happens to Percy, but all in all, ten out of ten would recommend.
Thyrann chapter 1 . 6/29
Peace through strength and resolve. - I had a nostalgic flashback to the Brotherhood of NOD.

Well written short story worth every minute of reading. Well done.
DiabolicGod chapter 1 . 6/29
Der-Die-Das, German articles (is that also the word in english?) are difficult for english speakers who only know 'the', but it it "Die Bildung". The creation/education/learning.
Apart from that little thing that threw me off as a german, I enjoyed this story a lot.
Amazing job
Time313 chapter 1 . 5/29
Dark Lord? pfffttt. Rather a competent Grey Lord.
Tenjo chapter 1 . 5/27
I don’t see anything wrong with inherited wealth. The money is their family’s, thus it’s theirs. What is the point in amassing a fortune if your descendants can’t benefit from it? Many middle class families lead frugal lives despite having the finances to live comfortably or somewhat luxuriously, all so their children and their children’s children would inherent the money and live comfortably.
Damien NightFall chapter 1 . 5/25
So out of nowhere he's suspicious of a rat, even when he never was before?
Guest chapter 1 . 5/25
I would not call him evil at all, and certainly not vile! He has a certain degree of sociopathy, yes – there’s no denying that – but he is more of a benevolent dictator than anything else. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and sometimes it’s exactly what a society needs – ESPECIALLY one transitioning from some form of monarchy or aristocracy to something closer to a representative democracy. Every attempt throughout history to go directly from one to another has met with utter failure, after all.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/17
Love this story!
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