Reviews for Drunken Laps
HyourinmaruIce chapter 4 . 8/13/2010
Go MATSUMOTO! Nice job on the story. I rather liked the endings.
pen name riri mimi chapter 1 . 3/6/2009
this is so funny i've read one of your other stories once apon a time the little mermaid and i really like your writing style and i love that you post a whole story at once i hate waiting for ch.
Master Bleach chapter 4 . 2/2/2009

kichithewolf chapter 4 . 7/21/2008
That was so funny! Poor shiro-chan!
QueenofBookworms chapter 4 . 4/12/2008
pretty good work. i like it.
crimsonhyourinmaru chapter 3 . 3/23/2008
Update soon!
crimsonhyourinmaru chapter 2 . 3/23/2008
Lol! This is really funny! Great ideas! Keep up the good work and uodate soon!
Nostalgic-Romance chapter 3 . 3/23/2008
lol, Ichi-Ni-San cracks me up. oh well. at least anyone who is protective or a possible love intrest of Isane is likely to weak beat him up like Byakuya would have if it were Rukia... bringing to point, would'nt it be funny if Byakuya tried this?
Ceaka chapter 1 . 3/16/2008
I loved this storu. it was very good, please update soon. -

Nostalgic-Romance chapter 1 . 3/15/2008
lol this is kinda funny