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Elly3981 chapter 3 . 2/4/2011
A very interesting chapter. I was wondering if this story is supposed to be AU because Krad and Satoshi is supposed to share the same body so the two can exist at once in the real world. Also, the Harada family is supposed to be rich so I doubt that Mrs. Harada's funeral would be enough to break the family. And the part of Risa pushing Riku down the stairs is scary; I don't think she would do something that violent, tragedy or no.
Elly3981 chapter 1 . 2/4/2011
I think you've got a good story going here; though Risa is normally a cheery, happy girl, I supposed she acted as anyone who lost their mother would have, expecially at that age. I'll check out the rest now!
Melody of Ages chapter 10 . 5/31/2010
Wonderful story, beautiful writing. That's about all I can say.

You were able to take different points of view, and a story across a large span of time, and make it all come together. Very little seemed meaningless. And of course, I love how the story came full circle in the end with all of the small references to the first chapter!

My only critique, and this may have been simply my impression, was that the last two chapters seemed a little rushed. I would have loved to see the story drawn out a little more and explored in a little more depth, as was done in the earlier chapters. It just seemed to jump around a little to quickly from scene to scene, without full motivations for doing so. But that is truly the one critique I can think of; all in all it was a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it!
Berlioz II chapter 10 . 12/18/2008
Well, I think you already know what I think, so there's no real point in going into it too much. But I must say still that this has been one awesomely awesome story. Certainly one of the very few fanfics that has truly engaged me in more ways than to just say it's a "good story". The inherent depth of the characterisations was a real pleasure to read, and very rarely has any story managed to sustain that quality that blows one's mind out for as lengthy of a period of time in a row as this did, the first six chapters in particular being a continuous onslaught of excellence.

As it is, the thing that I found to be the most gratifying were the depictions of Risa's mental state since the start of the story, as this is in essence a very psychological story dealing with loss and, even if there were other aspects that were fine in and of themselves, it was those Risa moments that mostly brought in the depth in this story and made it the searing study that it was. In that regard Satoshi perhaps never really approached that same level of emotional turmoil, but in a way I don't think he needed to as I never really saw him being the main focus instead of the story revolving strongly around Risa's gradual recovery more than anything else (whether that's the way you wanted may be contested, but that's the way it came to me).

There were admittedly a few things that threw me out of the loop for a while, such as the almost lighthearted tone (in relation to everything else) of Risa and Satoshi's date in Chapter 7, but which has grown on me since then, or some of the more action-oriented parts that at times intruded into the languid atmosphere of melancholy. But none really distract from the story in a way to turn it into something what it most certainly is not, and what it also shouldn't be. And like I said in my first review, that flitting in and out of flashbacks fluidly like that is really great, and is one of the key elements to bring a certain uniqueness to the general flow of storytelling.

It is a little sad that, at least if one judges from the amount of reviews (of which ten are mine!), is that this story's not as lauded as it should be, though I can see why it wouldn't be at the same time since the subject matter probably is too heavy for those searching for fluffy romance (of course I don't know how many readers you've actually had). But apart from a few misteps along the way, this has truly been one of the more flawlessly executed stories I've read in this fandom ever (and to a large extent anywhere else around the site either). So a big kudos to that. But enough of my rambling as everything else I would have to say can pretty much be already read from my past reviews.

I'll just leave you with this: Thank you for writing The Depth of Feeling. Truly.

- Jani
Berlioz II chapter 9 . 10/6/2008
Well, I'm glad that you're at least going to finish this particular story, as it is definitely one of those stories I'd be pretty disappointed if it was just left unfinished (I hate it when people do that on great stories). There were a couple of anomalies in this chapter, but I guess it won't be of any real use to say anything about them in your current frame-of-mind, so I won't. But it's been great reading. One more chapter to get through. :)

- Jani
nequam-tenshi chapter 9 . 10/6/2008
that was quite a long chapter! hope everything goes well for the finale!
nequam-tenshi chapter 8 . 8/22/2008
i love your story!

it's sad yet touching because it reminded me of my late father...

what caused you to write such a story? your own experience? i would like to know...

Mew Mai chapter 8 . 8/18/2008
*still trying to breathe* Okay. I think I'm good now... This was an excellent chapter! It was about time the dad got his priorities straight and started to act like a big boy. This really was an incredably emotional chapter. It made me wonder about some things too...Well, ja ne and I hope you update soon!
Berlioz II chapter 8 . 8/15/2008
So it seems life is getting back to its rightful tracks as far as the Harada family is concerned, which is a good thing. Nice to see dad finally taking a grip on himself instead of just being dead to the world and shying away from his responsibilities.

I must say I quite liked the Krad bit, and his reasonings of what he'd lust to see yet probably wouldn't be wise to execute. I think you got Krad down quite well, and Satoshi's forlorn thought that what happened could just be forgotten was a nice touch.

You know, I actually thought in a couple of places in this chapter that you killed Risa, even though I knew that would have been a bit of a strange thing to do when the story wasn't even over yet, but hey. Will be interesting to find out how the whole Krad issue will solve itself as he certainly won't be taking a backseat if it comes to Satoshi trying to get closer to Risa still.

I'll look forward to future developments.
Mew Mai chapter 3 . 7/23/2008
Oh. My. Gosh. Were you ever aware that you're writing is so strong? It's so good; I feel like it's MY mother that died. When Risa cries, I want to cry. I feel every emotion she does; from confusion to anger. Just...Oh. My. Gosh. It's really excellent! It's only the third chapter and I'm so into this, I yell at anyone who interupts me right now. That's how powerful this is. So, I just though you should know that...Just. Wow.
PrincessBreezee chapter 7 . 7/18/2008
amazing! very nice you are a very good author :)
Berlioz II chapter 7 . 7/18/2008
Now there's a cliffhanger. I pretty much expected something like that was bound to happen when the perspective changed to a more romantic setup.

A very good chapter again. Maybe there were a few bits that felt slightly out-of-synch with the rest of the story, but I think that may be more the result of the almost never-relenting darkness and angst that has preceded in the last six other chapters to make a more lighthearted mood to feel almost like a jarring change of direction. Of course, it makes perfect logistical sense to actually have Risa and Satoshi moving a little bit further with their (admittedly very slight up to this point) closeness, so it is supposedly a necessity.

And when you further throw in Satoshi being a bit more romantic than what he usually gives into and Risa suddenly reverting back to her old self, it may feel a bit sudden or something that requires a bit of a new mindset to approach the changed scenario, but nevertheless I enjoyed this continuation. And you certainly left off with an interesting situation, so I'm looking forward to see how this resolves itself.

- Jani
Berlioz II chapter 6 . 6/29/2008
You know I don't think there's anything really that much left for me to say that I haven't already said before about this story. Yet again a most excellent chapter.

The whole Risa/Riku moment was really great, how everything initially seemed to just remain the same with nothing being resolved between the two, to Risa's final anguish and finally to the quite heartwarming reunion of the two that, despite happening fairly quickly considering what had just taken place moments before in the chapter, still didn't feel too fast or forced... but just right.

Sad to hear this is coming to an end soon, but it has been one of my absolute favourites I have ever read on this site. I'll look forward to the rest of this story.

- Jani
Berlioz II chapter 5 . 4/29/2008
You know it's interesting how this story feels like it's been going for a lot longer than just five chapters. And I don't think it necessarily is due to the lengthiness of the chapters either, but perhaps more because of the heavier storyline that has a lot more to chew on than your normal, average DNA romances (98% consistency in this fandom) and yaoi (95% consistency). And you know what? I likey! When one can avoid in making a story without injecting some overbearingly obvious romance stuff into it, you know like it being the only thing that matters in the story, then that's always a plus in my book.

Also I must express that I'm very happy you started this story as late as you did, even as you said this idea has been with you for a while. But when comparing the writing of your earlier endeavors, the rate of imporvement has been such that this story might not have turned out as good as it is right now if you had not "tested the ground" with something else before.

As regards the angst side, there is a right way to make angst and the wrong way, but this most certainly handles the angst side very well, with much more exposition on why there is angst instead of just having a random "boohoo, now I'm so depressed" scenario. This is one of the reasons this story strikes me so favourably in that there are no easy ways out and there is so little self-indulgent angst for angst sake or cheesy melodrama/"I'm going to make all the pain go away" romance stuff. The lack of frivolousity makes this definitely one of the most deep and emotionally effecting stories I've ever read in this fandom.

It feels real, and that is what any good dramatic story should accomplish at least on some level (regardless of angel alter egos and magical artworks and such). Recna den Eres' "Tainted White" has that same quality too, though it's not an angst fic, but has realistic interaction between characters that you can believe in even despite the fantastical elements in the story. And that is a very high compliment I can tell you.

And I also find it a nice relief that at least yet (or as far as I rememeber), Risa has not yet even contemplated on taking her own life, which is like the most clich├ęd angst thing in the book.

Nice little cross-reference to The Life and Death of Rio Hikari there by the way. :) And so Daisuke has his heart set on two Haradas now. And Satoshi is getting jealous and decides to do something about it... Seems the games a foot. Indeed, I shall anxiously wait for your next continuation.

- Jani
FireyFlames chapter 5 . 4/28/2008
Someone needs to hit Daisuke and Risa's dad. xD Angst can be very likable as long as it's not overloaded into the fanfic. :D Thanks for updating!
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