Reviews for Giving Up
DesmondAdrian chapter 1 . 4/28/2013
I was highly impressed with this fic. The depth of research goes quite beyond what I normally see in such work. Especialy for such an under appreciated pairing. Kudos my friend.
HopelessOsaka chapter 1 . 3/9/2010
Wait, what the f$%&? It's been awhile since I've favorited this, and I've only just noticed that this barely has any reviews, despite its deliciousness and honesty. One of the reviews even happens to be by a dumbass troll who couldn't bother to stay anonymous.

WELL NO LONGER. D8 I truly do love this fic. Not only do I rarely see Ritsu/Tetsuya-although it's Tetsuya's more-so feelings for Ritsu is rather embedded in the subtext within the anime-but this was a nonsmut, characterized and serious piece.

The most striking instance within the one-shot-and the one that got me acutely paying attention-was: 'Another servant approached. "His father is a beast. The heir is pretty, isn't he." Another statement. "You should overthrow him."

Kasanoda knew what he was alluding to.'

Instant favorite. It really is lovely. :")
Leilani Daniels chapter 1 . 3/20/2008 no likey...i don't like yaoi...
Fayra Lee chapter 1 . 3/17/2008
I like your style. You have a nice pacing, and the descriptions are- I don’t know how to say this. Simple, but intense for that very same reason. Something like the completely opposite of purple prose, I think. It’s good, its really good.

And the idea was pretty interesting. Its hard to picture Kasanoda raping someone, but here you leave space for different meanings in what he did. And, considering how little he knows about himself, it’s easy to picture him falling for someone and then justifying as an act of dominance. It’s interesting to see this new shade of his personality.

Plus, the ending was lovely.

(I’m just not sure about the meaning of the word ‘waka’. I can guess what it is, of course, so I guess it’s not a problem, but still. It might be best if you avoided the Japanese words… just a suggestion. Like I said, I have a pretty good idea of its meaning)