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mckertis chapter 3 . 9/25/2016
Ugh. Does everyone sleep with everyone else in your fic ? It;s like USA instead of UK ! I'm afraid poor Harry is gonna get buggered in the ass by his "parents".
Guest chapter 63 . 8/27/2016
I know this was written ages ago but I really have to ask why you keep referring to them as twins when they have different fathers. Other than that glaring problem it's a good story.
Ozzanew chapter 17 . 5/24/2016
I hate doing reviews I'm alfull spelling is a nightmare for me even small shudder be easy word's are hard for not to manchen the fact that I pushed the post review before I even dune (which is what I did) which means I have to pick up were I left off which is not fun and is probably earatating for you. At any rate I know it is for me so I'm throw I'm sorry if it seems rude but I just don't like have the fun of reading this story to leave a review that takes me (and I'm NOT KIDDING here) as long to tipe as to read the chapter plus sometimes I forget to tipe I my name. I'll level a review st the end to tell you as bast as I can what I think of it okay. This is a good chapter.
Ozzanew chapter 17 . 5/24/2016
Oh I know the feeling of having to wake-up at a ridiculous hour. I have to start work this Saturday and I need to be there a 6:00 am not only is it a Saturday. But it summer time too and I gave to thus every summer Tuesday-Saturday which stinks. Balise, Neville, Luna, Susan, Hannah, and Draco were nice not to tell on Hagrid for hatched dragon eggit a shame they got detension because of it. Which is all thinks to Chloe. I'm just happy that she also got detension and rightfully so how dumb can she be to tell a lie about Remy to McGonagall. The fact that Chloe us mad a Remy because McGonagall didn't believe her when she said Remy was at the Hut too and blame him for her getting detension is loughabull
Guest chapter 16 . 5/23/2016
Cool prank from the twins Draco, Remy, and Peeves. I am however saprize that Peeves had agreed just do it on the Slytherine's I thought any one was fairgame to him especially the students. Although because it came from the twins which he seemes to be on good truems it probably should not be much of a saprize . They seem to be the tip that will let him help out with their pranks if they need it and I for one think he loves that. Nice little trick Chloe and he little gang on Remy and his so sad it didn't work through... just kidding it was abalutley patativly funny that Remy and the gang ecape fom getting detension. I'm glad that Remy deside not include Hermione and Neville for I believe they would have gotten caught. Because lije yoy said there woud bee too many people for th coak.
Ozzanew chapter 15 . 5/23/2016
Waiting two day's before Christmas to go Christmas shopping ? Boy's, boys, boy's that my dear yung ones isn't ver wise. I don't know if Draco and Remy were loughing at Chloe or her parents misfortune eather why it was a bit rude. But then again Lilly and James got what they deserve. My favoritething about the boy shopping trip was hearing that James escape didn't the bathroom attendant that was hilarious. I don't feel sorry for eather James or Lilly it's there foult. Chloe doesn't need to have the best of everything but that was how they treated her sance the day she was born. All she needed was to kniw that no matter what she was always loved and a few hart felt gifts a long with one or two fun gifts. But they spoiled her rotten from day one so they did this to themselves. The ball sounded lovely and it appears that everyone had a good time So their mite be something going on between Basile and Hermione?
Yea I like that. Their is deffently something going on with Neville and Luna I like that very much.I LOVED how Remy gad his Christmas with us dad's and uncle Remy know the true meaning of Christmas I like (although you don't say it it is clearly seen) that Remy favorite gifts us his dad's and he us there's. Sirius is such a kid. Very cute and funny chapter
Ozzanew chapter 14 . 5/22/2016
Remy was kinda being a bit of a gite in this chapter tords Chloe I'm not really talking about him confronting that she was NOT at the party nor was she invited but the fact that he rub it in her face as he pass her to get a place to sit was rude as well as him poking fun at the fact that she have to stay at Hogwarts for Christmas break that is uncalled for. The frist hafe he was as like him nice and kind. I'm gald that he had some friends at the party I especially like the fact that Hermione was invited too.I'm ver saprize that Molly and Arthur are agreening to let Fred and George go and stay with the Malfoy for nice of the Lovegood's to have Hermione spend Christmas break with them I'm gad that she and Luna are good friends I think they are good for each other Luna can teach Hermione to be a little more silly and odd as to were Hermione can help Luna be some kind of normal.
Ozzanew chapter 13 . 5/22/2016
That Slytherine seeker should have been keeping a better eye on that Golden ball instead of mocking Remy. Now he is looking like a fool because if that (should I be sorry that I get a kick out of that) if he just trun hid had to the left he nay m have gotten it even if he was mocking Remy. But know he was just to best mocking Remy to even move his head and to which I say what a fool. I like that Remus, Severus, and Sirius game yo see Remy frist game even though they were at Hogwarts no more then10 days ago and I kniw that Remy was happy about that too . I love how he doesn't got inbarest by his dad's kissing him goodbye when so many other kids around that are (Especially boy's) It was nice if Dumbledore to let Remy dad's and uncle take Remy and the boys to Hogsmade Leat night party and a sleepover with friends from another house oh what fun.
Ozzanew chapter 12 . 5/22/2016
Ha those Wesley twins there a hoot. It was nice of Hermione to try to chear up Chloe even though Chloe was rude to her on the train. I can't believe not to manchen psst off that Chloe call Hermione a Mudblood I mean her mother is muggle bron for crying out loud. I gald that Remy was wise and told Oliver, and the others what Chloe was going to do and go after the with the others instead of by his self like Harry and Ron did. He is wise then J.K. Rolling Harry (I think it because of who his dad's are) and a lot less cocky.
I can't believe that Chloe was stupid enough to tell that lie I mean their was 5 other people other the Remy in that bathroom to stop the troll. If it was use Remy it would have been different for she may have a chance someone other then her parents believing it, but there were many witness's
Who show it even if she is the golden girl I don't see why see though that would have work out the way she whated it. I absolutely patativly LOVE it when Lilly (that git) was foolish enough to tell Dumbledore that she thought Chloe desuve something an d Dumbledore tool her that Chloe gets detension and 20 points off for her house. I lough about that several times LOL.
Ozzanew chapter 11 . 5/20/2016
So I see that Chloe is now how J. had Draco. Hum I wounder who her two friends/bodyguards are? Are the going to be Pansy and Daphne? Or Crabbe and Goyle? Or somone else? Imust say that I'm glad that that spoiled little princess had to send her broom back home. Remy should kinda think Chloe for getting him in to Grriffindor Quidditch team after all if she didn't still Neville ball and dared Remy to cach it McGonagall woula not see how good Remy was on a broom and hiw good if a cacher he was for ge wow haven to do any thing. So really Chloe can only blame herself for Remy getting in. I'm not at all saprize that the team captin for Slytherine Quidditch team not only because she a first year but because she is wel a...she and I never seen or heard in the move about a girl Slytherine Quidditch player nor do I remember reading about them in the book's which I personally think is down right sexess (I hope that that us the right word or at less close enough to were you know what I trying to say) I would have been nevess (I also hope that this word is right or at less close enough to were you know what I'm talking about)
Ozzanew chapter 10 . 5/20/2016
Remy was acting like a 5 year old on Christmas morning although if it were me I would be acting the same way after all not everyone is lucky enough to get to go to Hogwarts. It wad mesn of Chloe and Ron to teased Hermione like that. I'm gald that you have Hermione friends with Remy and the others as well as it seems Fred and George as well.I knew that Chloe should be in Slytherine and you just proven me right and the fact that Ron and Percy(I've always dislike Percy) are in that house too is GREAT it like gavy on masspotato's. I just wish you have manchen Hufflepuff it a good house to be in and I'm not just saying that because I am a Hufflepuff it true. I do t like that Hermione is in Ravenclaw I always thought that she should have been in there and I'm very saprize that you had Neville in Ravenclaw but also happy. I'm also happy that none of the friend or in a house by themselves. I Ilike that Luna is in Remy and the others year instead of a year behind.
Ozzanew chapter 9 . 5/20/2016
(Grosns) Sorry I accidentally hit post review before I was dune. Soanyway as I was saying it was nice of Remy ( or one or both his daddy's more likely then again maybe not) to buy his friends a souvenir from their trip at the zoo. I like how Potter's cloak and not Chloe (that brat. Again tall this 5 her mom and dad) for several reasons. Here are a few of them.
1, He more think full for it.
2, He is more likely to use it for good.
3, His grandparents whated him to have it
4, It was said in the latter that it went to the old child which is him.
5, Repeat resions 1 to 4.
I'm glad that you did not kill Luna motherboff iin your story. Great chapter as were the one before this one. Sorry I think I forgot to mention that on the others.
Ozzanew chapter 9 . 5/20/2016
Dsme Lilly and James had made there doughter in to a hypocrite. Not to manchen that they mad Jame parents, Remus, Sirius, Severus, and of course dear Remy the bad guys. I wish that James HADE to be the Bathroom attendant it a big same that he got lucky. If anyone should be in Slytherine it's Chloe I sadly have no doubt that she'll do anything to get what she whats and that us going to HURT her I the end nice going Lilly snd James you are (I the end) hurting your doughter. I like Remy Brithday much more and Remy being more happy about seeing his friends and his uncle Sirius instead of gifts. I love going to the zoo and seeing animals. It was nice of Remy (or one or both of his daddy's) to buy his friends a
Ozzanew chapter 8 . 5/20/2016
I believe that Remy will indeed will be a little potions wiz before he even gets to Hogwart all thinks to Severus. I also believe that he'll be grateful at DADA because of Remus. I like the gifts that Neville, Remy, and Draco got for Luna all three gifts are perfect for Luna. I heat James and Lilly for making Remy happy day with is two best friends and his uncle and made it to a sad one. I heat that poor Remy had to find out the truth the way he did it should have not have happened like that. But Remy now knows the hole truth and now he is closer with his daddy's and uncle. It a shame about William and Katherine at less they git to be a part of Remy new life for a while. HA HA HA HA HA LOL James is now going to be a bathroom attendant har har har I wounder what kinda job Lilly will get.
kitty chapter 51 . 5/19/2016
Don't know if you want to go back and change it but you said Remy was an Irish setter and he told Sirius that at a young age. Actually he told him he was going to be a white dog. Irish setters are not white.
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