Reviews for Oh Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be
edlovesjuicyfruit73 chapter 2 . 5/5/2008
This is getting so good! I can't wait for the next chapter!

I loved the descriptions, and the dialogue was perfect. Sounds just right for the two. This story is really inspiring and it's getting really interesting!

I hope you won't take so long to update next time, but hey, I understand. And I have waited thus long... I can do it again!

I'm wondering what the outcome will be; only time will tell.

edlovesjuicyfruit73 chapter 1 . 3/18/2008
Well I'm certainly glad I inspired you! That's great. And this is interesting so far, I'm excited to see how everything turns out.

I guess I was expecting to see Luc earlier? I don't know, but whatever it's to be continued so hopefully... All the characters will come on in then!

When Wilkens started crying I think that really got to me. It also makes sense that Markus shyed off and went for help, rather than trying to comfort him himself. So, yes, the characterization was perfect. Excellent word choice, as always, and the mood was set nicely.

Keep it up, and I hope an update is in the near future!


P.S. Make sure you get enough sleep!