Reviews for The Way of the Wind
LavenderStarflower chapter 25 . 11/21
One of the best! Loved it!
Dasgun chapter 1 . 11/21
Smash41KMF chapter 25 . 11/20
still a great story after the third read and many years in between.
LIQUIDCELL chapter 25 . 11/9
Hope you both doing well.

Thank you for this story. I always reread it. Collaboration when it comes to writing is very time consuming - especially for the editing part.

Hope you guys would write something new, if you have the energy and time in the future. Send each other drafts and ideas, then will have to decide which one does which chapter. The editing would be a little tougher though.

G-d bless.
vashappen chapter 1 . 11/2
Heyo chapter 25 . 9/30
Absolutely amazing and I live for it! Please make a one-shot of the chaotic wedding with naruto as a bridesmaid and Sasuke as best man cause I need that in my life
Heyo chapter 3 . 9/29
That last line! Omfg
LIQUIDCELL chapter 25 . 9/7

This was such a great masterpiece. It has been a while. Hope you guys come back and throw us some bone...please. A new one?

LIQUIDCELL chapter 25 . 9/7
I miss you guys! Hope you come back and create more worlds and weave tales for us to enjoy...
endelienta chapter 1 . 9/3
Honestly, I loved this fic.

I get why some would be averse to the slight non-consensual themes Itachi displays, however, I don’t think that there was anything wrong with it due to Sakura not outright denying himwhenever she did do that, he would comply and stop.

Also, Sakura’s characterisation in this shows that she isn’t someone who would let another person just get away with treating her like that, unless she liked it.

Overall, I loved all of the Itachi and Mikoto scenes, Sakura was badass without being overpowering and Naruto and Sasuke played their role of overbearing, hilarious teammates brilliantly.

I also loved the emphasis of the members of Team 7 staying together despite all the hardships thrown their way.

This fic was realistic, hilarious, not-your-usual-sort-of-romance and I really, really enjoyed it.

Good job, author-san
spamari1181 chapter 7 . 8/30
I honestly don't get this. If she doesn't want him then tell him no. Simple as that. Otherwise this is all straight up sexual harassment and uncomfortable to read. Most people involved are making it seem like saying no, and going through the proper channels if Itachi continues, is not an option. That is what confuses me. All the back and forth as if there is no options for unwanted attention makes no sense. Sakura literally has multiple options and people to rely on (the hokage is her teacher) should she chose to.
Either she wants him or she doesn't. It is uncomfortable to read this since she seems so gung-ho about not wanting him. Without consent this reads as sexual harassment and stalking. Not romantic in the slightest. People involved make it seem like she HAS to allow, what honestly reads as, sexual harassment. Naruto got shot down when he said to tell him she wasn't interested, (reasonable responce) for no real reason. Sasuke even acted as if going to his mother would end this but also in the same mindset acted as if there was nothing to do.
Consent is important, saying no is an option, and I feel like this story ignores both and is caling it romance. I'm not trying to flame, but I wish the above was more consensual and clearer. I get playing hard to get but this doesn't quite read as that. It comes off as Itachi being a sexual predator that enjoys making Sakura uncomfortable and takes consent from her body's physical reaction to stimulation.
That2-one3-girl4 chapter 25 . 8/20
Thanks for the hard work!
Can't wait to read more.
Kgirl17 chapter 25 . 8/14
I love to re-read this story every so often. I cannot believe it was finished 11 (ELEVEN?!) years ago. This is a comfort fic, even if I don't watch the show anymore. Genuinely, it takes me a few days to re-find it, thanks to this websites basic sorting of favorited stories. I hope you are well (and I'm so sorry, I'll probably continue to comment every few times when I re-read it bc it's mind blowing every time).
Obsidian Cherry chapter 3 . 7/11
I can’t continue. This is way too OC. The story is trying too hard.
DaisyDear chapter 25 . 6/29
Magnificent! Loved the detail and character development
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