Reviews for Jail and Other Prisons
tuckp3 chapter 1 . 9/14/2009
this was depressing. the dynamics between house/wilson, house/cuddy, house/cuddy/wilson and house/amber were flawless. you paced this really well and there was an immediacy, neediness, anger, frustration and melancholy that just flowed through this. really great piece.
confusedsarcasm chapter 1 . 6/23/2008 don't know what to say. this was just great in so many ways. i loved the perspectives on their emotions and how you depicted their relationships. the dialouge was amazing...along with everything else...

excelent job, thanks for writing
theviewfromhere chapter 1 . 3/17/2008
Well worth the time it took to you know what made it so good? The fact that, I can imagine perfectly this exact senario happening on the show. And I LOVE the way you ended the relationship, even more for the fact that this will probably be the way it actually ends: Amber feels slighted next to House. And she will be right, Wilson simply won't be able to put her over him.

I know this is a one-shot, but have you thought of a next chapter, or maybe a sequel? In which Wilson confronts House over it being his fault that the relationship ended, and House just...being House? I think that would be a nice way to end it...but of course I have no say. It's your story.

I really loved it, and great job on the believable-ness of it.

Shikabane-Mai chapter 1 . 3/17/2008
As I said before, this fic was perfection.

Adding to faves! :D
Squeeka Cuomo chapter 1 . 3/17/2008
I can’t believe it. You actually made it by the deadline. I’m very proud. :duck:

This fic is absolutely wonderful. From beginning to end, you’ve really done something special. You’ve given such an interesting and in depth look at so many different relationships. I’m just in awe of how much you managed to incorporate.

This just works so well. All of the different relationships. What has (or hasn’t happened). It’s all here. And there’s a real sense of… weight to this. It feels real. I can totally see this happening and I felt awful for Wilson. I also found that in the midst of the who-did-what, he was a really nice anchor. I felt like I was watching this through his eyes.

One thing that I really loved is that there weren’t any flashbacks. You gave bits and pieces of what happened but never the full story. I really enjoyed fleshing out the scene in my head.

Your characters and dialogue were SO SO SO perfect. I hate Amber. I think she awful. But you write her so well. I mean it. I could totally hear everything she was saying in my head. I also really enjoyed her relationship with Wilson. It was… perfect. Not that I like the pairing. But from what we’ve been given, it fits so well. And it’s believable.

I really love this fic. You did an amazing job and it says a lot. You should be very proud of yourself. :duck: