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JewelRinoa chapter 32 . 2/27
Wow that was beautiful, I understand that you haven't updated in a long while... But I can't give up ;) I'm going to continue anticipating what happens next. I hope you do get back to it! And if you should I'll be sure to re-read and digest more slowly xD I'm aftaid your story was too interesting to put down. Leaving me unable to leave a review until this particular moment xD makes me feel bad actually... 0.0

I love the way you handle all the characters, it's beautifully done and masterfully crafted. I also enjoy how you portray Doumeki, I've always found him a bit difficult to understand (oddly enough since he's soooo blunt) but you put the actions and the words into thoughts that fit, which is awesome. Watanuki is of course as adorable as ever, and you portray that perfectly. I am disappounted I didn't get to meet Yuko, I would have loved to see her in your perspective xD but all the characters that were shown were obviously tuned. The arcs are exciting and enlightening. You obviously did your research and I love that!

All in all, know that I probably will keep coming back to this fic. Re-reading and Re-reading, finished or otherwise. Of course I'd love to know what happens next and how it ends, so here's to hoping that you might go back to it at some point. :D Know that I would appreciate it if you did, and that a lot of other people (of this I'm certain) are probably thinking the same thing.
Guest chapter 32 . 1/30
hiya writer...i a new fan here and i am really glad that i stumble upon your work...but after seeing the comments about not updating 4 years now i think it would be a shame to stop it here...i can feel just from your work that you've put a lot into this to be good...i wont push you to updates since you have already sacrificed your own time to make this...but i just hope you write it for yourself and not anyone else...this story made me smile and grin to myself a lot of time ...people like your works and trust me they would still do...thats all i have to say for now...imma gonna check ur other work ;-)
CrimsonQueen24 chapter 32 . 12/15/2014
This is an amazing story so far! I love that you've added in Tsubasa characters as well :) The plot is very interesting and figuring out what Watanuki is, is fun. Plus having Doumeki be a badass guard is cool too. I really can't wait to see where this is headed!
Kanda Yuuki chapter 31 . 12/7/2014
By the way, is the other monk Kurogane?
f.tastarossa chapter 32 . 9/29/2014
I wont asking for more Douwata. It's already lovely as the way it is! please come back and update this story TOT!
Ikabi chapter 27 . 6/19/2014

I *knew* something was up with Jason since somebody taught him how to say "hyuu!" But I didn't want to commit to my suspicions too early, since I have a tendency to let my imagination get carried away if I'm not careful. But! a;sldfkja;lsdkjf;slkdjf FAYE! a;sldkfja;sldkfj;asldkjf;
Ikabi chapter 14 . 6/19/2014
Eek! That description of Watanuki at the beginning of this chapter made me think of Clow - and then I couldn't un-see it...
kumakosservant chapter 11 . 3/19/2014
Love the story but hated the constant bitching about not getting enough reviews. I have only are it to chapter 11 but have considered abandoning reading more due to the constant whining.
July's fantasies chapter 32 . 3/19/2014
I looked at the last updated date... And pray that you will update again this year... :/ anyways, I enjoyed the story so far. The parts about the soul and whatnot got me a little confused. Dies that mean that doumeki is going to be left behind one day? That's sad :( but I can't wait for the next arc! Do continue and don't give up please!
katwingz18 chapter 32 . 2/22/2014
I first read this fic back in March of 2010, and while I was a little disappointed when I got to the end and saw that it might be a while before I could read any more of it, I could understand wanting to take the time to make sure one's writing is complete and that one is satisfied with it before releasing it to the public. I respect that. However, it has been about four years since then, and slightly longer than that since this fic was last updated, which leads me to wonder if it ever will be. I sincerely hope so, because it would be a damn shame if it wasn't. I can't remember enough of the story now to offer you a proper critique of it, but I can say that I recall enjoying it quite a bit, enough so that I've waited nearly four years for an update to it, and I shall likely re-read it at some point in the near future now that I've rediscovered it. I'm not going to hound you to update, as I saw on your profile that you detest that, but I will politely point out that as someone still very much interested in this story, it deserves better than to be left unfinished.
ani.ani125 chapter 32 . 2/4/2014
Hi, I just discovered this story recently in my quest for DouWata fanfics and I wanted to let you know that I love it! It's an interesting AU, and I love the way you incorporated small details from the original xxxHolic into this fanfic and still kept the characters' personalities relatively similar to the original, despite this being an AU story.

I know you haven't updated in a really long time, but I was hoping maybe you could update/finish this story soon or when you have time. It's a little disappointing that the arc ended with the idea that Watanuki will have to leave his "shell" eventually, and I want to know what happens next and how this will end. .
Yu-chan chapter 32 . 1/23/2014
This is marvelous! Please continue! I really enjoy it and I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
SpiritedObsession chapter 32 . 11/15/2013
Well... It's almost 2014... I am no stranger to the woes of writer's block and certain ways to continue certain things, and how complicatrd life can be. but you have long past your alloted time of six months by about 4 years. I should think a notification of hiatus (though already obvious) would have sufficed once the 6 months had passed. I find myself highly enjoying this fic, and I DO wish for you to continue... As do the other several hundred readers you've no doubt acquired.

Perhaps you've just forgotten unintentionally and are in need of some... Inspiration. Like spamming your inbox, for example.

Guest chapter 32 . 9/22/2013
It has been years past the 6 months you estimated. Has this fic been abandoned?
If not, then it is an interesting fic. I hope that Kurogane will make an entrance soon in the storyline. My guess is he might be the monk Shizuka said would be joining them. The thought of kuropon maybe being a monk is hilarious to me.
Im surprised you made an odd name up for sayoran, when Lee(Li) would have made more sense.
The reveals about Kimihiro and Fai are not surprising, rather i guessed something similar fairly early on as it parallels their cannon characters somewhat.
I think sorata would be absurdly gleeful about being a dad. He'd certainly be the doting type.
Chii paired with anyone but hideki is weird and unacceptable, so in rereads I'll just mentally transcribe jason sr. As hideki.
I hope this will one day update.
Guest chapter 13 . 9/19/2013
Aah, and so the 'absurd' menu demands have begun. Finally. They just dont feel like shizuka and kimihiro without it lol.
So we have fai and saoryan i wonder when kurogane and sakura will make an appearance. And, hopefully, Himawari-chan3
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