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Debbie Hicks chapter 20 . 6/14/2018
21. Or N OT
Bella's pov DRAINED OF BLOD THEN THEN yOU There who turned you b roke this rule Cullen chain ed with bitten best frien s as all of MURDERED! Surren dered taken to their City then Taintedwith both from Vampire b ats an d Vulc an Rattlesn akes then tey too were Jewels then Broken buy Hairs shaven took our liv es goodf do more in fect her with Werewolf Venom then with them Venom of thre with m y jewel glowing then en ded up sickest ten Extinct then was Dying from it then they don e a Deed then Bon es with true b rain in uries then Killed as all of the each b oth then was a m urderer a killere was foun d senten c ed to death KILLED Me with them ten the Cullens were next then Slice then te damages to m yself then was sick skin/bon e was sunken cheks an d face wiythout blood hasd Eight kids from herre b itten from Edweard with them with both then Pierced freely was In to pieces then Without a body or a soul thenb rought here pun ished then to late Destroyedfrom here ten b oun d into death the with the Kids Alice She was tortured but she is undead so they then myself had Anmesia without hum an memories thern too late Ws not as human so they Split!frely then b rought here we reeport they found out has Venom so they n ever have children had eight likea Shifter arte from himvan ished are hyb rids dead with them they are Sen tenc ed to death you fiv e are guilty of lies they pleaded no m ercy then With the bodies were Atomized thern fou weeith them in b oth form s ten M URDEREDWith him with tem then tore pieces ten Severed heads then pun ished for having kidsb y force weeith theirs destroyed tore with te four Executed then the damages done a strangest alien Symbol of a Crow erupted then blew apart ten Brought here we did it they are deceased on e they gather weaponry they are Departed they are drain ed good then Atomized from the hum ans forever now my fatgher was grieved then found us/them resurrected removed the men tal block then declare Moroi forver with them remov edweree Mori were royality wee in factHalf-bloods Earthers then Popped b ut IMPALED Tore freely weith out mem ories or a karta suffered First Death begasn to to have a previous life ten Became immortal forever dead two swords were One exploded frely then Fallen from grace brought the corpses it's complete dead they are impaled good then Ashes then too late The damages don e caused us/Mazillions then suddenly too late b ecame Forever Immortal Cursedby the gods/goddesaes Markedonc e my symb ol weil glow too late Glowing was shin ing then the two swords was a Brooch yelled BETAZED CRYSTAL POWER!
MAKE-UP! Exploded then so theyu yelled in to Vengeance trilling most powerful but like Xena Warrior Princess shining more Fiercer whirling my Magical weapon Who vowed revenge on them then suddenly with them Guided by the planet Betazed the soldier of telepathy the pretty guardian of thought In a new era invited by a new age summoned by a new crisis Allow me to SCORCH YOU SAILOR BETAZED! myself was lethal with a sword with a Chakra oh my god my daughter is dead not dead Immortal soon Father you be old and frail We will remain young had bangs with hair Alice she lived in Ancient Greece she's Xena's Reincarnation b ut she never dies but the damages you are Vampire Sailor Soldiers/Knights now relearned as began speaking in the Ancient dialect from Ancient Greece wee are in biggest trouble now the pack were very horny on Women therir mates noticed now too late the damages Dad was too old us/therm /mazillions witnessed death they were reborn but nuked from here now unable to age were immortal forever cursed grieved for him myself was in a Greek funeral robes from Xena Warrior princess TV Series had been reincarnated now singing in a most richest but more soprano Vulcan Funeral dirge into the Ancient Tongues of Vulcan Priestesses had Ocampan pointed ears upswept eyebrows was a Acolyte of Gol hail from the temple of Mount Seleya of Gol located on the planet Vulcan began Chanting wearing Hand Jewelry Necklace Crown-headress was Vulcan was not human was a Vulcan priestess swore to Hades lord god of the underworld cold Black eyes with my arm/hand risen longer/expanded hair with curled bangs in a coilf with swirled side the robes were White three were on the snow ow Madam Who dare to speak to a Priestess I Am your clan Matriarich of as all of the planet Vulcan name In the name of Surak my leader I am Sch'n T'Gai T'Lar of Vulcan gasp she's Vulcan too late was a head reldai he was both tall and Muscular Sir! she is with him mourn s for the human scrossed over are reincarnated as supernatural will now roam like who Dinosaurs Momma mia my lady of Vulcan O' T'Lirve you are cruel with fiery green eyes are wrathful Uncle is religious yikes news of us/mazillions survived we were on Vulcan oh no our pets then Shiloh sneezed blew his nose of Cats/kitten s oh god not cats Oy vey ach she was Jewish oy my God in shiva now us/them bound in time married by Vulcan law but the bodies as all burst bitten freely were as all of them but young bound with the team now Vampires replaced us/mazillions but saved young grew up on Vulcan interbred with alien animals were different then blown freely now the next generation of animals were hybrids it came bodies vanished but more as all of species with the both three took over found bodies of humans merged blew apart n owe as all of them were
different no longer alive they had powers but the other things from us and others with more into huge vilas were mansions then too late into here no longer living Bawwwwl! Darla missed her grandpa Daddy! meet my wife eight now they now allied that was a nanny but both babysat Cool what a huge world holy insects it's T'Khut bingo good god almighty Woman the heat is murderous we never breath really oh god I Need a beer ugh not that look this puppy done my sock rip you puppy are trouble that's Broud then others were reborn here no longer humans.
Shefanirainbow chapter 20 . 5/10/2018
I love the plot and twists! Thank you for sharing!
Stand by u chapter 20 . 11/4/2017
This is a great story and you definitely deserve more reviews!
Rose chapter 20 . 10/22/2017
Interesting plot! Thank you for sharing!
marte may chapter 7 . 9/4/2017
Yowza 0-100
Nehn chapter 7 . 9/1/2017
This is one of the worst stories I have read in a spelling and grammer is fcking ridiculous...learn the difference between your and you're...and your premise - while good - is completely unbelievable in the way you have written and presented it. It is too fast and loses the depth by the time you get to chapter 7. So disappointing really as the premise is very good. Get a Beta. Take the story down. Rewrite it. Repost it. You'll get better reviews that way.
Gothic Rain chapter 5 . 5/19/2017
Right... she's been through a traumatic experience with vampires and decides to walk into a coven full of em'. Smart.
Gothic Rain chapter 4 . 5/19/2017
Huh. So did Carlisle tell her it was a car accident to make her forget it happened (which is very suspicious) or was it not to alarm her and see what she remembers? I'm gonna go with the latter ':)
Debbie Hicks chapter 20 . 3/10/2016
Atomic Weapon ALERT
That RATTLESNAKES Took my Blood from me but suddenly Attacked bUT vOLTURI HEARD TIS OF MY OWN POWRS BUT crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrc unched very too AS ALL OF TRILLIONS BUT drained oF BLOOD! aS aLL OF IT screamed bUT sNapped freely tIME-rIPPED BUT Wit evelven more gather more than our newes blood Snapped of our trues memories lost forever ten taken from us/them my mother was so sick with dad suddenly with myself were too frail but te Carnivorous selves EXPLODED! With my own had my blood all of te sudden faded as all of it DESTROYED! But myself Was paler without lor so they but it was already too late bot parents each died of each other myself survived te blades shattered into a Lip Rod ten it floated I knew te words BETAZED CRYSTAL POWER MAKE-UP! I Suddenly Blasted who suddenly Ascended as a Sailor Soldier a protector of the two world but crashing but blackd out coldly but Shattered but never sighten te bodies Again but suddenly my blood was different very ifftent instad of both was one sword my magical sword but they returned Masters Isabella is a Sailor Guardian but she has a daughter had her with tem punished but is unable to have more children drained of halves of her blood is a lethal Assassin traind for combat is a Vampire slaying Sailor Soldier of the planet Betazed guads the great fire is not allowed to attend school tey are officially sentenced to death make it truthful but official that Alie had a Vision so more powerful gasped but SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH! Alice what do seen and g heard Volturi tey are coming for her of her gift are as all of them tey decree a sentence of death but tey killed them but had our corpses murdered we need witnesses for her with tem had kids aged to adulthood but CRUNCHED! Wit te witnesses without bodies taken fromhere then was no more them it was already too late killed for my blood releaed more of them Alie I testd her but my needle snapped she is a Vampire sailor soldier your eyes are Red oh my Hades what happened you died of a flu but a painful fiery side affect your host shocked you to life but you have Vampirism so are you care to hunt gladly to rebuild my bood supply I am in that in te few days and nights was sleepless of te destroyed but blended host so teirs gained golden/b;ack eyes shattered to yellow but it really got very too wrong I could have prophetic dreams could sense danger Crashed from our own unification of corpses but vanished but landed with one hugest but more piercing hole but very too more biggest into teir lab dead officially ripped more than trillions bittenWit poison but too late exploded bursting te holes very way too mu many oerextremely as all of it popped from life to Death officially it is omplete tey are dea Masters tHat murdered But killed forevr sent a e-mail of our corpses's pictures Friends you broken this as all rules these corpses are drained of te remaining blood took aay te blood she once hold by orders of our Assassins yu and ey are extinct forever from your extistance are severed from here are cursed with Death suffer bitter immortality but tey are buried with as all of them but served us more but exploded you are unable to leave Volturi that was it the seer felt me cold as ice was unable to die at all but wit her our daughter with our grandchildren so they were oh my god t they did this to us/them but look te World changed we are unable to age we need more allies that found Witches taught Dawn Read Spier and myself some witchcraft but preformed a sacred holiest ritual learned causing me to feel magic dressed from Krull looked with Ocampan pointed ears wit my hair Parted wearing a crown Kate I am a little rusty but I am a stinkin' Elvish woman I swore in Gaelic was from ancient Scotland with magic oh my god you have it from your heritage nice ears very funny going to lead a Syrannite fight what name I am T'Lar it's time begin the ritual I Said the Ancient dialects of the Vulcans a Sharpest ringing sound but suddenly Myself was a Mental shield suddenly felt my channeling magic began to pray using graceful movement but silently closed my own eyes began to enter a Jedi battle meditation created a Far more Thunderous but more psionic mind storm of the soul entered a a trance sucessfully preformed the Fal Tor Pan onto William Black with a Wizard acted like The Vulcan high priestess T'Lar of all of the planet Vulcan my White red robes my crown was onto my head wearing a Vestment kept my hair longer far more longer expanded but suddenly had Greek styled bangs swirled sides I was a seasoned priestess was a ceremonial female priest held Authority rights and titles and ranks ascended as a Acolyte but my powers evolved but changed us/them who have gifts but I was dressed to look iike a Vulcan priestess so her with them wre so religious followed Surak's teachings life work but became Syrannites followed from their leadr and teacher my robes wi eir robs moved but it really happened forged Telekniesis ourselves were celibate trained to be holiest but more spiritual Vulcan women causing us/te women to chant really devout and religious Vulcan words and dialects I was fluent in Vulcan looked like a Adult Vulcan woman but I was young could not tell how old really I am but I looked like a Extraterrestrial from a world was harsh ot but hostile but myself was a Acolyte of Mount Seleya of Gol was on Vulcan was three times stronger greater than normal like a Vulcan female but myself was too strong but was wiry for combat fit like a Sehlat leaner as a Le-Matya caused me to look in my early twenities or more kept my darker golden brown eyes Onyx was not normal looked from their planet.
Motherof8 chapter 7 . 2/28/2016
Good chapter
Motherof8 chapter 2 . 2/28/2016
That was good
Motherof8 chapter 1 . 2/28/2016
Sounds good
sv chapter 20 . 9/29/2015
I love the new Bella and the vitalis line u have created..
angelari7 chapter 3 . 9/22/2015
this is kinda good. More than some I read recently.
angelari7 chapter 1 . 9/22/2015
The first chapter was alright let's see what happens next.
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