Reviews for Marriage law be damned
Jodie Antonia chapter 19 . 9/21/2016
Me again! :D

Can't tell you how much i have enjoyed reading this story (and the other one!) and would love to read more. Hoping these reviews will inspire you to write more!

Well done for another amazing plot line!
Guest chapter 4 . 12/6/2015
Shouldn't they have learned about banking by now. Carrying large amounts of cash will just get them robbed.
Amiella chapter 19 . 1/23/2015
Great story so far, can't wait to see an ending come about with those two completely victorious. :)
MrsSeverusMalfoy chapter 17 . 12/15/2014
Idk if your still working on your book, but I seriously NEED you to finish this book, The Mudblood Exchange and Of Snakes and Lions!
Threshsgirl chapter 1 . 6/17/2014
Oh please please finish this story!
I love it and I am just dying waiting for the end!
Greetz 3
Dark-Supernatural-Angel chapter 19 . 10/12/2013
Will you ever finish this story?
Dark-Supernatural-Angel chapter 15 . 10/12/2013
I was shocked by Jeff and James' secret. I didn't see that one coming. I guess they too would benefit if Dramione is successful in their mission.
Dark-Supernatural-Angel chapter 12 . 10/12/2013
Whoa! Now that's one way to change things up between Dramione. Nicely done!
Dark-Supernatural-Angel chapter 1 . 10/11/2013
Interesting start.

Poor Hermione...if she's giving up magic then its like her years at Hogwarts was somewhat of a waste.
IllusiveButterfly chapter 19 . 2/11/2013
It's such a shame you never finished this. :(
xSweet.Afterlifex chapter 19 . 1/20/2013
Are you ever going to finish this? I lost my password and finally found it, and was hoping to finish reading this! PLEASE let me know!
furface294 chapter 19 . 8/6/2012
I love this story and if you don't come back and finish it and the other stories I just might be a little sad.
justreaderr chapter 1 . 1/17/2012
hi there,

ive read your story a little while ago and liked it.

ive read your story a moment ago and now i love it.

i hope you will go on with it.

ShezzaBoo0233 chapter 19 . 11/15/2011
I am totally in love with your story so so much and I really really hope that you start writing it again very soon! Goodluck writing:) 3SVOV
katzlol chapter 19 . 5/17/2011
Please update soon...I love this book. Again, best D.M./H.G. is a long time.
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