Reviews for Therapeutic
lunaf0aith chapter 40 . 7/27
Honestly, phantom has the best character development in this fanfic
Child of Music and Dreams chapter 134 . 6/30
Do Rigoletto.
Child of Music and Dreams chapter 96 . 6/30
Aminta, not Amita.
Child of Music and Dreams chapter 71 . 6/30
How about Don Juan?
Child of Music and Dreams chapter 1 . 6/29
(eyes fill with tears)
Oh, Erik...
PhantomLabyrinth chapter 50 . 3/2
"'What's in a name?' That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. So [Erik] would, were he not [Erik] called, retain that dear perfection which he owns without that title. [Erik] doff thy name, and for that name which is no part of thee, take all myself."
grandma paula chapter 139 . 1/21
so sorry to hear of your difficulties and health problems. Hopefully you are a young person and one who will bounce b ack though it may take a few years. I had the same type of cancer that you had and had to do the same treatments...28 in a row of both at the same time in a hospital that was far away from home. 4 days i missed because i was just too sick. dI would say it took me a good year before I felt better but I was already old and then other problems set in. Now mostly I sit at home and read phantom stories such as yours. My doctor says I am doing much better now however. I will pray for you anad send you all the good thought I can manage. love paula
grandma paula chapter 124 . 1/20
how about a baby?
grandma paula chapter 120 . 1/19
story is still the greatest one ever. but i wanted to write about your adoption experience as my husband and i went threw the same think. we were married aa while and went thru the adoption process with several agencies, tests, group meetings and on and on and we were told we did not qualify for a normal child but would be considered for a hard to place one. we went thru books of kids thousands of them ages from 2 to 15 with afflications like erics and worse. It was diffeicult to say the least plus the kids were all over the united states and with not a lot of free money travel was out of the question. so I took aa job teaching a handicapped pre school in another town and had 6 adorable kids in my class. Turns out that two of them, donald and jill were going to be put into instituitions after the school year was up because there were no foster homes that wanted them. Well my husband and I went to DYFS and begged for them. and they did everything possible to discourage us but in the end we won out. donnald and Jioll became outs and ten years later they became brother and sister to 2 natural children as I miracusly got pregnant two times. I have never regretted taking them as they filled not only my life but that of everyone they met, with joy. Sadly Jill died when she was 30 years old but we still have donald with us in our old age and he is the greatest blessing ever. I wish you the best a s you seek to a dfopt. Whatever child you choose will be blessed.
grandma paula chapter 77 . 1/15
I have never met you so i cannot say what you are like in person. but... I can not understand how such a preofeeional and wonderful writer is so hard on themselves, constantly worried about the writing they arfe doing. I am positive you are receiving feedback from folks who love your approach and yet you are so worried about your is almost imoossible to understand. paula
grandma paula chapter 75 . 1/15
will include you in miy prayers and generally send good thouiughts your way in hoopes of a speedy recovery. I aalso wouuld advise you to take a break an d rest a bit. you do not owe your existance to us fans. your work is wonderful and we can all wait for you to feel better...really.
grandma paula chapter 42 . 1/13
why ever do you end all of your comments with a negative against yourself and your writing. " I didnt let you down did I , sorry its shorter than the rest, is there something lacking?"
Come on please. some confidence please. We areall so excited about this book but alas you are not. why ever is that?
grandma paupla chapter 40 . 1/13
small tin cup pleading for reviews...oh good grief alright already. Review I will aattempt. I cannot do it after every chapater...after all having read like ten chapters at a time, I am ready for bed. Never before have I read a story that so compleetely held my interest as this one does. Complicated does not begin to describe it. The characters are real and even christine seems real and that is a first for all the phantom s tories i have read. Either she is a sepid child, or a terrified woman, or a snotty brat anad so on. This time your christine is at least a real person. Bravo for you hard work on a great story. paula
thechit chapter 45 . 1/12
You are brilliant !
thechit chapter 42 . 1/12
The ending made me want to howl like a wolf,hehehe
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