Reviews for Balancing Destinies
Ash-Bookworm113 chapter 1 . 6/21/2013
and it comes back to bite him in the ass yet again! hee hee poor harry. love this fic loved the other one too!
crazyjim87 chapter 19 . 6/19/2013
Sorry to burst your bubble but you haven't updated for 3 years minus 2 months. Are you planning on updating the story? I would like to read what happens next
Aurora Selene Potter-Malfoy chapter 19 . 6/14/2013
I absolutely love this story line! I loved the first book and I really hope you didn't get frustrated and give up on this story. I loved reading it and I can't wait to read more! I hope you get around to finishing it.

I'll be waiting (Not so patiently)
Amyethious chapter 19 . 6/7/2013
please please continue this is a sequel and an excellent story. it is developing at a good pace and the plot is ascending. please continue.
bpvreader chapter 8 . 6/5/2013
YOu are truly an A-hole for this chapter... build up this sweet girl and her friends then this!
Prophet1.1 chapter 19 . 6/5/2013
I hope that you find your way back to finish this story
221Bfandomlocked4 chapter 19 . 6/4/2013
How about 3 years?

I really like this story and how you continued Altered Destinies. Although majority of these characters are OC's, I enjoy how you tied them into the plot! Here's an idea: since this takes place in 2000, maybe you could incorporate 9/11 in it somehow...allthough I'm not sure how that would work out.

Once again, the Ravwn sisters and family can be quite confusing and intricate! Hermione being related to Gridewald...

I really hope you continue this and update, because I really want to know the fate of the Potter Clan!
Noble Korhedron chapter 8 . 5/28/2013
"Maybe we can have a competition, Prof. Potter" *cracks up laughing*
saashi samy chapter 19 . 5/27/2013
very interesting end
i like
saashi samy chapter 13 . 5/26/2013
very funny
Lightsbane1905 chapter 19 . 5/20/2013
I hope you can take some time to update this. This story is such a fantastic read that I barely did anything else but read all day.

Your characterisation of the trio is spot on. I loved that Christina was hermione's grandma, oh if that was canon and she taught in fifth year. Oh the sparks would fly.

Please don't forget this at least, I will wait for you
ralula chapter 19 . 5/13/2013
"I was wondering where you get hair from a bald man?" has to be one of the funniest lines of all time. Keep writing this story it is a classic!
CreslinWest chapter 19 . 5/9/2013
I realise that as you give up your time to provide me and thousands like me free entertainment I am not owed anything. But please finish this story it's one of the best Harry Potter fics currently online, plot twists that are still somehow supremely logical, the first story Altered Destinies was full of historical detail and almost a crossover with like every WWII movie/novel ever. And then the sequel manages to be incredibly cool as well.

I was delighted/horrified when I realised the Ministry was setting up the werewolves as strawmen and then Potter-Evans as an enemy to rally against. I was completely shocked when it turned out to be Cresswell who was behind it all (I thought it was going to be Crouch Jr, I mean he killed his own father in the original timeline and I thought it wasn't a major stretch of the imagination for him to have arranged it in this timeline) but it made sense.

Also your Harry is so in character. I love the fact that he acknowledges that he was angsty moody little twit in 5th year but also that he has the excuse of being a teenager and that now he's older he kind of doesn't have that excuse anymore. I remember reading OotP and then telling a friend that I didn't really like that book because Harry was so Angry (capital A intentional), Unreasonable and Entitled - near the end in Dumbledore's office he acted like he was the only person in the world to have ever lost anyone and Dumbledore couldn't possibly understand how he felt - anyway my friend said "like a 15 year old you mean?"

I like that he forgives Hermione because he acknowledges that a mystery to Hermione is like a red flag to a bull. And if you think about it he was a nosy little bugger throughout the series as well so it's not like he could have handled knowing a mystery was out there that he couldn't solve.

Anyway this review is long and I will stop now.
Flotsam And Jetsam chapter 19 . 5/9/2013
Really good story! Read this and the previous one back to back over a week having read your oneshots the week before :D look forward to the next update, could we have a bit more on the third time travel bit, I didn't quite understand that.. the rest was great though and I live all the characters, particularly Harry with Thomas, Al and Michelle! :)
mioncha13 chapter 19 . 5/3/2013
Please, continue the fanfic. Its very excellent. Luna is a very good wife to Harry.
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