Reviews for Cauterize
CeruleanStarGlow chapter 1 . 9/2/2010

It's beautiful
Lexia4 chapter 1 . 9/2/2010
I love how you've managed to incorporate so much beauty into all the characters scars. It aes it so tragic but so captivating at the same time.
Cody Thomas chapter 1 . 8/30/2010
WOW. Just, WOW. I don't think there are words for this. This is so tragic and deep and, and WOW. I love the style of it and the visualizations, everything is just fantastically raw. I'm so adding this to my faves.
AlphaChica chapter 1 . 8/28/2010
Its a great story.
LoreleiZabini chapter 1 . 8/28/2010
You're doing a beautiful job of making me cry...
OtomeLuver chapter 1 . 8/27/2010
There are no words to describe how beautiful this is. While most of the time, when I read Deathy Hallows, I wish that so many hadn't died, that it could be solved without death. But I know that isn't true, that that cannot be possible. War is not possible without many dying. And even if Harry DID truly end Voldemort when he was 1, there was still a war, still the deaths. This was absolutely amazing, though I do wish that the Marauders could have been involved some way...

No matter. All I must say is that this was truly brilliant, and I wish that the entire world had more moving writers like you, instead of much of the junk we see on bookshelves or the internet nowadays. It was amazing, and I thank you so much for writing this.

Thank you,

Aberdeen.Weasley chapter 1 . 8/23/2010
This was a really nice story. I never really thought about people's scars after the war, but this opened my eyes. Beautiful.

My three favorites are Morag and Anthony's, Molly and Arthur's, and The Montgomery sisters.

~ citrus
kayle9 chapter 1 . 8/23/2010
This might have been one of the best stories I've ever read, it really captures the scars wars leave...even imaginary ones!
breeutiful chapter 1 . 8/22/2010
This is absolutely beautiful. It's written in short sentences which convey a lot of meaning. My favourites were Lavender and Andromeda. Favouriting.
Tides of Gray chapter 1 . 8/22/2010
Amazing. Utterly beautiful and tragic...great work
alpaca-army-general chapter 1 . 8/21/2010
The one that got me the most was Neville's, but I also loved Lavender's, Charlie's (though he doesn't marry after the war, but him just calling up a girl he's never really met before is very funny!), Morag and Anthony's, George's, and Molly and Arthur's. Really great fic. :D
lokobookworm95 chapter 1 . 8/19/2010
That's a both a very inspiring and a very sad story. I like it!
InvisibleOrphan chapter 1 . 8/18/2010
I almost cried at the end. You only ever read of the mental scars but everyone seems to be just as beautiful as ever. This seems so touchingly real. I love this story, great job!
Wassermagierin chapter 1 . 8/14/2010
This is a really beautiful piece. It is held rather simple, but that is exactly what makes every sentence, every word, far more meaningful than it would have been otherwise. It shows the pain war causes not only for those who died, but especially for those left behind to try and find some new meaning in their lives.

Wonderfully done!
Totally Kawaii chapter 1 . 8/14/2010
This is wonderful and beautiful and tragic, and the perfect complement to the aftermath of such a violent war against Voldemort. I particularly like the story of Anthony Goldstein and Morag McDougall... it's sweet and touching and sad.

George's solo and the ignorant critic just made the entire piece. While it's true that losing Fred is losing their brother, for George, Fred's his entire world. And you can never go wrong with Post-DH George angst.

Neville's bit is also particularly lovely. He's had scars where it counts before he knew what they were, really.

This is absolutely wonderful and I know why it's added to the Instant Classics. Despite the fact that it's relatively short compared to most 'epics', it truly is epic.
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