Reviews for Night in Nagasaki
KazeYasumi chapter 1 . 1/26/2016
Awwww, that was awesome! LOVE Kenshin and Yoshi talking at the end. That was great. :]
geckohawaii chapter 1 . 9/6/2010
I love the way Kenshin's atonement starts with convincing Yoshi not to commit seppuku. Blends right in with the manga. Also, the historical accuracy was amazing! It was detailed but not too wordy, and you did a wonderful job portraying who was on whose side without being pedantic. The sake scene had me holding my breath, great tension there. And the aside about Kenshin playing with Hiko's sake jars-lol! Really, I could keep going and going. The fight with Yoshida was fun. Your OCs were really great, all of them! Ah, I suppose I'll stop now. Great job!
And So I Thought chapter 1 . 6/17/2009
I want more...(this is my 2nd time reading this, by the way) It's really really good! :)
TrisakAminawn chapter 1 . 3/29/2009
Really? Interesting, okay, and that was very nice. Good characterization. (Inoue didn't know who Kenshin was, I guess?) But...Ito Hirobumi, guard duty and being told what to do by Kido Koin? This I'm not seeing. It's Ito Hirobumi, you know? (Several times prime minister, administrated Korea for a few years before being killed by a Korean nationalist 1909, was created a prince 1907.) Kido Koin gets kudos for coolness and ability to make alliances and things, but Ito Hirobumi wasn't his subordinate, and this was the impression distinctly given. It was weird.

Uh...right. Anyway, otherwise it was all very cool. Silly Kenshin.
Hidari chapter 1 . 12/9/2008
Wow! For some reason although your fics finish very nicely I have a hankering to read more after they're done. I guess that means I love the way you write.
anaemicfaeries chapter 1 . 11/27/2008
It been a long time since we've read a kenshin fic and what better story than 'Night in Nagasaki'!

You've really captured the essence of the relationship between Kenshin and Tomoe especially in the way her death affected him. Each memory of Tomoe is laced with a sensitvity not typical of his personality at this time but it shows how much in character you've made Kenshin.

Another interesting relationship is between Katsura and Kenshin, you have portrayed his level of committment to Katsura very well.

We love the way you blend other characters into the plot like Ito, Inoue,Godai and Yoshi in order to make it all the more enjoyable, almost like a snapshot...

Your attention to historical detail is again, ALSO, enjoyable. Afterall both sides,'were all just fighting for what they believed in,'.

xx anaemicfaeries
moeru himura chapter 1 . 10/6/2008
Wow. Another bit of history placed in the RuroKen universe. Really brilliant. And I love even that one line that mentions Sakamoto Ryoma. Thank you for this great read! XD
stingrae90 chapter 1 . 6/22/2008
This was awesome! I especially loved the end, where Kenshin convinced Yoshi to live for Japan. It was also nice to see how Kenshin interacted with those around him that didn't know he was Battousai.

Good job.
Terry-McElrath chapter 1 . 6/13/2008
Hi, Omasu!

Marvelous! Simply wonderful! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed your characterization of Kenshin. He is the epitome of calm, cool deliberation, and following his thoughts was great. Your descriptions of his grief over Tomoe’s death are well chosen. I particularly liked the way he tried to focus on the good memories he had of their time together, rather than dwelling on her death. That was very realistically done.

I really appreciated the story’s timing. There was no rushing to the climax. The pacing allows the reader to truly enjoy the rich details which give the story such vividness and reality, while at the same time building up the tension to near-breaking point. The comparison between the peasants’ huts and the richer city homes (thatched roofs became tile), for example, was excellent. You have a very deft touch with descriptions that make the story come alive.

Your ability to create well-rounded, three dimensional characters makes reading your stories a real treat. I loved the way that Katsura dealt with the arrogant, aggressive samurai during the meeting. It was obvious that he had been dealing with such attitudes for a long time and was tired of it, but he didn’t let that interfere with the business at hand. The back-and-forth exchanges between Inuoe and Ito brought them to life, making the story that much more realistic and providing gems of humor. They became real people as you showed that, despite their loyalty to the Ishin Shishi, they were capable of allowing their arrogance to jeopardize the mission.

All I can say about the sparring match between Kenshin and Yoshida is “fantastic!” I loved the way that Kenshin worried throughout the match about injuring Yoshida; and then, despite his best efforts, still broke his collarbone. Just what he needed, another reason to feel guilty. Of course, the way that Ito and Inoue underestimated Kenshin – even though knowing he was Katsura’s bodyguard should have told them something – brought a much-needed humorous break to the tension-filled scene. Oh yes, it was a joy to read that part of the story. And then, just when we think the action is all over, you spring the wonderful mishap on the way back to the Satsuma han’s clan house. Yoshi’s quick thinking saved the mission and showed just how clever you are! Your wonderfully complex plots always hold the reader in suspense, right up to “The End.”

I was extremely pleased to read the scene where Kenshin has to talk Yoshi out of committing sepuku. Yoshi’s reasoning fit right into the samurai bushido, yet showed exactly how unreasonable that code of honor was. Like you, I firmly believe that, after Tomoe’s death, Kenshin would go to great lengths to prevent someone from throwing their lives away. It was a very sensitive way to end the story.

“Night In Nagasaki” is a wonderful story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Thanks for all the pleasure you have given me with your stories!

nottheaverageidiot chapter 1 . 5/23/2008
Wow... I wonder if I can put into words just how much I enjoyed this story. In fact, this can be said for all your stories (in the RK universe, at least, seeing as those are the ones I've read...). Too bad I'm a lousy reviewer XD. I'm not an author on this site, so I'm not too sure how much appreciated any reviews from me will be, but I'm certain no-one sane would say no to mindless ass-licking, right? Not even you, right? Right?

OK. As previously mentioned, I find this story to be Really Good (Tourists, please refrain from taking pictures of the capital letters to your right). Your writing style is wonderful. Place a plot like this into an unidentified author's less capable hands and it would no longer be a... uh, plot. Because they would be confused by the lack of Mpreg and Mary Sues and demons and whatnot. What I'm trying to say is: This story could easily have become boring and plain, were it not for YOU. Your writing skills makes this one of my absolute favourites among RK fiction. So there you have it.

Thank you so much for your work! I've probably read The Choshu Chronicles thrice (Why did you die Shunme? Although you did die with some serious style...) and Sojourn in a Post Town twice and I really should review those as well...
Heather Logan chapter 1 . 5/22/2008
Another treasure from Omasu! I loved the vividness of the story, the little details that put the reader into this world, like the row of dinner trays and the wood-and-plaster and the deep shadow of the pine tree. I also liked how Ito and Inoue had distinctive personalities - Ito the strait-laced traditionalist and Inoue the slightly-out-of-line go-getter. You don't usually see a lot of character development of "original" characters in a one-shot so I am impressed! (Plus it made the fic much more interesting to read.) The weaving-in of the recent events in Kenshin's life really cemented this fic in the story arc. And it was a great treat seeing Kenshin's first shot at "fighting with words" - I think Shirou Shinjin described that phase of Kenshin's battles as the "philosophical deathmatch." Thanks for a great read!
ZukoFlame chapter 1 . 5/12/2008
lovely story! I really like how you characterized Kenshin. :) I only wish we'd seen a bit more of Katsura though...
skenshingumi chapter 1 . 5/5/2008
I love your stories. They are such a wonderful intersection of real history, very detailed and specific scene setting, interesting new characters that do not overshadow our beloved RuroKen cast and good plots or slices of life. This was another fine example. I enjoyed the way you gave a clear and distinctive picture of each character, and particularly enjoyed Yoshida who actually sat up and congratulated Kenshin on the fight and his doubting brother Yoshi. I also really liked the way there were simple side thoughts of Kenshin that added interest of humor. His thoughts on a chair, on the abilities of Yoshi to spot an approaching intruder, or on comparing getting Yoshi’s attention to Hiko making sure his sake jug was off limits all added spice to the story.
J.J.M. Fisher chapter 1 . 3/27/2008
A truly amazing work of art! The story was so real that I felt as if I was present in the midst of this people, working hard to make a better Japan. I also love how you used Tomoe's influence on Kenshin so well - he was not obsessive like some might write, but his time with her obviously helped to change his way of viewing the world.

I especially love the concluding scene between Kenshin and Yoshi. Beautifully written! D
LadyRhiyana chapter 1 . 3/27/2008
I love the way you immerse the reader in the historical period from the very beginning. Katsura burning his missives, the wealth of political and historical detail, the sheer sense of *atmosphere*. Kenshin's personality, pragmatic, hopeful but not naive - as someone else said, he sees the world through a particular filter, and you've expressed it clearly.

As always, lovelovelove Katsura.
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