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Kat chapter 28 . 6/22
Wow. This is one of the best fics I've ever read. You added so much depth to Kim and Ron, and sent them on a huge adventure, and showed them growing so much, all while staying within the boundaries of canon. There were moments when I had to stop reading just to think about a point you'd made - Ron going into 'buffoon mode' to distract Kim, for instance - because it was just so TRUE. And, after all, isn't that the point of fanfiction? To explain, to elaborate, and to improve? I'm not sure if you'll ever read this, but thank you for writing something that I'll remember for a long, long time.
WilliamRaineyHarlaw chapter 28 . 4/1
This is up there with "Joyful Wing" on the scale of Real Crossovers of Genius ;) And I say that, not knowing a thing about Gilmore Girls and being only moderately fond of KP and cosmic horror.
Guest chapter 28 . 1/29
A. Excellent piece of writing.
CelendilAU chapter 28 . 1/26
I can't believe I haven't read or reviewed this before now, my gosh, and I don't know if you're still getting notifications from FFdN or not, but regardless, I wanted to let you know that this really was a beautiful, beautiful story, written AMAZINGLY well, and told with such effortless ease (or at least a good illusion of it!).

Every aspect of the Kim and Ron relationship just felt so perfectly written and handled so maturely, showing just how much the two mean to each other while still retaining the slightly fumbling, slightly nervous, still-just-a-teenager newness that felt totally real to the characters and to life.

Also, as a massive fan of Gilmore Girls, I loved the way you seamlessly wove Kim and Ron and all their craziness to the world of Stars Holow, and how all the characters from there felt perfect, like they'd just stepped off the show and into the page - like Lauren and Alexis and the rest were reading them in my ears.

Finally, the mission, the amazing melding of action and drama and mystery and horror and survival and sacrifice and oh my gosh it was PERFECT (and I keep using that word, let me assure I know exactly what it means) and I seriously wish that this story had been a Real episode - no, screw it, make it a whole Kim Possible Miniseries, I'll pay whatever needed, damnit! - ahem, back in control.

As I said, I don't know if you're getting these notifications, or if it means anything to you any more, but I loved this story, and I really want to thank you for the privilege of reading it, and I wish you had more to read, but it's clear this was a one time deal.. but if you've done anything original, I want to rush out and buy it.. I'll stop gushing now, hopefully,

Anyway, thanks again and congratulations for a fantastic story.
PenOfTheUnborn chapter 28 . 2/25/2015
Just finished reading this from start to finish, and might I say that this is a phenomenal piece of fiction.
etyberz chapter 1 . 8/26/2014
Loved the story! Great job at really portraying the inner conflict found in the characters, and the build up and explanation following Emotion Sickness and the build up to So The Drama. I loved how you portrayed Ron and Kim. Seeing those little hints of Zorpox intelligence that he hides under the mask of buffoonery. Kim with her sensitive self and fears hidden under her "I can do anything." The action, the drama, the mystery, I just kept on hitting the next button again and again. You are a great author and I really enjoyed this work.
muredin chapter 2 . 11/11/2013
A dum a da dum
Jp Marshall Law chapter 28 . 12/15/2012
Good story
Taechunsa chapter 28 . 10/29/2012
This was an incredible story. This has to be one of the best "mature" (non-Disneyfied) Ron and Kim stories leading up to them getting together that I have ever read. I absolutely love the introspection that you have each go through and the conclusions that each reaches.

It is too bad that it doesn't appear that you are planning on writing any more KP fanfics, be ukase you are an incredible author.
Reading Disorder chapter 28 . 4/12/2012
This praise is long overdue in how long the story has been here and completed. But I am glad I stumbled upon it in the archives of TV Tropes list of recommended fanfiction.

This is an amazing piece, from the way you captured the inner thoughts and feelings of the two characters right down to their human flaws, all throughout the slow natural progress of their relationship in all its ups and downs. Ron's overwhelming concern for Kim's inhuman feats was something rarely touched in the series, possibly because he knows she can handle herself out there and solemnly believes her to be the girl who can do anything, possibly because it's a cartoon with some measure of suspension of disbelief, but this story revealed a vulnerable side to her seemingly-inexhaustible constitution, and seeing Kim drive herself to the ground, and the display of potential and affection from the normally aloof Ron, brings a whole new depth altogether. It cements and enforces what makes the very core of the whole series, and I, sir, salute you for this wonderful piece. It has been a joyous ride and made me watch twenty episodes of this old, but still great cartoon, again.
Reader101w chapter 28 . 1/8/2012
Excellent story,

I was about to read it recently, but then I recognized the story as one I've read before.

Turns out I never reviewed this one. My apologies for that.

Great work on a serious mission for Kim and Ron, and very well done on how this works into their developing feelings towards each other.

The plot twists are very interesting, and it is not difficult to keep track of the line of the story.

The action scenes are very well done without it being over the top.

I wish I could say more, but I have to drag most of this from memory. But since it has been more than a year since I read the story, just me being able to remember this much says something about how well the story sticked with me (except for the title, apparently).

Keep up the good writing that you do,

ceid chapter 16 . 11/29/2011
Michael Howard, you are a true genius of drama,romance action and mystery. Every night since last week I've been reading two chapers straight and I have to hold myself back from reading more because I want this to last. I'll be watching your work in the future and all I can say is keep doing things like these and thank you for getting me obssesed with one of Disney's best shows ever.
MaxandFang101 chapter 26 . 11/13/2011
Woah, WOAH, Hold the phone. Jeb made Rufus? O.O I did not see that coming. And Jeb AND DNAmy, together,

-shudders- too horrible and gross for words. I love all the refrences you make and Kim's grandma has possibly(see what I did there? x)) the coolest bloodline ever. I mean, Ned Nickerson was always cute in my eyes and I was always jealous that Nancy had him all to herself but not only being related to him, but working with James Bond. Coolest Grandma EVER. x) I really love this story and it's been the only thing I've been reading for he past four days and let me tell you, those are some very good fight scenes you've written; just the right amount of description. So, I'm off to read the last...two chapters? Right? Oh well, I know it's somewhere near the end. And I had a dream about Ron and Kim last night so I hope your satisfied with yourself. :)
MaxandFang101 chapter 2 . 11/7/2011
That word! You used the word 'assuage' and that's the thrid time i've read it in a fic since a week ago when the word was used as a vocabulary word I had to look up for English class. And so, even though I blame you for making me get up and get the sheet out of my bag, I will never forget that assuage means calm. You know, that always happens to me with vocabulary words. Next I'll see vapid somewhere and the digging will have to start all over again. Oh well, my little rant is over.


I love this story! I love the Gilmore Girls and Kim possible and this is all very epical. I will now go and read the next chapter and try to think of a way boiling chicken soup can be poured on the snobby boy's head that dissed Kim while crossing an interdimension barrier. Huh, my sentences probably aren't making much sense, are they? Oh darn. I hope you could understand them anyway. Great story! :D
coulditbegirlx chapter 28 . 10/10/2011
love this story is had everything you could ever want it to, kept me wanting to read it. amazing work on the writting. very detailed i loved it, great job! :D
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