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Reading Disorder chapter 28 . 4/12/2012
This praise is long overdue in how long the story has been here and completed. But I am glad I stumbled upon it in the archives of TV Tropes list of recommended fanfiction.

This is an amazing piece, from the way you captured the inner thoughts and feelings of the two characters right down to their human flaws, all throughout the slow natural progress of their relationship in all its ups and downs. Ron's overwhelming concern for Kim's inhuman feats was something rarely touched in the series, possibly because he knows she can handle herself out there and solemnly believes her to be the girl who can do anything, possibly because it's a cartoon with some measure of suspension of disbelief, but this story revealed a vulnerable side to her seemingly-inexhaustible constitution, and seeing Kim drive herself to the ground, and the display of potential and affection from the normally aloof Ron, brings a whole new depth altogether. It cements and enforces what makes the very core of the whole series, and I, sir, salute you for this wonderful piece. It has been a joyous ride and made me watch twenty episodes of this old, but still great cartoon, again.
Reader101w chapter 28 . 1/8/2012
Excellent story,

I was about to read it recently, but then I recognized the story as one I've read before.

Turns out I never reviewed this one. My apologies for that.

Great work on a serious mission for Kim and Ron, and very well done on how this works into their developing feelings towards each other.

The plot twists are very interesting, and it is not difficult to keep track of the line of the story.

The action scenes are very well done without it being over the top.

I wish I could say more, but I have to drag most of this from memory. But since it has been more than a year since I read the story, just me being able to remember this much says something about how well the story sticked with me (except for the title, apparently).

Keep up the good writing that you do,

ceid chapter 16 . 11/29/2011
Michael Howard, you are a true genius of drama,romance action and mystery. Every night since last week I've been reading two chapers straight and I have to hold myself back from reading more because I want this to last. I'll be watching your work in the future and all I can say is keep doing things like these and thank you for getting me obssesed with one of Disney's best shows ever.
MaxandFang101 chapter 26 . 11/13/2011
Woah, WOAH, Hold the phone. Jeb made Rufus? O.O I did not see that coming. And Jeb AND DNAmy, together,

-shudders- too horrible and gross for words. I love all the refrences you make and Kim's grandma has possibly(see what I did there? x)) the coolest bloodline ever. I mean, Ned Nickerson was always cute in my eyes and I was always jealous that Nancy had him all to herself but not only being related to him, but working with James Bond. Coolest Grandma EVER. x) I really love this story and it's been the only thing I've been reading for he past four days and let me tell you, those are some very good fight scenes you've written; just the right amount of description. So, I'm off to read the last...two chapters? Right? Oh well, I know it's somewhere near the end. And I had a dream about Ron and Kim last night so I hope your satisfied with yourself. :)
MaxandFang101 chapter 2 . 11/7/2011
That word! You used the word 'assuage' and that's the thrid time i've read it in a fic since a week ago when the word was used as a vocabulary word I had to look up for English class. And so, even though I blame you for making me get up and get the sheet out of my bag, I will never forget that assuage means calm. You know, that always happens to me with vocabulary words. Next I'll see vapid somewhere and the digging will have to start all over again. Oh well, my little rant is over.


I love this story! I love the Gilmore Girls and Kim possible and this is all very epical. I will now go and read the next chapter and try to think of a way boiling chicken soup can be poured on the snobby boy's head that dissed Kim while crossing an interdimension barrier. Huh, my sentences probably aren't making much sense, are they? Oh darn. I hope you could understand them anyway. Great story! :D
IrrationalandImpossible chapter 28 . 10/10/2011
love this story is had everything you could ever want it to, kept me wanting to read it. amazing work on the writting. very detailed i loved it, great job! :D
Nemrut chapter 28 . 3/28/2011
very well written and I enjoyed the crossover, even if I hardly know anything about the Gilmore Girls. A pity that there wasn't a real closure with them, after all and I kind of expected Wade to help in the final fight, by manipulating some of the security software or something.

Nevertheless, well written, compelling characterization and interesting and engaging story, really enjoyed it.
Earl Allison chapter 28 . 2/9/2011

So many nice touches, even more than last chapter.

Everyone suspected, as we knew, that Kim and Ron would pair up, and you gave us such insight into their heads, into why things happened as they did.

Even Bonnie softened, just a little. Although, did she imply what I THINK she implied with her now-ex? And did Brick pretty much confirm it - an ICE-BREAKER? That's a bit spicy :)

Lots of good-natured ribbing, the best advice of all: be straightforward and honest, and acceptance from Mr. Dr. Possible.

Kim sees that her cardinal sin is/was pride, and Ron admits that while he admired her from afar, he knew as soon as that closet incident came up that he loved her.

It's been an incredible, wild ride, and I thank you so much for posting this. It's definitely one of the best I've enjoyed.

If I had a complaint, it would be that there is no more to read. It's just that good.

Thank you.

Earl Allison
Earl Allison chapter 27 . 2/8/2011
I'm torn, here, really.

Kim and Ron, so close, and a miss! If only Ron hadn't left it at 'out there,' but I suppose, to fit it into canon, what else could you do.

That is NOT a complaint, just ... oooooh, just frustrating, is all. So, so close, and the two just kind of push away, a little.

Beautiful winding-down, and I was very happy to get the full story on Florida. I figured it was a question of Kim's perceptions versus the reality, but nice to have it confirmed.

I've been told to take a breather before reading the end, so I will do that hopefully tomorrow.

I ... to be honest, I don't think anything I can say would do this epic the justice it deserves. It fit so well into the KP-universe, taking such pains not to go against canon, that I am simply amazed.

Thank you, again, as I have said so many times, for writing this.

Take it and run,
Earl Allison chapter 26 . 2/8/2011
So Kim and Ron save the day, with a liberal dose of Rufus, and a last-minute save from GJ and Delta Green.

Ron comes close to sacrificing himself to a fate that most certainly falls into the 'worse than death' variety, and Kim blows up over it.

Betty is alive, and has some very interesting stories to tell. Apparently Nana worked with a 007 :)

Whateley will get a taste of what he delivered up so many others for, we learn a little more about Amy, and Kim and Ron have suffered a loss of innocence :(

Spode is still breathing, maybe that will change next chapter :)

At least Betty would have been more honest about the explosive and how it affected Kim.

Wow. My recap doesn't do it justice, does it? Great read, and now onto the second part.


Take it and run,
Earl Allison chapter 25 . 2/7/2011
Wow, the device worked both ways. I wonder if the FBI agent knew, and didn't tell Kim, or if he had no idea?

A brutal, tweaked Kim is a BAD thing, apparently :) She mopped the floor with Whateley well.

And yay for Rufus! He helped save the day, and apparently has teeth tough enough to penetrate even a Cthuloid's hide.

I ... really don't want to think about the bullet Kim and Ron dodged, or how many others DIDN'T dodge it over Whately's career. That's a really sobering bit.

Wow, that last memory of Ron's. His parents ... borderline emotionally abusive! Kimmie's getting pretty, so no more Ron? Ouch.

Thanks for the gripping read. Now, off to get some work done!

Take it and run,
Earl Allison chapter 24 . 2/7/2011
Oh. Oh dear. Between the end, with a captured Ron and surrendering Kim, and your warnings on Chapter 25, I am VERY worried, now :(

Loved the idea that Ron helped Kim with her braces-issues, and of COURSE Bonnie would be a jerk about it :)

Yeah, the idea of change really scares the Ron-Man. We saw it in 'So the Drama' when Kim started to shut him out, and again at 'Graduation.' I could see that being the reason Ron doesn't tell Kim now, why he might even send out signals to convince Kim he doesn't feel the way we know she does.

Hmmm ... really clever. It all works.

Great fight scenes, Kim did really well. I am reading with concern and trepidation now :)

Thanks for another incredible chapter.

Take it and run,
Earl Allison chapter 23 . 2/7/2011
YES! She admits it! Now I wonder how 'So The Drama' will come to pass, but I don't care right now. She finally let it out, even if it's in a letter I'm betting Ron never sees.

Beautiful sentiments all along, to her parents, her brothers, Wade, Monique, her Nana, and Ron.

Interesting idea, that 'Sitch In Time' became dreamlike to them. The idea that it happened, and then because of Kim and Ron's actions, it DIDN'T happen, was a little sad. It was a great story, but at the end of all things, irrelevant because of that.

Bonnie's too-big behind? Nasty :) Made me chuckle. Also nice that she ceded the squad like that, even if it was in a letter.

Simply beautiful. Thanks again.

Take it and run,
Earl Allison chapter 22 . 2/7/2011
So, there IS a Directive that gives Kim and Ron massive leeway with GJ resources, that's interesting.

Spode is a penny-pincher, and upwardly-mobile. There's at least one in every organization, isn't there?

I forgot to applaud it last chapter, but the comment on GJ salaries for scientists not being competetive was interesting. I would think most would be drawn by the idea of seeing things they wouldn't otherwise see.

Now it's Ron thinking about things. For all his cleverness, for all his tenacity, he forgot one very important thing.

He and Kim are NOT Luke and Lorelai. To bring in another old movie, ever see 'Krull'? The old mentor and the spider-witch were thier generation's version of the movie hero and his love Nyssa. It didn't work out for the older two, but it did for the younger.

While I applaud Ron's wisdom in examining similar situations, part of me thinks he's using the Luke and Lorelai failure as his reason to back off and not be spurred into action again until Eric arrives.

Loved the names you tossed around, ‘Whedon,’ ‘Summers,’ and ‘Rosenburg.’ Lots of pop culture there.

So, all this time, the agent Kim thought was after Ron, wasn’t. She wants to apparently see Kim and Ron together, too.

As to the seriousness of the mission. Yes, you can’t win so many times and not expect the odds to catch up to you. But this is Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable we’re talking about. Odds and predictions and theories fly out the window with them :)

Thanks for another great chapter!

Take it and run
Earl Allison chapter 21 . 2/7/2011
So many nice little pieces here, from bringing in Kim's uncle with the 'High Noon' reference to the explosive being something someone was planning to use on Doctor Doom, of all people!

The mention of Kim's parents and their toothbrushes was a cute touch. Kim's starting to see Ron as her match, but then she almost sabotages herself with worry ... again :(

Whateley IS nuts enough to use those devices, isn't he? If Spode is still sucking air and doesn't get a 'Redemption Equals Death' trope, it will be a tragedy :)

And another nice touch, Kim stopping her charge on Spode so he won't see how injured and bruised she was.

The stakes are pretty much as high as they can get, can't wait to see more.

Thanks for another incredible chapter!

Take it and run!
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