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Earl Allison chapter 20 . 2/2/2011
Wow, so Spode just took the widest possible latitude with his orders? I'm betting he's going to be busted down to whatever the lowest rank GJ has PDQ!

And again, so close! You are a tease (and a traitor and a liar, I'm going to ride that one into the ground!)!

More about Florida is revealed, and yet, still not quite enough. Since you've been teasing on that all throughout the story, can't wait for the payoff.

And Whateley wants revenge on Kim, no shock there.

Can't wait to read more, but I really have to work :(

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Earl Allison chapter 19 . 2/2/2011
Dun dun dun!

Wow, you got me good! I was all ready to bask in Kim and Ron being together again, Amy being captured, and all being well with the world. Sure, there was the niggling issue of GJ being out of contact, but I blew right by it.

Loved the new Cuddlebuddies idea, and the NY Club Banana and Bueno Nacho being so much better than their Middleton equivalents :)

Shoot them? Oh ... oh DEAR.

You, sir, are a traitor and a liar (okay, not really, but it was a cool line from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon from the 80's). Nah, it's a great story, and I'm loving it.

Thanks for still more incredible twists and turns as you put KP and RS through their paces.

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Earl Allison chapter 18 . 2/2/2011
Ah, I was going to mention the thalaron radiation, but you mentioned it at the end :) That, Tobey, the Spider-Man and Lightning Lad comments - comic and scifi fan, too :)

Loved the fighting, and Kim's dedication to not taking life, or leaving Amy to save herself and Te'sera.

She has so much compassion, even willing to help these hybrids who have tried to kill her.

Really enjoying this, thanks!

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Earl Allison chapter 17 . 2/2/2011
So, more revelations are made. The horror from the last chapter was a spider-hybrid. Kim's almost-partner is a puma-woman, and cruel Roku has electric eel DNA.

I think Kim coming back to save 'Four' will help her a lot. And nice to see the Chekov's gun of Ron having Kim's gloves repaired paying off :)

But, man, Kim's really been put through the wringer, here! Surprised she doesn't need intensive care!

Great chapter, and can't wait to read more.

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Earl Allison chapter 16 . 1/30/2011
I have to say, you really, really do fight scenes well. And I love the 'combat instincts' Kim has, her ability to read an attacker.

I shuddered when I read "Yeah, actually I do" from Roku.

Amy's in really bad, mind-snapping trouble here.

And Kim gets a peek at something Man Was Not Meant To See at the end.

Thanks for the ride, and have a great day!

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Earl Allison chapter 15 . 1/30/2011
Ooooh, Ron is getting SO CLOSE to getting it ... but he won't :(

And apparently he was hurt either far worse than he let on, or than he knew.

I love the looks in Ron's head we're getting. He distracts HIMSELF as well as he does others.

Nice peek at Kim's actions at age twelve. I wish we could have seen that in the series - well, minus the missing teeth, anyway :)

Really loving this, and thank you again for another terrific chapter!

Take it and run,
Earl Allison chapter 14 . 1/24/2011

You know, I think I might know where this is going. If so, oh, if so ... poor, poor Amy Hall. She tampered not in God's domain, but somewhere far less forgiving ... if I'm right.

Argh! I get why Kim CAN'T tell Ron, I wish Ron would 'man up' a little and take a chance by talking. I know technically he 'can't,' but this is shades of 'StD' all over again :)

Thanks for another great read!

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Earl Allison chapter 13 . 1/24/2011
Ah, now I know what that promise was :)

And Yes! Kim finally says the word to herself! And now the healing can begin - although I'm still going to be very interested to see how this ties in to 'So The Drama' and its timeline.

Not really :) Have to say I'm loving this. The rapport between Kim and Ron, the little twinges of jealousy, lust, friendship - that comment about the moment Kim became Cheer Captain.

And now a new creepy-crawly appears.

I hope Amy didn't meddle (moreso than usual) in the 'Things Man Was Not Meant To Tamper With' field ... I have the feeling I will be disappointed there.

Thanks for the chapter!

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Earl Allison chapter 12 . 1/24/2011
Whew! Need to catch my breath with all these new developments.

Mrs. Possible gives Kim a verbal scolding, and a caution to not reveal ... something. All we know is Kim made a promise before this mission, hmmmm.

We now have the idea of a mind-link between Kim and Ron, possibly brought about by the Moodulator, the brain-switching, or something entirely different (soulmate love, perhaps?)

Kim gets tempted by the reward (and really, who wouldn't?), and then goes on to realize that it isn't just her here, but that Ron should get equal say.

The idea that Kim wants (or needs) middle ground between 'Saint Kim' and "normal girl" is interesting. And for this, I won't blame her alone. She might be on that pedestal, but Ron sees her and puts her there, too. Of course, Ron also digs a sitch to stand in when he compares himself to her, too ...

And Kim makes the conclusion everyone else could see, indeed, that Tibetan monks who had never met the two would make, and ...

You. Cut. It. Off.

I swear, were my pet pug violent, trainable, or even remotely threatening, I'd mail her to you with orders to inconvenience with extreme prejudice!

Seriously, thanks for yet another great chapter!

Take it and run,
Earl Allison chapter 11 . 1/19/2011
Ah, I misread the earlier bit, it WAS Kim's home number. Sorry for what must have made for an odd review.

Aw, so Kim and Ron are beginning to see the light, it seems. Glad that she didn't go on the mission.

... and spilled water ruins what could have been :)

You're just playing with me, now, aren't you?

Thanks for another great read. Since I'm getting kind of silly now, time to go back to work.

Take it and run
Earl Allison chapter 10 . 1/19/2011
Nice winding-down scene.

So, who belongs to that number Ron 'blackmailed' Kim with? I'm wondering if we'll find out next chapter ...

I wonder if it's painfully obvious to everyone BUT Kim and Ron that they are in love and meant to be together? Even with the breakup talk about Luke and Lorelai hitting home (to Ron's mind, anyway).

Thanks for another great chapter!

Take it and run,
Earl Allison chapter 9 . 1/19/2011
Things are just going from bad to worse, aren't they?

Poor Kim, fighting so hard to keep up appearances as the undefeatable Kim Possible, even if it kills her :) And Ron's determined that he'll make sure Kim gets through it all, no matter what.

Kirk wants to get into GJ really badly, but seriously, man, there is a time and place for networking, and the middle of a fight isn't the place :)

So, what the heck ARE these things?

Really loving the story.


Take it and run,
Earl Allison chapter 8 . 1/19/2011
Quite the fight with Whateley.

A raised eyebrow on his parentage, as I have a pretty good idea what he was alluding to ...

I thought Kim's moment, when she realized that life wasn't fair, she wanted to be an only child, and that she wanted a bigger clothing allowance was both funny and sobering. You've really captured, IMHO, the way a person's thoughts can race in an instant.

Thanks for another great chapter, and wow did Kim do a great job in stopping her monstrosity of an opponent (well, until the end when the others attacked).

Take it and run,
Earl Allison chapter 7 . 1/19/2011
AAGGH! You left off THERE?

You are an evil, evil author :) Kim almost says it, and then the GJ car arrives.

Man, the tension, the heart-to-heart, the peek inside their heads, all just incredible. From the aftermath of the BeBe situation to Kim's superior strength to the outward appearance that the two had been dating all this time, just wow.

Extra bonus points for the comment about Kim's flowerly-smelling hair.

I always thought her hair should smell like strawberries, cliche, I admit, but that's me.

Still, another gorgeous chapter, thank you so much!

Take it and run,
Earl Allison chapter 6 . 1/14/2011
So ... much ... tension!

Wow, you really captured the awkwardness of the post-mission medical cleanup that has been made worse with Kim and Ron fighting and denying their feelings.

Ron blaming himself for them keeping their first names, Kim admitting to rooftop-scampering in First Grade to impress him, all of it was great.

You've really fleshed them out, and given them both flaws and characterization that blows me away.

Thank you so much for yet another great chapter!

Take it and run,
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