Reviews for Come Home
DreamingOfSasuNaru chapter 55 . 3/6
I can't believe it's over...I have so many emotions that I can't even express. I loved this story so much. I have never read one with all my favorite pairings. Originally, I would not have thought that I would like the idea because the time would be split and I would want to focus on the main couple. However, I found myself falling in love with each and every couple and I was at the edge of my seat every single chapter. You built the story up so well. I absolutely loved the organization of it. It truly was so unique! I loved being in the minds of different characters and also the flashbacks of each chapter were so well thought out. This is definitely one of my favorite stories of all time and I know that I will come back to this and read it again and again. Marvelous job
DreamingOfSasuNaru chapter 54 . 3/6
bahaha hahahaha I DIED when sora was telling riku what's acceptable and what's not hahahaha. Cute ending! I'm so sad this story's ending tho...
DreamingOfSasuNaru chapter 53 . 3/6
This story makes me so's so adorable! What a perfect way for their story to end!
DreamingOfSasuNaru chapter 52 . 3/6
I'm like smiling from ear to ear. They. Are. So. Fucking. Cute. Omggggg I love love love love them! You capture their personalities so well!
DreamingOfSasuNaru chapter 50 . 3/6
OHHH haha I was confused about why seph said he was okay with Leon's orientation too! Glad you cleared that up.
Noooooo I really want to know what happens next!
DreamingOfSasuNaru chapter 49 . 3/6
OMGOSH IM LIKR SQUEALING WITH JOY! IM SO HAPPY THEYRE OFFICIALLY BACK TOGETHER! Now they can get down and dirty hehehehehe. Omgosh and what a perfect way for zack to finally make an appearance! It's amazing how every little detail is planned out and explained. I don't know how you do it!
DreamingOfSasuNaru chapter 48 . 3/6
Awww what a sweet chapter! I love the the dialogue/flashbacks! They were a nice touch and I love how readers can tell where part in the storyline they were said and who said them! You're a genius!
DreamingOfSasuNaru chapter 47 . 3/6
It's a little weird to have demyx be the dominant one but given their personalities, it makes sense! Gaaaah I am so happy that they're together! They are the most adorable thing!
DreamingOfSasuNaru chapter 46 . 3/5
Omg I can't wait for Leon and cloud to finally take the next step. I feel like all my reviews are "I can't wait for _" but it's just so true! You really make me so excited to know what happens. I have so much homework and studying to do but I Have to make time for this story cuz I'm dying to know what happens!
DreamingOfSasuNaru chapter 45 . 3/5
Omgosh gaaaah I'm so excited for sora and Roxas! Now it's just time for programs with zemyx!
DreamingOfSasuNaru chapter 44 . 3/5
Awwwww oh my gosh! I'm so happy thanh zexion actually emailed demyx back! Yesssss! I want them to get together so badly!
DreamingOfSasuNaru chapter 43 . 3/5
Ah I love the parallel between riku/sora, Roxas/axel, and Leon/cloud! They all share similar anguish and problems!
DreamingOfSasuNaru chapter 42 . 3/4
GAHHHHH I LOVED ITTTTTT! I wonder how their relationship is gonna work out with the age gap!
DreamingOfSasuNaru chapter 41 . 3/4
Omgoshhhhhh I'm sooo excited to see what happens between demyx and zexion! I love them more than riku and sora and I'm just dying to know what happens! And Omgosh what happened to axel is crazy too!'n
DreamingOfSasuNaru chapter 37 . 3/3
oh my goodness. My broke is literally broken right's 3:20am in the morning but I can't put this story down. Omgosh demyx's idea to meet zexion was so good! I secretly wanted zexion to kiss demyx but I knew that was unrealisic. But I was so surprised when he hugged him and actually talked! I'm so sad that his heart is broken though because demyx really is in love with him! And that was so sad when the the guy told him that the key has been turned in...Omgosh I know I'm not really good with words but i seriously love this story so fucking muh
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