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WhoAmI659 chapter 8 . 6/17
This is such an amazing story and I'm a little sad to see it not get finished. However, I'm extremely glad for the parts you have written. The angst and chaos between this family is heartbreaking. You've done a wonderful job in taking care of Raphael's character through this turmoil. You've kept the balance between this new and the older version; intertwining them together to make this all the more real. I can feel Leo's anger and love for all his brothers, and right now I'm none too happy with Don as well. How is it possible for you to invoke such emotions within me as well?
Leradomi chapter 8 . 1/6
I really wish you would have finished this :(
hiccup-mikey-robin chapter 8 . 11/11/2014
Jaw drop! The twist at the end of Chapter 8 was Wow! Last sentence-best line ever in this story so far. Don has been repeatedly saying the "someone has died" while Leo has been insisting that the "dead person is right there with them." Raph deducts that there is a ghost and Splinter, who supposedly has Alzheimer's, understood Raph perfectly. Brilliant! Wow.

I was skeptic at first, but that single line convinced me to add you and this story in my Favorites.

Six years of no updates? I sincerely hope that you didn't loose your login info or something, Dude. Please make a new chapter.
hiccup-mikey-robin chapter 2 . 10/22/2014
I like how you mixed Image with Mirage with 2003 with 1987. Kudos! I'm just curious why Renet turned Donnie down. Maybe they can ask Lord Simultaneous instead for help to turn back time.
hiccup-mikey-robin chapter 1 . 10/22/2014
NineLaws chapter 8 . 10/18/2014
This is an enchantingly twisted and tremendous story that keeps one utterly enraptured. You've written the characters so honestly and the detail and pace is wonderful, I cannot wait until you update and so I can continue reading :)
Hushabye Fan chapter 8 . 8/18/2014
This story has made it onto my favorite-stories-of-all-time list, because WOW, what an emotional, thought provoking and beautifully written piece of work this was! The turtles' characters have obviously developed, however it is in a way that makes sense and still feels in character, especially after some backstory sprinkled in there.
This felt very realistic and gritty. It was a shock to realize-along with Donatello-that this wasn't something that could just be fixed in a few chapters (or an episode or two), which was a brave strut away from the norm, and something to commend you on. Your writing, bar minor spellchecks, was fluid and completely engaging; I was hooked after the first couple paragraphs. Raph's interactions with Leo and Don were wonderful, and I loved how each turtle handled Raph's change in their own unique way. You had me sympathize with each character, so much so that I don't know who I side with now. I'll just have some tea with Master Splinter, it seems easier... Don's breakdown/breakthrough at the end was definitely my favorite part of the entire story so had me saying "Oh no..." "Aww!" and "DEAR SANTA WHY?!" every chapter, usually more than once. Tears were shed, and I now have some emotional trauma that can only be solved with ice cream and tissues (and more chapters). I hope you're not finished with this story. I hope you continue it! I also had hopes for everything to magically fix itself, but then the story wouldn't be as rich as it is. I'll be rereading this many times, and praying for that Chapter 9 to appear. Great story, great writing, great characters. I'm gonna go get me some ice cream and tissues, now...
SleepingSeeker chapter 8 . 6/26/2014
I wonder if you ever plan on updating this or adding to it or whether it will remain suspended here in this moment. If it does, then what a horrible ending - in the most complimentary way, meaning, wow - punch to the gut. Of course, I would LOVE for more continuation - to bring Mikey back from whatever brink he resides, to have Donatello confront his beliefs - I stand with Leo in this to the end. Regardless of Raph's confused momentary feeling for him in the bedroom - I think that Leo finding love for his crippled brother is NOT wrong - he is handling it the most healthy of the group - because hurting Raph, ignoring him, pretending that he's a THING instead of a person is NOT the way to handle this situation. Moving forward, coming to terms with the reality of the situation, holding onto faith, believing in family and hoping for a better tomorrow is a MUCH better way to deal.

Because whether he's old Raph or new Raph or whatever, he STILL matters. He needs support and love and care. Just like we all do. We're just too proud in our youth, in our health to acknowledge it. It takes aging us down to humbled little seniors to remember we are meek. Kindness should rule over the kingdom of the helpless - not cruelty.

Thank you for writing this - Ah! What I'd give to chat with you. I'd probably spaz out and end up babbling fangirling gibberish, though, if we ever met. Still building up my courage for Damnation. Still admiring you from afar.
SleepingSeeker chapter 7 . 6/26/2014
Oh - I GOT IT! Okay - okay - okay - breathe in and out. I got it. You are a freaking genius. All my eloquence is gone. You have stolen my heart with this story. I can't even take it. I can only ramble and praise you and tell you that this story, like Walking the Line is just, so incredible and is hitting me on a LOT of levels and personal stuff and my goodness.

Seriously, if you write original fiction, I would buy all your books. You amazing person, you.
SleepingSeeker chapter 6 . 6/26/2014
Oh Leonardo. What he's going through - having to choose between brothers - so perfectly described at the final scene.

I mentally reject the near incestual scene in this, only because I'm personally attached to this story, heh, and reject that someone who loves and cares deeply for someone else who is housed in an adult body would necessarily turn from that unconditional love to something physical - crossing a line that really would not exist at all in reality - I speak from experiences with my own disabled sister - but for this story, I guess, much like Walking the Line, you like to include some levels of deviance to our poor leader in blue. I respect your decision as an author, of course. I do not think it was necessary to include it, (I think people can be loving without it turning sexual at all and that love is stronger and deeper and more powerful than a physical love) but I haven't read this out through the end, and you may yet decide to have Leo as a villain after all. I withhold speculation and judgement until I finalize reading :)
SleepingSeeker chapter 5 . 6/26/2014
Oh fantastic - took my breath away - that final scene with Leo and Raph - I believe Raph is in there. I do. I believe that Leo is taking the correct approach. Mikey needs to get over what he's locked on - what 'should have been' and accept 'what is' and make the best of it.
SleepingSeeker chapter 4 . 6/26/2014
Oh the interaction between Donatello and Michelangelo. Mikey needs to stop being afraid of reality. He needs to face his anger at Donatello and confront it. Donatello is being eaten alive by guilt. Ah, there is such a greater theme under all this - if I were a more intelligent person I could summarize it and present it to you - but I only can flail at my grasp of it and say, this, to me, is like man having taken hold of something he barely understands, arrogantly tries to mold it to his own design, thus mangling it, ruining it forever and is left with all the guilt and helplessness of his own actions not to mention the chaotic mess of what was once beautiful for the rest of his days.

And Raphael is beautiful in your stories, you know that? He is fragile and bold, like a flaring star as it falls from the heavens. I love him in your tales. I always want to rescue him.
SleepingSeeker chapter 3 . 6/26/2014
OMG! You bring up To Kill a Mockingbird! You know, because of Walking the Line (I've still yet to draw enough strength of will to venture into Damnation, but I will, I promise I will) I picked up that book and read it. I drew so many parallels ... I am so glad I did - from there I have purposefully sought out other treasures, books like Lolita, The Brothers Karamazov and Slaughter House Five - which I am about to read next - all thanks to your little ff here. That's how influential you've been to me.

I despise Donatello and people like Donatello in this fic. I have no sympathy, no patience for people who take out their inner turmoil on innocents - there is no reason - no justification - there are many other outlets to turn to - but the primal joy of causing pain on one who is helpless, weaker than you - there is the draw and why he'll continue to vent onto the very person he is responsible for creating. How dare he consider Raphael an IT - perhaps, like Leo, I believe too strongly in the soul and would like to think that the soul resides within Raph - not trapped so much as disconnected - not damned so much as confined and lingering.

My sister understands far more than what people like Donatello would give her credit for - those same people that would consider my feelings sentimental slop. In the end, the summation of clashes of philosophy equate to a very simple answer - whether treating them humanely or viciously - they exist - they feel - and you are either kind or cruel.

I speak in general: Brand yourself with your deeds. Damn yourself with blind convictions and denial. But the simple truth is there is kindness and there is cruelty. There is no in between when dealing with a situation like this.
SleepingSeeker chapter 2 . 6/26/2014
I find it so fascinating that you like to take Donatello and give him such hideous hubris that he, in his superior state of intellect could pinpoint what is 'wrong' with his brother and 'fix' him - usually to catastrophic results. I wonder sometimes, if it's a metaphor for some of our modern day psychologists tinkering with their patients' lives, secure in their arrogance that they know better and what is better for us - when what they think they understand and the real truth are as distant from one another as foreign shores separated by a vast ocean that no simple bridge can traverse.

Your writing, as always, astounds me.
SleepingSeeker chapter 1 . 6/26/2014
OMG this is gorgeous. I'm tip toeing into this story and am trying to read it with my personal experiences held aloft, but it is difficult. My older sister has an extreme form of Downs Syndrome. She can barely speak and is in constant need of help and I am the closest one to her in our entire family aside from my Mom. I love her dearly and am fiercely protective of her. Her life is not a burden. Not to me. Not ever.
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