Reviews for Ur Droid: The Secret History of R2D2
skywalker05 chapter 1 . 3/30/2008
Wow. The beginning reads a lot more like a dissertation than a fanfic, filled with clear but deep thoughts-I especially like "Perhaps the very evolution of speech and mind that make our reflections possible inexorably prevent all but a few, such as ourselves, from liberation. To us, this is not so surprising a paradox, either: that freedom can be its own prison." It's great how you tied together names and rumors-Tuskenda, jedikun, Whills. Buddhist influences seem obvious. This also has something of the feel of Dune about it, with its ancient history. It is not without typos: "According the jedikun" is one, I believe.

I've never read anything like this before, and often throughout it I found myself thinking that such thought processes are too good for fanfiction, but also that this story exists clearly within a framework of the Star Wars mythos. I have no other concrit for you.