Reviews for Giving in to Temptation: Fools in Love
RooOJoy chapter 19 . 6/1
What an absolutely lovely ending! I enjoyed this SO much!
RooOJoy chapter 14 . 6/1
Loving the turn of events here!
RooOJoy chapter 13 . 6/1
Well I didn't see that coming. Very nice plot twist!
RooOJoy chapter 13 . 6/1
Well I didn't see that coming. Very nice plot twist!
RooOJoy chapter 5 . 5/31
Awwww! Oh, how Ron redeemed himself in the sweetest of ways.
RooOJoy chapter 4 . 5/31
First, stupid Ron! Second, poor Hermione!
RooOJoy chapter 3 . 5/31
I feel so incredibly sad for Hermione! Thanks for the bit of lemon in there!
RooOJoy chapter 2 . 5/31
So glad I started this! Nothing better than a Twin fic, and you make it beautiful!
RooOJoy chapter 1 . 5/31
Now that is a way to start a story!
cemmia chapter 19 . 3/23
Great story! Liked the Percy & Pansy pairing..
asimplemotif chapter 19 . 3/21
Loved this. It can be hard to find smutty Twin/Mione thats more than a one shot. I loved this fic and the one shot companion series. So yummy.
kittybug85 chapter 19 . 2/27
loved it!
Guest chapter 4 . 12/10/2015
XD somehow post-war Pansy has the power to screw Hermione, war heroine, friends with the Boy Who Lived and the Magic Minister, also probably the most powerful and cunning witch of her age. Who also knew of Pansy's cheating and infidelity.
Yup. Makes perfect sense. As much sense as Hermione not teaching Pansy and her subordinate a lrsson for stabbing her. But I guess Hermione needs a reason so she can be all emo and angsty so Fred and George can show their sensitive side.
julesrulesfools chapter 19 . 9/2/2015
Nothing short of extraordinary.
Chameleonxx chapter 19 . 5/12/2015
That was teally Great!
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