Reviews for Carrefour
ljpjcg chapter 1 . 3/26/2012
Very entertaining and an interesting dynamic you've created between the two. Really enjoyed reading this!
RedBrunja chapter 1 . 8/15/2009
Aw, he's wooing her. That's so adorable.
amsev chapter 1 . 12/29/2008
Exquisite interaction! I'm looking forward to reading more (there is more? I seem to remember seeing something about a one-shot, however the story is not flagged as complete.)
Linnorria chapter 1 . 10/19/2008
loved it!
whitehound chapter 1 . 4/7/2008
Good to see you writing again. Snape's so unused to anyone doing anything for him, he'd be bound to fear the worst.
septentrion chapter 1 . 4/5/2008
The interactions between those two sound interesting. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
wywrite chapter 1 . 4/4/2008
I like it!

I am left wondering, though, whether the rather cold and contained "mature" Hermione is an act for Snape when she invites him to her office, or if that self and the younger (more charming) self are two parts of a whole. This is not meant to be a criticism; that's just what I was left thinking about at the end of this part of your story.
Arabella Lee Smith chapter 1 . 4/2/2008
This is very good. You've handled the memories well, you've actually handled it all well. I look forward to more. Thank you.
Evelyns Journey chapter 1 . 4/2/2008
*Bites my lip* That was really sweet and cute. Entirely within character and perfectly done. I have never read this plot before so it was refreshing. I hope you update soon!

I look forward to finding out how Severus's plan's unfold. UPDATE VERY SOON!
Lifeasanamazon chapter 1 . 4/2/2008
Oh this is delightful! I love a pentitent and sensible Snape. And your Hermione is beautifully not quite whole.
debjunk chapter 1 . 4/1/2008
I like your story so far. Can't wait to read the end.
notwritten chapter 1 . 4/1/2008
Now this chapter is cool, and good. More please if your muse is working. Keep smiling. :-)
Murgy31 chapter 1 . 4/1/2008
That was an awesome first chapter! I can't wait for the next one. Great Job!
jamy21 chapter 1 . 4/1/2008
I loved the first part of this. It's very unique and original, as I don't think I've ever read a story that followed a theme or plot quite like this, but I really enjoy this. I'm looking forward to the last part.
duj chapter 1 . 4/1/2008
Nice to see you writing again :))

It was hardly surprising that he reacted with suspicion and sarcasm. Her sincere care for his welfare was probably his first experience of altruism without ulterior motives. Fortunately, he used the freedom she gave him to best extent and relearnt the trust that babies are born with.

The line about "something unique about the viciousness of ex-students" is so true of his creator, isn't it? So much of HP is about punishing the teacher she modeled Snape on. Ex classmates too; Pansy's fate was a payback to the girls who used to tease her: publicly shamed and despised, and losing out in love too.
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