Reviews for Unexpected Circumstance
blackbloodywolf chapter 36 . 5/6
this was such a great story!
TokiHime chapter 36 . 4/27
Oh my gosh im in love with everything about this story! Took me a while to read because I love long stories, and every chapter had me shook. Especially the unexpected twist at the end of each chapter. Absolutely shook. This is by far the best InuSess story I have ever read and im in love with it ha ha! I loved it so much and hope to see more InuSess work from you in the future!

Toki Out O3O
Guest chapter 1 . 4/24
yaaaas *buckles in for the ride* i have been SEARCHING for this fic!
kayer713 chapter 36 . 3/28
Thank you for including the birth of the baby! I was looking forward to seeing Inuyasha's firstborn. This story was a treat all around. I was screaming on some parts, cheering Sessy's badassery (don't mess with mama's pup or his mate!) and giggling at others (Inuyasha's reaction to Sesshy's water breaking). Hell, I'm even rereading some parts for being so beautiful (InuSesshy love scenes are HOT!) You're a great writer and I love this story.
kayer713 chapter 29 . 3/27
OMG! I screamed at the end of this chapter! Kazue! I swear you keep the excitment coming. I love your cliffhangers!
kayer713 chapter 26 . 3/26
I'm loving the twists and turns! You keep things exciting even all the subplots!
Oh I totally get the writer's block too. I'm currently blocked on ine story but another is flowing so yea totally understandable!
kayer713 chapter 21 . 3/25
I tried to read the whole story before leaving a review but damn was this a funny chapter! I LOVE drunk Inuyasha and drunk Koga! This story is so totally awesome with the humor, romance, action, drama and characterization. If you write original fiction I'd buy your books!

Okay, I'm getting back to reading now. Carry on.
Sachiko V chapter 36 . 12/8/2017
Gosh I can't believe it is finally time for me to bid farewell to this fic...I mean, I've only been savoring it for a month haha. But seriously, I'm honestly not ready to leave the 'verse behind.

This has become my all-time favorite Inuyasha fic, and it will remain so for years to come. In fact, it was so convincing that admittedly you’ve reshaped my headcanon. It felt more like I was reading a mini-novel than a fanfiction, for every chapter was of such quality length and substance, as if I'm watching an episode with each one. There's drama, romance, tragedy, suspense, and with much essence of the original series. Even your OCs are very memorable, and they're placed in fittingly to propel the story.

But most importantly, thank you for keeping everyone so true to their original selves, especially in the case of uke Sesshomaru and mpreg. You've really managed to bring out his motherly side (and also putting him through so much miseries :P) while keeping him very much in-character. This is like the epitome for all uke Sesshy lovers like myself. I also thought your Inuyasha was spot on. He's a hilarious ruffian but with a big heart, and it's great watching him grow stronger and closer to Sesshomaru little by little. I love how you didn't rush their relationship (albeit had some nudges from their youki’s), and when they’re finally mated, they still have their classic banters and heated tensions.

I hadn’t anticipate leaving reviews for so many chapters, but you deserve them and more! Thank you very much for finishing the story. A fic of this caliber must’ve not been easy. And thank you for the bonus chapter! The birth of the baby girl (along with some much needed Inu/Sesshy fluff) definitely completes the story (and promises of more babies :P). I was personally also quite curious of the mating ceremony since Sesshy’s mother was so eager to coordinate everything, but I guess that’ll be left for imagination. No prob!

Alright, enough of my essay. I hope you continue to write, because you’re super talented! Good luck to all your future endeavors!
Sachiko V chapter 34 . 12/5/2017
Oh my gosh, though I had hope to take it slowly, here I am at the almost-end...there's no way I could read ch.33 and not continue to this chapter.

My heart was racing throughout the whole battle, amazed how your orchestrated every party and having them join forces or collide appropriately. Once again I love how Kagome played a significant role in the battlefield and even assisted Sesshomaru. For the battle with Naraku... omg even though Chieko has hinted a different outcome ultimately, Inuyasha's death scene had me devastated because til the end he protected his mate his all his power.

I love the twist with Meido-Seki and Sesshy's journey into the underworld. The imagery really made the experience quite surreal. It was so bittersweet that he met Rin and Kagura there...I'm glad they got one last scene in the story before properly saying goodbye to them. And for Naraku's last scene...damn, even after everything, the way you wrote it had me feeling kind of bad for him. But 'twas a fitting, dramatic end that wraps his and Sesshomaru's fight. Also, considering that Miroku/Sango were absent during the heat of the battle, I was glad to see Miroku able to aid Sesshomaru at the end haha.

The revival scene. Ahhh that had me smiling all the way through and through. Just pure happiness for the inu-mates! The reunion of Inuyasha with everyone was so touching, and his colloquialism was surely missed in midst of all the formal talking ;) What a beautiful moment.

Saving the final two chapters for a little savor it just a little longer.
Sachiko V chapter 32 . 12/3/2017
Sesshomaru's mourning at his adopted daughter's death was heartwrenching...and felt so real. From crying to silent tears to quiet somber to crying uncontrollably again. I also appreciate Inuyasha's short speech to Rin and hear what his thoughts were in regards to her death. And adorning her with flowers just show how much they cherished her. Gosh everything is just in chaos with all sides of evil acting on their own. And poor Ginta :(

I really how you wrote Kagome and capable of using her miko powers in a practical manner. Also surprised about the sorceress that Kagura consulted with was related to Minako; I thought she's just there to persuade Kagura and that's it. I appreciate the little snippets of your OCs back stories, like with Minako and Shirogitsune. It pains me to read hints of their demises. I'm almost afraid to read on...especially reading that Sesshy has to lose even more?
Sachiko V chapter 29 . 11/28/2017
Gosh I don't think my review will do this chapter justice... First of all, that dream within a dream sequence was so touching and beautiful. I love how the condition of the pup had finally brought them together 'spiritually' and whole idea that the pup needed both parents in order to survive. And the lemon was so wild but filled with much love between the inu-mates; I love how they just took turn on experimenting and pleasing each other. While still alpha/beta, it feels like they look at each other as equals.

And oh no! Naraku got Kazue...I'm hoping what was in Sesshy's 'premonition' don't materialize. Next chapter!
Sachiko V chapter 28 . 11/25/2017
Omg this chapter was truly had me close to tears. That's the worst way for Inuyasha to find out. Even though the fate of the pup was practically spelled out for us already, that didn't make the scene any less tragic or less climatic. My feelings were so conflicted, like up til that point Sesshomaru's overwhelming pride was beyond frustrating, and I was absolutely with Inuyasha when he verbally lashed out on Sesshy's denial of his help. But when Sesshy broke down crying and admitted that he was wrong, my heart poured out to both him and Inuyasha. I think their moment of desperately taking comfort in each other couldn't be more perfect.

On other notes, I must say I was anxious about Kagura's situation (the way she's dangerously 'doublecrossing' both sides to get out of trouble) and about Naraku's and Ishimaru's relationship getting more strained... Great way to end the chapter with Hahaue gearing up to fight, the only peaceful moment in midst of all this.
Guest chapter 36 . 11/24/2017
Outstanding read! You should be writing for tv and movies, I couldn't stop reading this! Please write more!
Sachiko V chapter 25 . 11/17/2017
Wow, as if I couldn't feel more fuzzy (and heartbroken) for the inu-mates already...I went goo on how gentle (but direct) Inuyasha is when coaxing his riled-up mate, how he knows he'd have to lead the conversation and then Sesshomaru would slowly follow it, and how he could see through his mate's defenses and know Sesshomaru's hurting inside from self-blame. It's like I really feel Inuyasha's love for him through this display of patience and understanding.

Oh man, but for all the seriousness in this chapter, I laughed so hard at Inuyasha's letter to Ishimaru! When Sesshy told him to write an official letter, I went 'huh? Inuyasha would never be able to write a diplomatic letter'...and there it was. Such an Inuyasha-sounding message, it was great.
Sachiko V chapter 23 . 11/12/2017
Hopefully it's not weird that I'm leaving chapter by chapter reviews, especially since they clearly won't dictate the nature of future chapters any further. But I wanna say that I absolute LOVE how long all your chapters are, and this is no exception. There isn't a single thing that detours from the story.

I laughed a lot at Miroku's drunken confession about Sesshomaru (Inuyasha just can't get a break from others being infatuated with his mate haha). I applauded on how you wrote Sesshy's reaction to being pregnant again (yay! but poor thing he's not gonna get a break). It seems so like him to take 'irrational' action against Inuyasha without explaining himself, even when it's really driven by absolute reason (i.e. how untimely it is to get pregnant when war's on the horizon). I'm not sure if your Hahaue was based on the canon version at all, because if not, you surely got her character on the dot even without. So anxious about Naraku joining forces with Ishimaru. Onward again :)
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