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Guest chapter 5 . 4/19/2016
another good one! wow you're just a treasure trove :O :D
Aurelia Faiza chapter 5 . 7/2/2011
love love love it! how could i have been missing this? i always love tekken parties, and this one was great :D especially liked bryan being the badass who sneaks in all the alcohol! everyone knows a bryan, he's great. best part was the "i thought that was...marduk's room..." bit. i LOL'D! i always love your writing, your portrayal of jin and hwoarang never ceases to amaze and entertain me, and this is just another great piece of writing from salysha :)
Thordisx chapter 5 . 9/10/2010
More lovely goodness. I loved pictureing the whole scene where the nude Hwoarang ran around all over a dark room looking for his Dobok. Than after stepping out of the room realizing he was wearing the fire flame Karate pants ha ha ha poor Hwoarang. Jin laughing? He laughed? Ya ya total win! I wish Namco would make Kamaza smile at least. But I still love his serious hottness. Glad Hwoarang could make it up to Steve, after all he was the third wheel. All in all, I'm delighted you posted 'Bedded Rivals'.
Thordisx chapter 4 . 9/10/2010
OMG! I'm in deny with "Bedded Rivals". S please don't hurt me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Kidding aside. But seriously sorry for such deny. Wonderful chapter a lot of goodness going on here. I'm going to start with my favorite quotes- Steve: Where did you get this? Hwoarang: The Mexican guy gave it to me. Steve: King gave this to you? Lol lol I love this. Also, "Umm, guys.." He gulped. "Hey, guys. I'm still here." Adorable Steve being the third wheel.
Lunar-Shadow-of-The-Nosferatu chapter 5 . 8/31/2010

The part when Hwoarang ran out wearing Jin's Karate outfit... Oh goodness... I nearly split my sides because I laughed so much.

Jin and Hwoarang laughing together. I just love the thought of them having some sort of comfortable moment. Even one comfortable moment between them is a wonderful picture. But it's something to laugh at. Hwoarang, you can be a right mooke sometimes. But we love you for it! D

Canteen scene... Talk about awkward LOL

Once again, I praise your spot on portrayal of all the characters you included. Not once did I want to punch a character, or in Anna's case, want to punch her more D

I love how it ends. I love how their rivalry is still going, but it doesn't seem, to me anyway, as strained as before, which in itself, is awesome D

Thanks so much, Salysha, for a wonderful story!


*and hands you a bouquet of carnations*
starkmaddness chapter 5 . 8/25/2010
I applaud you for this wonderfully written Hwoarang/Jin story! You gave every different character in this story their own quirks and made them recognizable and individual. And the dynamic between Jin and Hwoarang was hilarious and steamy in their respective times. I also have to say, you have a knack for writing good endings, and I loved this one. Thanks for writing!~
Lua Prateada chapter 1 . 8/5/2010
Great start! Jin does not remember anything... poor thing!

And I just love the way Hwoarang talks to him. I love when he's like "shut up, Jin", and then hugs him! XD

Going to the other chap...

Lunar-Shadow-of-The-Nosferatu chapter 4 . 7/20/2010
My apologies. My other two reviews would have been up last night, but I fell asleep at the computer. I apologise for that. I fail sometimes XD

Normally, I don't feel like punching Jin, but in this chapter, he's a bit of a jerk, ain't he? Bad, Jin *hits him* Think about Hwoarang's feelings too! That being said, Hwoarang admits to being a jerk as well, and he was, so Jin's not the only one on my bad list.

I'm very, very happy that Hwoarang didn't just let Jin walk away. You tell him! Nobody disses you!

The ending cracked me up so much! )

I am LOVING this! And now looking at it, there's only one chapter left *sniffles*
Lunar-Shadow-of-The-Nosferatu chapter 3 . 7/19/2010
"I'll get him to his room. Or should I take him to yours?"


Paul, you still should have taken Hwoarang to Jin's room! That'd be a nice surprise! D

The Anna and Marduk thing completely CRACKED me up! Paul, you're good for something at last! And I can laugh at Anna's misfortunes!

I love you Steve. He's awesome! And I love how you use some of the words English people do. Next thing you know, he'll be sitting at the breakfast table, eating some bangers or sausages LOL (cause I now take bangers completely out of context XD) Never mind that D

I love how when they're both sparring, Jin is watching with a keen eye, and when he witnessed Hwoarang fall, moved to help him D

Lunar-Shadow-of-The-Nosferatu chapter 2 . 7/19/2010
Hwoarang, stop being so rude. At least Jin didn't push you out of the bed :(

Poor boys

Anna... My God... I can't stand her, but with you writing her, I can find it in myself to tolerate her. The Nina and Anna argument made me laugh so much! Kill her, Nina! Do it!

Paul, I know you don't mean harm, but don't mess with the firery redhead when he's angry. It just might be the end of you.

The end of this chapter with Jin falling on top of Hwoarang made me smile so widely, then Lee appears out of nowhere. You're right, he's just awesome!

"It was the wolf-whistle that crystallized the horror of the situation to Jin.

It's not like that.

It was unlikely that the keen spectators, watching the half-naked Jin Kazama hunched over Hwoarang, saw it that way."

That. Is. Just. EPIC!
Lunar-Shadow-of-The-Nosferatu chapter 1 . 7/19/2010
I've only finished the first chapter, and I already know this is going to be awesome! D

Oh my goodness.. Jin waking up with Hwoarang and having no memory of what happened XD

-"And everyone was cheering you on."


"Not just the girls. Guys, too."

Was that supposed to be a compliment?-

That part cracked me up so badly, you have NO idea! I've now got a grin on my face I'm certain won't be leaving anytime soon D

Lee. is. awesome.

Nothing else to say, other than I adore how you write him! D

Jin's so adorable in this story. Having no clue about what's going on! XD
Deacol chapter 5 . 11/30/2009
ahaha, lovely fic, I like it~~ Yay for Steve Fox! Humour romance good combo. Hehehe, I'll go read some of your other fics now. I've just recently gotten into a jinXhwoarang faze.
Thordisx chapter 3 . 11/4/2009
Yes this is where I lefted off. "Did you say,last door to the right? I thought that was-" Julia started and frowned. "Oh,yeah. Gimme sugar!" "-Marduk's room",She finished lamely. "Honest mistake." THANK YOU SALYSHA! Anna was asking for it TOO, witch leave Jin's man alone. -Laughing- By the way that Steve of yours. HIS FREAKEN AWESOME, i love him here.
Thordisx chapter 2 . 11/4/2009
Aw why did Hwoarang have to be so rude, knocking Jin off the bed? :-( :-( Ugh i hate Anna Williams, sluttly -itch. Sorry, she's one of my least favorite characters. And now that I remember i did stop at chapter 3 not chapter 2. -curses at herself- Anyway nice way to end the chapter Jin on top of Hwoarang knocking the living breath out of him. Good stuff good stuff.
Thordisx chapter 1 . 11/4/2009
:-P :-P I could paid couple thousands of dollars to see this scene being created by Namco. When i read it i picture it as those master card commercials. You know like hm...twenty-four pack of beer thirty dollars, wine glasses fifty dollars etc. And to wake up next to your naked rival in bed. Priceless. You know what i'm talking about S? Also Kazama's face would've been priceless to see. Damn S i wish Namco would hire you to write those epilogues for Hwoarang and Jin. :-P In the end, awesome way to started the story follow by the ending. Aw, Jin went back to bed with Hwoarang and cuddled.
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