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HERMIONE DEFENCE chapter 10 . 15h
THIS IS SO HARD TO FUCKING READ BECAUSE MALFOY IS NOT ENTITLED TO KNOW HERMIONES LIFE AND THE SHIT SHES BEEN THROUGH HE DESERVES NOTHING! honestly its so hard for me to read because be hardly cares about her as a person he just wants to know because he doesn't know what to think and there's too much information meanwhile hermione is already broken and he keeps going at it and i can see that maybe he doesnt enjoy seeing her so weak but she doesnt need him fucking breaking her down anymore in his pathetic efforts to make her strong again and make her feel emotiona she's only like that around him because he's a raging asshole
Dramafan chapter 36 . 7/9
Arrghhh, I accidently pressed the wrong button.
Whatever, I'll go on/finish here.
Hermione's friends (Ron, Harry) didn't let her down either. It was Hermione who turned her back on them, who slept with Harry even though there was something going on with Ron, who seemingly didn't use contraceptives (thus could not tell whose child it was), who did not take Harry's love seriously enough, who left when things got complicated, who never explained anything and didn't give anybody the chance to work out things and who didn't give Harry the opportunity to get to know his son. She made quite a few bad choices. One might not trust her, but she has not really been betrayed. Everybody loved and helped her. Hence she can feel unsecure about having another child but why would she have a hard time to trust somebody and to fall in love. Maybe she does not trust herself, though.
Dramafan chapter 36 . 7/9
Thank you for your story! It captivated me a great deal and I kind of binge read it. It really is a slow burn, but one could see that they were meant and so good for each other when they started spending breakfast together. I've read your epilogue too and I wish that we had gotten a love confession. It's kind of unsatisfying that they still think of themselves as not really "there". They don't have to be a perfect couple to still feel a deep love for each other.
I've to admit that while I liked Hermione in your story I did not understand her trust issues. I see that she is traumatized by the death of her parents and her little son. I would be too, but none of these persons has disappointed or hurt her. Actually, her friends
11DarkPhoenix11 chapter 36 . 7/4
As someone who is extremely critical of everything that I read (to the point of quiting stories a paragraph in if I lose interest). This story was amazing and well written. The lows were enough to make me cry, the anger made me see red, and the happiness made me forget that this wasn’t the original. Yes it was long, but not so long as to lose the focus of the story. Everything had a purpose and I respect that.
Side Note: Special thanks for not romanticizing, fetishizing nor dramatizing rape, depression, or loss. You respected that it was negative but could be overcome and wrote it as such. As someone who knows people that have gone through all of the above, it was a relief to see a character figure out how to go about their life in a well thought out manner that included hiccups and setbacks.

Overall amazing story! Hope you have great success in the literary field!
Eeliah Wolfe chapter 1 . 7/1
Well, wow. That was simply amazing to read!
As a dramione shipper that has read over a hundred fanfics, I can say that I truly did appreciate this story. As I do for all my story reviews, here is the postive and negative in my opinionvery gradual romance build-up, all characters are true to themselves (except maybe Ginny), not rushed at all and contains a lot of angst
not much action at all, almost always interior dialogue, very long and if you are really interested in the relationship itself don't read this fic because it focuses more on how their relationship comes to be and at the end you don't even know if they really are together or not, also don't expect anything more than a kiss out of Draco and Hermione

Overall, it was a very nice story, not particularly my type because I prefer seeing more of the relationship aspect in fics and I like to still have some action or mystery happening at the same time to keep it interesting, but if this is your type of story then I definetly recommend.
The author did an AMAZING job, he or she is simply gifted with words and I cannot believe the person doesn't do this for a living! All in all, it's a 8/10 for me
Guest chapter 36 . 6/30
LovelyLizards chapter 36 . 6/29
Intellectual Ravenclaw chapter 36 . 6/28
Wow! It’s really over. God, I wish I could put my emotions into words. This fanfiction is amazing. Love it! Like seriously. How did you manage to craft such a thrilling and heart-warming story?

I wish that you had posted the epilogue, but I do like this ending. It leaves a lot to the imagination and I really love how heart-wrenching it felt.

The Dramione romance was slow and made you hope and yearn for a kiss, but I enjoyed how they gradually developed. A lot of Dramione stories rush into the plot and don’t give time to grant the characters their true voices. That being said, Ginny was highly out of character. As a huge fan of the book Ginny, I was a little bit disappointed.

However, you are an amazing author! This is a book that I will definitely remember. This review is for all the late nights I spent reading and smiling and crying. Three months after I read this book I have finally written my review, and this fanfiction still brings me to tears. Everyone in your story is so true to character (except Ginny) and I love how they grow and change. Keep on writing!

-Intellectual Ravenclaw
olive chapter 36 . 6/23
Okay so I just finished reading this fic and overall it was AMAZING and so creative and pretty well done. You probably won't see this, since your last update was 9 years ago, but I couldn't help but review since this is one of the most unique stories I've encountered. I also had a few critiques.
Things I loved about this story:
1. You brought characters together that I never could have imagined would be friends. i.e Pansy and Hermione. Pansy's character development was great and I would have liked to have read more about the process of her abandonment of the whole "blood purity" thing the Slytherins have going on. I know that it happened with Hermione saving her life, but the internal struggle of giving up a hateful ideology like that had to have been intense and it would have been cool to read more about that.
2. I also liked that you showed the darker side of Harry's character, the kind that jumps to conclusions and acts rashly. That was one of Book Harry's fatal flaws and I feel like you captured that well.
3. You also did a great job at making the reader really feel Hermione's pain and at the beginning the curiosity of what was its source almost led me to skip ahead a few chapters. GREAT slow suspense build there, I was dying to know what had happened to her.

Please don't take these harshly, your fic was excellent but I still have a few tips
1. Personally, I wasn't a fan of how Ginny's character acted in this story. I know you needed an antagonist like her but it was pretty out of character, and as someone who really liked Book Ginny a lot it made me a little sad to see her acting so hatefully towards Hermione. She would be more believable coming from a place of overprotectiveness of Ron and Harry rather than jealousy. It would have been heartbreaking and a good twist on the story for Ginny to not realize Harry's secret love for Hermione until the end.
2. I also thought that though this fic was a great 'slow-burn' one, it burned a TOUCH too slowly in terms of Draco and Hermione's relationship. There were some moments very late in the fic that he was downright cold to her, as if nothing had changed at all between them. You might have been able to drag out the "omg Hermione and Harry had a son!" reveal and speed up the Dramione just a touch. I think they should have kissed at the Malfoy party. There was a lot of description of the characters' thoughts and not a ton of action- which made the second half of the story move along a lot more slowly.

Thanks for a great read, it's authors like you that keep the magic alive.
africanotaku chapter 1 . 6/18
I am in tears
UnknownSoul-x chapter 36 . 6/15
This was a great read! Thanks :)
flynsqrrl chapter 36 . 6/7
This was AMAZING. Such a roller coaster of emotions...well done!
flynsqrrl chapter 11 . 6/4
Having recently put my one year old to bed, I am nearly in tears from this. Poor Hermione... so much pain.
RavenHairedQueen chapter 36 . 6/3
I can't even count how many times this story made me cry! Such an amazing job! One of the best that I've read to date.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/2
DANG, you're word choices, and the fluidity of your sentences are breathtaking! 3 love it so much already
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