Reviews for In The End
TERRORLIES chapter 7 . 7/10/2008
this is pretty funny!


~TerrorLies Mourning
SwimmingInLane3 chapter 7 . 4/14/2008
hahahaha this is so funnuy

i love it

Bezzaletta chapter 7 . 4/10/2008
It was hilarious (just like the other chapters)... you know how your story is classified 'Romance/Hurt/Comfort'? you should add humour or comedy to it :)


BeccaRayna chapter 7 . 4/9/2008
Umm; good Chapter although slightly rushed and I can't see Carlisle saying "my Bad". ]

Anyways… Update son?


xJAYx chapter 7 . 4/8/2008
Okay there are so many faults with this story I can't even count them (well I could but I can't be botherd as its 1.09 int he morning over here in england) but hey I'll keep reading coz i like the story line but by any chance when you wrote this; were you hyper? I mean its getting a little OTT But as I said I like the story line so I'll keep reading.


TopazEyesx77 chapter 7 . 4/8/2008
hey omg i loved it it was so awesome!:):)

but try to make the chapters longer !
EmoLollipop chapter 7 . 4/8/2008
lol this story is hysterically funny XD what's the tune to the box song? it's my new fave X3
edwardlvrtot chapter 7 . 4/8/2008
cant wait for more!
jacob or edward chapter 7 . 4/8/2008
Good i guess... no stitches involved tho!

and short!

im just a complainer today!


update soon!
Jessica-Bella chapter 7 . 4/8/2008
hahahaha love that hahahah oh damn! that was good! and hope you had fun at you class? and i hope you can update soon. whaeever you get a free moment.

Till next time. x
jacob or edward chapter 6 . 4/6/2008
This was a Great and hilarious chapter!

keep updating please!
Alice4Ever chapter 6 . 4/6/2008
really funny! update soon.
Jessica-Bella chapter 6 . 4/6/2008
hahaha woww im am sogoing to start reading thai story! this is great! i love it!

Till next time. x
bookworm1331 chapter 6 . 4/6/2008
Lord Rebecca-sama chapter 5 . 4/5/2008
poor everyone, they all get all sad

will they ever find out that 'erin' is actually bella?

i the box be funny

update soon plz
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