Reviews for Triple Dog Dare You
EdeatheDemonFox chapter 1 . 1/14/2012
This was so amazing! And I just want to slap Axel. Really? That stupid daring, redhead! He's lucky he has Roxas who loves him. XP;;;; But Demyx has Zexy. ;W;'s all good. Also, love how this was so long, too.~ I throughly enjoyed it.
Leanex chapter 1 . 4/11/2011
Oh my freaking God I love this! took me an hour to read but omg I'm soooooo happy that I stopped and read it! I was trying so hard not to laugh loud cuz I was afraid of getting in trouble for still being on the computer and possibly waking someone up XD I loved the story and I almost cried for Demy and Zexy several times and then the end was soooo AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW and I love how Roxas treats Axel. Thats actually pretty much how I treat my boyfriend. And he's a total moron like Axel. Your Roxas in this makes me think of me so much. If my boyfriend was a bit more like your Axel they'd be totally alike. I must go read more of your stories now!
I.Write.Love chapter 1 . 12/28/2010
It was cute, it was silly and it was funny! You didn't fail at comedy at all! I actually got in trouble for laughing over here! It was amazing! I loved it!


Keep it up!:D
Angel.M.Demon chapter 1 . 7/13/2010
oh! so cute!

Don quijote de la mancha, in spanish is a little... boring, i dont know if Demyx like that book but i dont worry anymore because a like this fic!
grimCapitalist chapter 1 . 4/23/2010
This was a nice oneshot. I loved it. xD

It was so cute and it made my heart swell. And I actually loved how you "talked" to the readers. I squee'd. 83

. . . Ek. x3 Must. Find. More. Zemyx. o.e
upsidedownboat chapter 1 . 1/17/2010
Ohmygosh this was absolutely wonderful! :) I usually only read AkuRoku but since this oneshot had a happy/high/girly Axel, I decided to read it anyway - and I am SO GLAD that I did, for it is now one of my favourites. :D I loved the way you described Zexion and Axel's past, and the dares. :P But gack... mustard and ice cream? I don't envy you there, Zexy. lolz. Demyx is gorgeous, no matter what fanfic I read - I love him anyway. His happiness is practically contagious, and he's just a fun character to read about. That's why I was scared (more so than I was at the prospect of the Barney song) when he became angry and hurt. But it's all better now! Hahaa. This was brilliant, and i absolutely loved it.

xx Boat xx
g-peachy-chan chapter 1 . 12/14/2009
One of the best stories on this site!
CaliforniaLove145 chapter 1 . 11/1/2009
My fave Zemyx so far. And I TOTALLY see Roxas constantly beating up Axel and Axel gettin' turned on by it! Ah the awesomeness of both AkuRoku and Zemyx all in one, cute, gummi-bear like package... yum D
orangejuicesmilies chapter 1 . 8/23/2009
“So… Demyx… do you like Gummi Bears?” Axel looked up, a gleam in his eyes.

HAHAHAH. That made me laugh for some reason. I love the AkuRoku-ness in this! :D THe strangling reminded me of Homer and Bart in the simpsons.

ROFL - loved the comment about Barney. xP Pedophilic dinosaur. LMAO. xP

Xenjoogles chapter 1 . 2/18/2009
I liked this one very much (if you don't count the AkuRoku parts...). I was completely dumbfounded, when Demyx went and kissed Zexion the first time. :D

You write well; I like the way you don't use any complicated words, so I am able to understand

the text. There was something very small, that caught my eyes. You used "Days bled into weeks" often at some point. But it wasn't that important, because it went well with the story. :3

Keep up the good work!
Sky Blue Baby chapter 1 . 1/16/2009
I loved it! (Barney does scare me...)
freckledshoulderblades chapter 1 . 10/20/2008




terra hotaru chapter 1 . 10/11/2008
Aha, finally, I got to read this! and Ohmigosh, I love the opening already! Crazy Axel.. XD ehhe, in a good way! LOL, sexy Zexy, that rhimes! :D Aw, Zexy and Axie are best fwiends! Aw. XD That's cute. XD now Zexy got to suffer because of Axel's randomness and crazinness. XD Luv it! O, TDDY is happening after Sugar Rush, right? Ah, Roxie! XD inflict pain upon AXie! XD To that blond over that and it falls down to... DEMI! XD *squeals* Ehem.. I need to stop using their pet-names. XD

"a Mohawk that had met the wrath of a lawn mower rocking out to the music pumping through his Mp3 player." Hilarious! XD met the wrath of a lawn mower. LOL! Aww, you're so good at putting words together! Cool! Ehehe, I love how Roxas is treating Axie. Lots of pain! XD ahaha, and this means the blossom of love for Zexion! Zexy's gunnah thank Axel later, no? XD

"he never lets Zexion forget it, either" That is so TOTALLY Axel! XD "Zexy, I'm older than you, I'm older than you." "Shut up, Axel." "I'm still older than you~ and you can do nothing about it!~ Ha!" XD

"all he’d done was try to set fire to the shed in his backyard." setting fire wasn't such a big deal? Axel need to reconsiderate. XD Ahh, and that's especially why Roxas is there for now! To give him constant remainder XD

Zexion played right into Axel's game! Fun! XD Aww, you make me love Axel, Roxas, and Zexion so mucch! I never thought their relationship could bloom that way! XD this is so unique and awesome!

"you have the memory capabilities of goldfish" Gawd! Why are you so awesome in making dialogues? I LOVE every single words that you've written down, every single phrase, every single sentences! You have a way to make me laugh and scream! It's like you're putting everything into life without putting much effort into it! "mental note to check on the memory span of a goldfish later on. Of course, it didn’t take long before he forgot it." That's what I call hilarious! XD Ahaha, go check, Axel! I'll be your constant remainder!

"feeling as though he was losing IQ points just being near Axel." I was staring with my jaw dropped. XD hahaha, great! I never thought words could be put this way before. Wow...! This is really awesome. Two questions for you. What do you do and how do you do it? :D I think I'm gunnah start to quote every single lines of your fics here in this review! It's just purely WIN!

And you call this a sad attempt of humor? O.o I think I'd be laughing myself to death when you said the humor is good when I'm already laughing this much at your sad attempt. XD Wow! I love reading your fics! You have the way of making me feel all bubbly and tingly inside!

Hmm? NAked? Did Axel say anything along that line? I din't catch it. XD

"half of the adults on the block had nightmares about pedophilic purple dinosaurs singing about love." LOL! pedophillic dinosaur! NOw you've changed my way of thinking of BArney! Even though I don't know the purple dinosaurs so much. XD LOL! Poor Zexy! I will mourn for him! Anyway, what does triple dog dare mean? Hm... sorry, I'm very slow at this things.

"This authoress wonders how many readers are annoyed that she stopped the dare at such a moment." I'm not annoyed! I'd be more than happy if you continue on with all that! Watching Zexion suffer from Axel's foolishness is purely fun and win! XD -wait, that doesn't sound right. XD

And I've forgotten about the current story! Good thing you put a reminder! :D Demy is not gunnah turn Zexy down, right, right? They're going to bloom into a cute relationship! I just have a feeling that Demyx will say, yes, I love you too! XD hahaha, fun~ I'm excited! Totally!

"This authoress truly wonders if Zexion was able to actually kid himself into believing that things would be that easy. She really does." I love how you put this into your fic. XD You should do this more often1!

“.” Okay now, I gotta separate those words to read it. LEt's separate them, shall we? XD *reads seirously* hm.. "I like you a lot, in fact, it might as well be love!" There! Wow, I can't believe Zexy said that! XD Awesome~~ XD Now, what's Demyx's response! The long awaited response! XD

"hehe" Zexion-xZexion... laughed! XD out of nervousness! CUTE! Amy, you've made me fallen in love with Zemyx! XD Pure awesomeness! :D I don't think I had this much fun reading Zemyx before! It's just-just.. wow!

“Really, truly, you’re over the moon for me, true?” Oh shit! Demyx has the same feelings, right? hahah. Dung! XD bang bang bonk bonk! XD Okay, my jaw totally dropped down the floor. WHAT? Demyx kissed Zexion! What what? XD hahaa, this is too exciting. I think I'm going to die from all this excitement ! Boink, boink! XD

"Roxas wrapped his hands around his neck and started to strangle Axel." I can completely imagine that scene! and it was a really fun mental image! Aww, what did Zexion had gotten himself into ? XD LOVE of course! this is going to be really fun! fun, fun, fun, fun!

" faint bruises starting to appear on Axel’s neck in the shape of Roxas’ hands. Roxas could be very violent at times." Yay! Axel is still alive! XD I supported Roxas though! XD just don't kill him, mmkay, Roxie? XD Aww, that needn't be said right? You won't kill him. Certainly not. *laughing deviously*

"“I… I…. He…. He… said that he… liked me?” Zexion’s usually outstanding speaking abilities had gone out the window the moment Demyx had kissed him." I can see Zexion's pain. XD Really, I do. But it makes me feel sarcastic that I'm laughing and giggling at the same time. xD

Aw, Zexion's being nice. This is really great! I love Zemyx So SO much now! I don't think I've liked Zemyx this much before! You have your special way of putting them together! Yay for the smut! XD that was cute and Zexy LOVES chocolate! Wow!

"Thus, the poor defenseless bears were ripped into and eaten and a new friendship was born, conceived by the love two semi insane boys had for chewable candy and a lot of sugar." XD awesome!

You're really building the characters on your own! It's as if you owned those four! You know, Roxas, Axel, Demyx, and Zexion! They each had their own unique personalities in this fic and I absolutely ADORE it! This is so different from the most fics I've read! Remarkable! that's all I can say. XD

I just know things would turn out bad someday! But I'm still enjoying the 'aw'. XD Wow, I love Zemyx so much now! BEcause you've converted me into them! XD but of course, I'm still obsessed over AkuRoku especially the AKuRoku you write! You're the best! You've made me fall in love all over again for them and now you've made me fall in love with the cuteness.

Urgh, Axel and his mouth! XD Ahhaha! Whack him, Roxas! somersault him!, kick him! Elbow him! inflict PAIN! XD o ow, this is not going to be great for Demyx and Zexion, hunh? ... Aw.. no, no, no... "Roxas’ face was contorted in fury and his hands were, once again, wrapped around Axel’s throat, tightening more and more as Axel breathed for air." I love how you put strangling into humor here! XD GAwd, I love you so much! There's so much about you that I loved! XD

W-w-w-w-wwhat? That was totally unexpected! Demyx punched Zexion. *twitch,cringe* Aww, Demyx, you-you-you, jerk! O But well, I guess I can't blame him.. He is hurt after all... But but... he shouldn't have punched Zexy... nu...~ I trust this will turn out alright, right? :)

"Axel mooned over Roxas, saying something about how hot it was that Roxas was violent." okay.. Axel was definitely insane. xD In a very good way! XD hahahaa. I can't believe you can still put up a joke there when I am all getting serious and angsty. xD ahaha. You're bringing colours to my life that way! XD

Aw, Axel and Roxas... aw.. squeal! Feel the love! XD Aw, thank you, thank you, tahnk you,thank you for writing AkuRoku this way! I absolutely love this to no end! XD ahaha, poor Leon. xD LOL! Gawd, you make me laugh so much even when I'm all stressed out!

Aww, the AkuRoku! Cute... Ah...! Aww, Zexion get punched again! It's not Zexy's fault for God's sake! Dude!

Ah, now the interesting part. What's that thunk in Demyx's bedroom? Somekind thing from Zexy? Zexy did say that he's finally admitting he's gay... Hum. Let's see the story unfold!

"This authoress admits to being scared." aww, you're scared? there, there. *pats*, XD I love how you inserted those. XD Have I said that? I have? Aww, now I'm getting repetitive again! O.o XD

Aww, inappropriate music! XD yay, they're making up. XD yay! *sigh* this is really heavy but I feel happy at the same time. There's these swirl of emotions inside me just by reading this fic! Aww, Axel played a HUGE part in this fic! I love them four. I love them so much, You had no idea! XD Aw... I can't believe this is over already. I can't believe this! nu~~ this can't be over. xD You're just too good and I can't stop reading! Wow... wow... Loved the ending. Zexion finally shit away with Axel's dare. XD ehehe.

YAy! now, to read you end note. What? The end sucks? You've gotta be kidding! It's the most beautiful endings, like ever! XD all the things you write is beautiful! Fantastic, I would say! wow, you've read a lot of books, huh? That's cool! You're so awesome! Lack? This purely wins, girl! You should write more, you know! Satisfy us all with your talent! XD I love you so much! Umm, I didn't know BArney that much. I only know what the dinosaur looks like. And I';ve got a friend that mentioned that Barney's pedophilic before I read this. XD I wonder why. Did the dinosaur do anything inappropriate? Um, that's not right is it? ehehe. XD and now you've met one (more) person that isn't scared by BArnet, merely because I don't know the guy...erh, dinosaur that much. xD But with you saying that... I guess I should start building up fear for the so called pedophilic dianosaur. XD

Okay, guttah stop before I get more repetitive! I hope you have a very nice day! Thank you, thank you for writing this out, really! Thank you so much! this purely wins and it defiintely goes into mah favorite! LOVE ya! You're the BEST, EVER! XD I hope your eyes are not too tired reading this jumbled up review. XD Sayonara! *poof*, disappear into the darkness. xD -That was totally random. :D
watch-me-write chapter 1 . 9/14/2008
Holy shit, that was an incredibly cuute and adorable fic! I was almost crying when Axel started rambling about how the relationship was a lie and then I would've started strangling him too! Of course, thenRoxas would've probably started strangling me because he doesn't want anyone else to strangle- yeah, you get my point.

Anyway...I loved it. It was, so far, the best Zemyx I have even read. I must make a mental note to read more of your things and view lots of deviations. But as for now, my time on the computer is up. Sadly.

I'll probably be back tomorrow to read more Zemyx from you. Just a heads-up _

Bex O
panchuu chapter 1 . 9/4/2008
Is now fan of Zemyx *_*

I enjoyed this a lot 0 It was so fun to read; imagining Zexion do all the dares Axel has shot at him and all the cute scenes between Demyx and Zexion
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