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Tushya chapter 71 . 12/5
mushipans chapter 71 . 11/29
I've come back here again to reread the entire thing. I've been following this story for many years and knowing that it will come to an end soon is bittersweet. I cannot wait for the next update! thank you
Honest Thoughtz chapter 51 . 11/18
Hmm... Nice!

*continues reading

You're a phenomenal writer... I love their development...! The progress was slow burn but realistic...! You have discipline in writing.

When I call a writer "disciplined", I mean: They're creative, controlled, and patient. A disciplined writer respects conflict, development, interaction, and characterization. They try to keep their charaters' dialogues *realistic*.

While most other writers would let their OTPs jump and mooch at first sight Juz coz it's hot and their hormones urge them to -Unlike these writers- a disciplined writer tries to build up character relationship, create tension, and allow conflict to push the two to understand each other and come to terms with whatever- and just develop them realistically.
So when the two characters finally interact with a romantic light or sweetly: we, the readers, would appreciate it more. The story behind their interaction gives more meaning...
Good job~! I appreciate how you developed their relationship.
Honest Thoughtz chapter 48 . 11/17
I actually respect Sasuke for meddling and I appreciated Sakura for accepting his Sacrifice and joining him in his meddling.
Risks are ok if it comes with an effort to try do something... Anything about your predicament. I always repected people who fought back, no matter how hopeless. People who stayed determined when their spirits should be crushed-those are inspirational people.

I was just a little dissapointed with Sakura last chapter. Sasuke didn't need to get involved yet he offered to help Sakura. She acted a little ungrateful last chapter:

"last night's events came spilling into my head. How much of the evening's happenings was he aware of? Did he know about my going out with Gaara? Would he hurt him? God, no, I thought, before my mind moved on to the following occurrence: Sasuke. What if the Rogue found out about our trip to the alley? He'd harmed Sasuke, once, because of me, because he hated the Uchiha for meddling into the situation. Would he do it again?"
- she just realized?

Meddling with Sasuke... I respect the effort to end the trouble. It was dangerous but was a necessary move. It was really selfless of Sasuke. And I respected him for pushing some action and giving support to Sakura

Going out on a date with gaara- arriving late for her snooping with Sasuke and arriving with heels: all those were unecessary and careless moves.

The date: was unnecessary and might unnecessarily endanger gaara
Arriving late: made her seem ungrateful when the person she was meeting with was only doing because he wanted to help.
Heels: she acted like they weren't about to sneak on some dangerous people.

It made Sakura seem like a character who doesn't know what to prioritize, inconsiderate of others safety, ungrateful of help, a little too hormonal, not determined to try or help out, unprepared, careless, not planning, etc...

NOW ino's in danger... I just hope Sakura won't allow her bestfriend to die without putting a fight.

I'm trying to like sakura here and giving her chance. She is realistic, i guess... But even real people have moments where they do everything in their power and not just cry or go emotional.
I'll see...
*continues reading
Minor bad character traits aside... Everything else about this story is great.
I'll keep reading to see if Sakura gets some character devrlopment.
Please continue making great fics... I'm enjoying this so much.
Honest Thoughtz chapter 47 . 11/17
I need to add:
She thinks gaara's innocent and doesn't know about the rogue- at least that's what she thinks.
what then makes her think she's safe with gaara?
He's oblivious and ignorant. Doesn't she know ignorance means that he's guard isn't up?

By interacting with gaara doesn't it cross her mind that she might get him involved? She acts like suigetsu didn't die by just talking to her... Shouldn't she think that going out at a date might get that person killed?

If she does think that that person is someone not involved... Then wasn't she being selfish by pretending that nothing's wrong by being in the company of an ignorant and blissful person?
Doesn't she know that bringing people close to her (literally) brings them within the line of sight of the rogue? The rogues eyes are mostly focused on her... Doesn't she know that anybody standing next to her might draw the rogue's eyes to that person?
So she thinks that gaara is innocent... She was pretty selfish to take comfort in his innocence, not consider that she might get him involved by bringing the rogue's attentions to him, careless enough to fall into a false sense of security. She thinks he's ignorant right? So how can he keep her safe if his guard isn't up... Idk.. Because it's not like he's expecting a killer to watching over her.

I'm just criticizing Sakura's selfishness... Only thinking about her comfort yet not considering the potential danger her comforter might get in...
She presumes he's innocent and she took advantage of it.
Honest Thoughtz chapter 47 . 11/17
She knows they'll be doing some spying/sneaking... Yet she wore high heels? She didn't at least pack some sneakers? -.-
She thinks dating will keep her mind off the killings and danger?
False security...
What makes her think she's safe with gaara?

So it's being hinted that gaara isn't as innocent as he seems. BUT from Sakura's pov... He doesn't know anything.
That was selfish of her... By interacting with him, didn't she know that she might get him involved? She acts like Suigetsu didn't die just because he talked with her. Doesn't she worry that going in a DATE with someone might get them killed-or get the rougue's attention?

Shouldn't she be avoiding Ino too? For ino's safety? Sakura knows that someone's watching her... Shouldn't she be pushing Ino away from her or keep their distance? When Ino's close to her ... That means she's also entering the rogue's line of sight.

Sakura's kinda annoying here... Tbh I think she acts too careless.
I can't help but think that she's in this mess because of her carelessness and it continues because of her inaction and carelessness.

But I'll continue reading about the troublesome girl. She really isn't mc material tho. I guess she's realistic(?) but I'm trying to squint for some redeeming qualities in her.
The character's a little weakminded, not determined, can't set her priorities, idk
Honest Thoughtz chapter 46 . 11/17
Time is of the essence...
Sasuke's trying to help you in your life and death situation...
Know your darn least help out whole heartedly, you spoiled brat!
Honest Thoughtz chapter 44 . 11/17
Did she just see rogue's face? They stared at each other and he smiled? Does that mean she knows his eye color now? His features...?...she saw his mouth and eyes... So probably his nose was exposed as well

She saw his whole face?! Did I conclude right?

Is he familar to her? Or was her eyes blury?
KhaosCatastrophe chapter 71 . 11/16
Pleeeeeaaaaase update! I love it and I must know how it ends! Pleeeaaaase?
Honest Thoughtz chapter 40 . 11/16
The gory pics were taken in the same place...they can tell by the brick walls ?
But... Kin died near the road, dosu died somewhere, and karin died... In the kitchen.. Right?
How's there brick walls near the road... ? And shouldnt the resto karin works in have it's own interior design? o.0
Oh well... Continue reading...
Honest Thoughtz chapter 37 . 11/16
Honestly tho... Your fic is more praiseworthy than complain-worthy (if that's a word)
Actually it's one of the best stories I've read! I just had to point out some minor flaws...
But those flaws are just dots... So so so tiny...
Everything else about this fic is GREAT !
But I haven't yet finished reading...
Honest Thoughtz chapter 35 . 11/16
Darn it .
I hadn't finished reading this chapter... I just had to comment first before finishing

...that girl- sakura . she puts pride over brain.
My goodness... She owes Sasuke ALOT. It's a good thing he's sooo patient with her irrational, judgemental, mean, tough acting ass. Her tough act is pointless. Why did she just reject an offer that might keep her safe? All because she wanted to prove that she's tough?
Sakura girl... Be humble. Have a fair evaluation of yourself. Your strength and your weakness (vulnerability). Did it not cross your mind that walking alone to retrieve her bag was dangerous? You, of all people, should know that it's veery highly probable that a killer lurks in the hallway.

Girl... Is that how much you look down on Sasuke? You think he's belittling you or somethin by offering to accompany you?
You know there's a real threat... You are fully aware... It's been slapped to your face -all the evidence and the reality that there's serial killer following you (obsessed with you !)... Can't you take the hint that being alone is NOT safe?

Sasuke deserves respect... I mean, he isn't as knowledgeable about the killings as Sakura . Yet he acts like he's more aware than her. He has the maturity to look past their little fight, and actually think sensibly and practically -and worry!
You'd think after seeing all the violence the rogue was capable of... Sakura would drop her over dramatic attitude. There's no time for drama when she should be thinking as efficiently as possible. Yet she declined an offer to keep her secure... All because they had a petty argument.
Doesnt she care for her safety... Doesnt she care for Sasuke's safety?
Isn't it wise to have company- an extra helping hand-an extra set of eyes... Someone to watch your back and you watch theirs? Shouldn't she NOT let sasuke out of her sight... Doesn't she want visual proof that he's safe?
Again: Doesnt she care for Sasuke's safety?
Just awhile ago... The rogue hinted that Sasuke MIGHT BE his next victim. She doesn't know for sure... But shouldn't she be relieved when she saw Sasuke safe and cleaning up... Shouldnt she have been worried when she was about to leave Sasuke to get her bag?

But... Because she's still mad at him- (and wants to continue acting hostile towards him)- she declined his company(?)

Sakura Girl, If you don't care about your safety (and are so careless about it)... Than think about Sasuke's safety, at least.
Are you just gonna leave him out in the open... Oblivious to any possible danger... ? You won't even warn him, or tell him to keep his gaurds up?

This sakura... Is so absentminded...forgetful...careless...clueless (how could she not know that a killer close by is highly probable?)

I'll continue reading. You're still a great writer... The flow of the story is great and your storytelling is great. I appreciate your effort and hardwork.

Just giving my honest thoughts on Sakura... But i guess she's realistic (?) hmm
You characterized her nicely though... She's rounded. She's just too... Brainless (at times). And prideful (at the wrong time- like in a life and death situation)

That tiny flaw aside...I still love your work~!
Honest Thoughtz chapter 33 . 11/16
I'll just forgive sakura's shortcomings... In retrospect she is a flawed, spoiled, not street smart teenager. And that's ok.
Yeah... I'll just forgive Sakura... I'm enjoying your fic too much and I appreciate your effort and talent. Keep writing fanfics... K?
I just criticized awhile ago... But you're actually a great writer.
I'll contue reading
Honest Thoughtz chapter 29 . 11/16
I feel like Sakura should be *more* bothered about the fact that Karin's not safe. Did Sakura just... Give up(?) and...not try (at all) to save Karin's life?
After seeing all those gory images, Sakura should be worried to death for the innocent person she put in danger.
I know Sakura was forced. Still... The other lady is innocent. No matter how mean karin is... She does not deserve the fate awaiting her. Her life is just as important as any parent, baby, or anyone. I'm not saying Sakura should prioritize Karin's life over her parents'. But when she chose to sacrifice Karin's life... She should've felt more guilty *and* worried. But Sakura here just felt guilty...not worried. When the rogue hanged up... I think Sakura gave up to quickly. The very second the rogue agreed to kill karin and ended the call, Sakura should have rushed to do something- Try to do anything. While there's life, there's hope...The girl's still alive. Every second counted. Even if Sakura couldn't save her ( it might risk her parents)... She still should have, at least, forced and tired herself trying to think of a way to salvage Karin's life. Sakura's own fear and feelings should've been the least of her concern! Rather than (unconsciously) calling sasuke to comfort her... She should've called anyone to warn Karin. Tell someone to keep Karin safe!

I feel a little annoyed of Sakura here... She should be hurrying, worrying, thinking...anything (!) to help!

The word "date" should not even cross her mind or be uttered! Sakura seems too passive and uncaring if she still managed to thinking of such shallow things when someone's about to die (because of her). I really disliked Sakura in the last chapter, taking her time, saying "mommy" "daddy" when an orphan girl's about to suffer.

I know Karin here is mean and I know Sakura was forced. But you make it seem like Sakura forgot about the other lady's impending death just because Sasuke's there to make her feel better.

I don't even like canon karin and I love canon Sakura. I wish Sakura in this fic was a little less... Indifferent? Passive? Too focused on her feelings? Slow in acting?

I wish she would take action...
And by action, I mean useful action. Not evading, or ignoring, or senselessly running away useless actions. But planned out action or ... Something fruitful action... !

I wished she acted more for the benefit of others too. She's only acting for herself... Only pushed to sacrifice someone for another. But I have yet to see her put some effort to save others (no. Sacrificing one life for another does not count).
Karin. Is Sakura just gonna stroll with Sasuke and not mention that someone's in danger?

I'll continue reading... Karin's not dead yet in this chapter. It's alright if she dies for the story's progress. I just want to see some redeeming traits in Sakura. If Karin is doomed, I want to see Sakura at least try no matter how useless or pathetic... At least try to save a precious life. I want to see that she cares.
No, I don't want her to just cry because she cares.. If she cried when she could've done something, it means she just cares about her feelings and her guilt. BUT if she took action, no matter how hopeless it seems... For the sake of just trying to save a life... THAT is when I'll appreciate Sakura... And know for certain that she isn't indefferent- that she values human life. I want to see determination in Sakura. I'll continue reading.

Well... I'll check next chapter.
Me chapter 28 . 11/16
She could've asked somebody to warn karin. I would've rushed to salvage the life of the person I put in danger... Not give up, and just be guilt ridden... there's still a little time to *try* to somehow save her (or at least warn her).
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