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berryboom chapter 59 . 5/19

Finally. Finally, we're getting to it! I loved how Sasuke and Shikamaru worked it out. All investigation and "dawning" in this chapter. Awesome.

Kabuto. The slimy four eyed creep! xD You can always find Kabuto in suspicious places.

I know Gaara's guilty of something.
But I wanna be surprised.

Please do the next chapter soon! :DD This is like, the ultimate cliffhanger, Sakura agreeing to meet the Rogue. Wear an attack-proof something Sakura, his intentions are horrifying.

My favorite scary moment...Actually anything feels scary to me in the dark, and I read Instant Message in the dark. LOL. I would say...The earlier chapters BEFORE Sasuke knew, when Sakura was pretty much alone, they had scary moments. I mean, just put herself in her position. Especially with the Hide and Seek, and all terrifying game modes that the Rogue has.

Scare, thrill, and suspense.

WHERE ARE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD? :D Hope you're enjoying your calling.

Update soon!
Love, berryboom
Guest chapter 59 . 5/17
I am addicted ! Too much it hurts ._.
meguminanami93 chapter 59 . 5/17
Have I ever told you that you're amazing?! That your writing's amazing?! Because I'm sooooo happy that I found your story on that lucky day and I keep looking forward to your updates! You're the best! :))))

If I were to pick my favorite scaryyyy moment, it would be when Sakura was looking out her window at the Rec and she found that last window with no curtains and found a silhouette that was staring out the window. That just gave me the chills! X.X
I still remember when I read that chapter, it was around 2 AM and I was all alone in my room with no lights. I looked around my room around 4 or 5 times just to make sure that I was actually alone! XD
Guest chapter 20 . 5/16
Great story, keep writing.;D
well damn chapter 59 . 5/16
I gotta say.. one of the best fics I've ever read on this site. I hadn't read any fanfiction in YEARS and then I suddenly felt like doing so- and I tumbled upon this fic, and I must say I was a bit suspicious at first ('59 chapters- holy crap, the story has got to get bad a some point!')
...but no, in fact it kept just getting better and better towards this chapter and I totally ignored my uni stuff and rushed through all 59 chs in like 4 days. I'm dying to read the rest of it! Especially cause I want to know whether my gut feeling of the Rogue has been right all along lol.

But you know the feeling when you dread the moment you finish reading a great book or watching a great series... my feelings exactly atm. I really hope you keep coming up with these stories in the future! :)
Uchiha33 chapter 59 . 5/16

This is my first time reading this story and I absolutely love it. I had always seen this story on the feed and thought it wouldn't interest me. I saw it again yesterday and I thought why not give it a chance. It blew me away! I love everything about it. The mystery is soooo good and Sasuke is adorable. I cannot wait for the next chapter. I'm hooked! you are an amazing writer. Please update soon and great job with the story
MacheSalas chapter 59 . 5/16
Holy shit girl...omgggg...
I wish I had the words to explain how I feel right now. That was beyond awesome, more than amazing. Pretty much all the good words I can think of.
I feel kinda stupid for not knowing who the fuck is the Rogue. Maybe it was implied in older chapters, but I can't remember those kind of details!
I feel really bad for Sakura and Sasuke. Especially Sakura, I empathize with her. The poor girl, her mind is going to break from all this stress D:
Now, you must be so excited to be on the other side of the world! Which country are you in? I hope you do good over there!
golden rose chapter 59 . 5/15
Please update soon.-
RedCherryBlossom chapter 59 . 5/14
Can you please hurry up and save me from waiting and post the new chapters plz. The storys so beautiful.
Shizuki Nagairo chapter 59 . 5/14
Oh wow! Another thrilling chapter. A cliffhanger there alright. I think Sasuke means Gaara ? Because his sister is with the Rogue? I've been waiting and waiting... thank you for the update inspite of your busy schedule.

Have fun at your new place! And update asap ! The curiosity is eating away my mind !
clover 1987 chapter 59 . 5/12
It's 7 years from when this fics start. But it's only 3 months in this fics. Weird right. You can keep the time in a fiction as long as you want. or skip it any time you like.
angelaiki chapter 59 . 5/12
Good luck with the abroad thing! I've already got my teaching certification but sadly I can't go abroad until next year. Looking forward to what happens next though! I'm really excited like I am literally sitting on the edge of my seat when I read this fic. The entire fic.
Little Big Wonders chapter 59 . 5/12
Woo you don't know how happy I was when I noticed you updated! The story keeps getting better, I cannot wait for more! The best parts are obviously all the parts with Rogue in it haha.. like who would disagree? He's just awesome.. and intelligent..and psychopathic,and sadistic, and maybe a little crazy (the list goes on) Anyway I think I speak for many others when I say PLEASEE try update as soon as you can!

and whatever country you moved to I hope you enjoy, I wish I had the chance to visit one other than my own
Ashley chapter 59 . 5/12
Shikamaru is going to be killed. If the Rouge really is one of them (I have a feeling I know who it is) and Shikamaru has just left his computer with all of Sakura's images on, then what if the rouge comes into his room?!
And my favourite sasusaku moment HAD to be when Sakura sent sasuke a message and told him there was someone at her house and he came rushing over. HFTDTXXHYCYC IM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY! On a serious note though, will you be considering making this into a published book? Your writing style is really unique; I can easily see why you're an English teacher! I would by this book and read it again and again without even batting an eye!
Sophie B chapter 57 . 5/11
I apologize for reviewing every chapter as I have read your mesmerizing story, but I have not been able to pause for even a moment until now.
Your fic is fascinating! The scenes are described as well, I imagine all in detail, and I just think the brilliant story should become a series. The development of the relationship of Sasuke and Sakura is so beautiful, he takes care her so much: (
My favorite ss moments (question difficult level):
When Sakura asks help to Sasuke and he goes to her house the night;
Sasuke takes Sakura to beach
When he kissed her forehead (MY OTP)
And the entire Chapter 57. Poor Sakura :(

Please you or one of your readers could answer a question? Sakura allowed Gaara kissing her in the car? She kissed him too? It was not clear that part an ahhhh ... Sorry for the English, it's not my language.
I recommend the music: colour me in Damien Rice, combines with Sakura and Sasuke.
Thank you so much for this story!
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