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lala chapter 70 . 1h
Love this story! Hurry, Sakura! It puts at the edge of my chair!
Sariko-chan723 chapter 70 . 2h
Wow. Amazing as always. Things are getting more and more intense as the chapters go on. I really look forward to what's going to happen next. So did Sai cut into Sakura's leg? Or did he actually cut it off? O.o I'm really anxious to find out who distracted him. And when they're gunna find Sakura! Please update soon. I simply can't wait 8D
Kinleyxo chapter 70 . 9h
can't wait for the next update. so great
xoanneox chapter 70 . 9h
Woah I'm anxious for the ending
Keira chapter 70 . 9h
This is getting so exciting,have been following the story from the beginning and have even reread it twice.I so hope that Sakura gets out of there alive.I really love the very original of me but you really are an amazing writer-the way you set the favourite writer on this site.I wonder and can't wait what to see the ending you will give you for writing such an enthralling story.
Marie Blubert chapter 70 . 10h
What just happened? Oh, my God! I hope they catch Sai soon.
renzie17 chapter 70 . 10h
Here is some love. HAHAHA I am absolutel for the next update!
egiaprevolg chapter 70 . 10h
Oh, they are so close now! Sai is brutal. Hopefully they get to her before it's too late! It was short but I can't wait for the next update!
Aria206 chapter 70 . 10h
Oml what a cliff hanger ahhh istg you're going to make me insane hahahaaha, I really need the next chapter
JoviGirl96 chapter 70 . 11h
Damn, it really is ending, isn't it? I can actually feel it with each chapter, the tension rising... It truly is a pleasure reading this story, every chapter and word. You have a talent and know how to use it. Please don't abandon it, keep writing and one day I'm sure I will find a book of yours on the stands in some bookstore. And believe me - I'd buy it! Thank you for sharing all of this with us, your talent, imagination and creativeness. Thank you!
The chapter may be short, but still amazing. We got to see brave, adrenaline-filled Sakura again, finally in action! And the police are finally getting closer. Love the clues she left for them and everything. It's like in previous chapters we witnessed more of Rogue, how he does things, what he's capable of. This time however we saw Sakura - what she can do under pressure and adrenaline. Great job about that. I just wanna see a scene in the next episodes where she tricks him, just to see his face when he realises that she is not just another victim, that she is different and won't let herself be killed so easily. Still very curious about Gaara. Is he the "matter" the Rogue was reffering to? Guess we will find out!
Thank you again, and for the fast update too! Keep it up!
A faithful reader,
Black-Phinoex chapter 70 . 11h
Awesome Chapter. I cheered when Kabuto got arrested. I really really don't like him. I find myself amazed and proud of Sakura. Sai is finally going down. I still am curious about what happened to Garra though. Keep up the super awesome, amazing work. Love, love, love this story.

sumandeep.dhillon1 chapter 70 . 12h
I can't give any feedback, this story is just to good. I've recommended this story to so many friends and I hope they read it. On the other note, I still start jumping up and down once the story is updated. Good luck on your next one, I'll be waiting
theeuniverse chapter 70 . 17h
I can smell the reunion coming soon! I have a feeling you'll really leave us on the edge of our seats. Great chapter! :)
Seniia chapter 70 . 18h
Please don't kill her! T.T
Guest chapter 70 . 18h
Yass! Sakura is so smart! And Sasuke is free! :) So any of my dying hope from the previous chapter is now gone and I'm happy to see Sakura still alive, haha! Anyway, the chapter was very good and kept me in suspense. I hope that next one will be soon, because I can't wait to see how it will end and then i can re-read the whole story all over again. :)
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