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Aliya-a chapter 54 . 12h
Sakura was very brave, on the one hand she is afraid to find out who the Rogue is, on the other hand she wants to find out so it will bring her closer to end her game with the Rogue. Sasuke worrying more about that Sakura landing on her bad leg than the fact that he probably had lost everything and the fact that Sakura cares so much about Sasuke that the hardest thing that she had ever done on that day was leaving him behind, and that says a lot considering that she considered the Rogue a good over her, she had been so afraid for so long of him. Their thought shows how far the two had come.

Keep up the good work.
A.I chapter 71 . 7/24
Love it! one of the best fanfictions I have ever read. ( and I have read a lot xD) I love how the fic is scary but not too scary becouse I don't really like horror. And I love how Sakura's and Sasuke's relationship builts. This fanfiction is so differend than other ss fanfictions but in a good way. I really hope that you would keep writting after this story more Sasusaku fanfictions that would have like 10-20 capters that all of them would not be one-shots Your writting skills are do good

Btw even tho I can easily read english I find writting it so much harder thats why I usually leave really short comments but in good fanfictions like this I want to write more I am in a high school so my english probably should be better but hope you can understand

update soon
Guest chapter 71 . 7/24
So I absolutely adore this story and every time you disappear for more than a month, you leave me biting my nails in anticipation. You are an outstanding author and I look forward to the conclusion of this fantastic thriller.
Aliya-a chapter 53 . 7/23
Kakashi suspects that something is not okay with this murder and maybe with past murders as well, but how far has he made it with his suspicions it's still unclear. Gaara is feelings guilty about his brother's death, he blames himself for his death, thinking that is he would have obeyed the Rogue then his sibling would have been alive and now he will do anything to keep Temari alive since he doesn't want to lose another sibling, since he had seen that the Rogue is capable of murder, I wonder if Gaara knows that the Rogue had killed Karin and Suigetsu. Sasuke is a pillar of strength for Sakura, he gives her courage and motivation to continue the fight with unexpected results. Sakura had made a connection between the guy that she had followed and one of the guys on list that Shikamaru had found and his name is Kabuto, now it will be interesting to see what they will find in Kabuto's house.

Keep p the good work.
Aliya-a chapter 52 . 7/21
The last part of this chapter was horrifying, Kankurou death was more frightening and real than the other's death or at least it seamed that way. Poor Gaara to lose both siblings to the Rogue, although he still believes that Temari is still alive, now if he in the past had some doubts about doing whatever the Rogue asked him to do, starting from this moment Gaara will act how the Rogue will want him, because he will be afraid of causing Temari's death. The last part of this chapter had come as a contrast to the first part. Sasuke and Sakura are afraid to confess their feelings for each other, Sakura because she isn't sure what is Sasuke feeling towards her, but also because of the whole situation with the Rogue she is afraid that she will lose whatever it's between her and Sasuke.

Keep up the good work.
Aliya-a chapter 51 . 7/20
The scenes between Sasuke and Sakura were very tense, him losing control and grabbing her wrist and then feeling sorry because he had hurt her and the scene when he tells Sakura about his past that he was part of a gang and they had beaten and tortured him when e wanted to leave that gang, although it seems like part of the reason for which he joined that gang was to find his brother, when Sasuke cares for somebody it seems like to sacrifice is too big to make for the person he loves. The fact that Sakura is still confused about her feelings towards Sasuke or she is in denial about the nature of her feelings towards him, that is clear that Sasuke was hurt when he thought that Sakura is only grateful towards him when he in reality he loves her and wants for Sakura to have the same feelings towards him. And in the end for Sasuke to confess his deepest fear, to lose Sakura. It was an incredible chapter.

Keep up the good work.
Aliya-a chapter 50 . 7/19
Shikamaru has proved a valuable ally since he found some of the Rogue's contacts and his connection to Orochimaru, six of the people from that list are from Otogakure and that person that was following Sakura around that night I am more certain that it is Kabuto, he is also on that list. These people seem to be there to follow her when the Rogue/Sai is not available to do so himself, since he has rules and restrictions to follow. It was nice the scene in the elevator, Sasuke showing his feelings for Sakura.

Keep up the good work.
Aliya-a chapter 49 . 7/18
In this chapter there is another clue that Sai is the Rogue, that he said that he was in charge of the groceries while Shikamaru comes and said that actually he was in charge of the groceries, one of them is lying and probably from Sakura's reaction she probably things that the one who is lying is Shikamaru. I this case you don't know who to believe but add up the fact that Sai had coincidently managed to find Sakura, once can be a coincidence but the second time is already suspicious, in Sakura's head bells should already be ringing. The Rogue also made an enemy out of Shikamaru, and if Sasuke and Sakura can't find anything about him then maybe Shikamaru will be able to find something. It's amusing that Sakura should believe that is impossible for Io and Shikamaru to become more than friends so fast when she should be looking at her relationship with Sasuke and see that they have become friends when three months ago they were mortal enemies.

Keep up the good work.
Aliya-a chapter 48 . 7/15
Sakura is about to find out that the Rogue can extract his vengeance on a person that she is close to,Ino. She though of her parents and Sasuke but she failed to take into account that Ino is her best friend. Sure they probably hadn't spent as much time as before the Rogue came into the picture but she is still an important person to Sakura. That guy, probably Kabuto, had made a mistake in letting Sakura find out his home address, it might come back to bite him. I think that the Rogue is made at Sakura is because she is starting to fight back, she no longer is as scared as before, and the Rogue wants her scared and terrified of him.

Keep up the good work.
Aliya-a chapter 47 . 7/14
The Rogue has multiple eyes on Sakura, at school he has Gaara and when she isn't attending school he has other people, this guy with the glasses it makes me feel like he is Kabuto, but maybe he is another person. Sakura is naive when she didn't figure out what are Sasuke's true feelings, he is jealous of the fact that she had kissed Gaara, this isn't the only time when he was jealous of a fact like this. Maybe the biggest proof of the fact that he has feelings for her is that he is helping her with her problem with the Rogue, maybe a part of him is doing it for Suigetsu and Karin, but that he is keeping silent about the situation because Sakura considered that not telling anyone is the right thing to do, speaks volumes about his feelings towards her.

Keep up the good work.
Aliya-a chapter 46 . 7/13
Between Gaara and Sakura is a certain type of attraction, not as the one between her and Sasuke, but is funny to see that even on a date with another guy Sasuke still manages to make an appearance in her thoughts. Sakura has no idea that Gaara is far from innocent and that he is directly involved with the Rogue and that is the reason he feels guilty, he likes Sakura but because Temari is a hostage he is forced to spy on her. Clearly Sasuke will be angry with the situation in which he had caught Sakura and Gaara, after all he also has feelings for Sakura. The person who was watching them was probably the Rogue, considering the POV from last chapter.

Keep up the good work.
Aliya-a chapter 45 . 7/9
Sakura is starting to rebel against the Rogue, she is no longer as scared of him as before, also after so many deaths, Sakura is no longer affected by them as she was in the beginning, which means that the Rogue had lost a part of the power that he had over her. Sakura is wrong when she thinks that Gaara isn't affiliated with the Rogue, actually I think that he works for the Rogue, but considering what has happened to her for a while she wants to have some semblance of normality in her life.

Keep up the good work.
Pretty please chapter 1 . 7/6
How aboutttt someone who knows keelah tell us whats happning atleast? Is she gone, did she stop this, or is she Really really super busy, what?! I mean this story, I have NEVER read such a...a... I cant even find the word for it! Its so wonderful oh my god, more than ANYTHING I've ever read, seriousely! And then its just stopped! On a big freaking cliffhanger! I mean .hell keelah?! How could you do this to usss! :,( yeah... I hope someone, would kindly let us know about our wonderful Keelah...
NO PATIENCE LEFT chapter 1 . 7/6
Aliya-a chapter 44 . 7/6
Now it makes sense why Sakura felt eyes on her even in her own house, it wasn't because of paranoia, the Rogue was hiding in her closet, it shouldn't come as any surprise since the Rogue is a sadistic, but I wonder if the person that Sakura had seen outside her house is really the Rogue or one of his ''friends'', the time seems to be short between the person entering the house and Sasuke coming back, at least it seems short to me, but ten minutes could have gone between the Rogue entering the house and Sasuke coming back in the room, the Rogue wants to make Sakura conscious of the fact that even the police doesn't stay in his way.

Keep up the good work.
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