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Ayamegurl8 chapter 1 . 8/20/2019
Keelah, it's been two years since we've seen you on this platform. I hope you're okay and that it's just that you've gone into hiatus and nothing else. Please, give us a sign. We're still rooting for you!
I CANNOT BELIEVE chapter 71 . 8/11/2019
I literally started reading this when I was 12 and I’m 21 now? I cannot believe I found this again this website is so confusing and hell to navigate I thought I’d never find it again and I remembered it randomly a few days ago when I was thinking of how some fan fiction I read in my youth is a million times better than or on pair with published works...this is one of them. I’m surprised at how much of the plot I remember going through this again, deja vu and nostalgia and fondness. sorry this is me just rambling... I’m just so glad I found it because it was driving me crazy knowing this was still out there. I thought if I did find it again since it’s been so long it would maybe be completed by now, and I see it hasn’t been updated for like 2 years but I bet you’ll get around to it eventually. Your dedication having never abandoned this over the years is incredible. Hope all is well in your personal life. Take care, much love and thank you.
Guest chapter 71 . 8/3/2019
read this again for the 4th time and I wih wish wish you would've finish it.
kitty.mawe chapter 71 . 7/23/2019
I’ve been reading this non stop for 3 days in a row and I’m so sad to see it’s not finished. I know life gets in the way and etc, but if ever get the chance please finish this.
You write so well, both Sakura and Sasuke even though are OOC, they are so well developed and written. Every angsty-fluff scene I felt as my heart was breaking just as theirs.
This is one of the best AUs I’ve ever read. Thank you for this :)
Anyways, hope to see an update soon, xx
Guest chapter 71 . 6/3/2019
Updated: Jan 8, 2017- it's already 2019

another great story coming to an unfinished end? :c i'm hoping not and still prying for an update!
SS chapter 71 . 6/3/2019
It's been over two years since you've updated this story. I hope everything is ok for you.
This is one of my favorite stories that I can re-read without getting bored and dying for the day this gets updated (i keep hoping!)
Louchette chapter 71 . 6/2/2019
I found this fic today and i spend my whole day doing nothing but reading this.
If i have to be honest, i only started reading it cause i thought it was finished.
I guess not.
I know it has being a looong time but pleeease you have to update! you can't leave us like this! You put so much work on this, for so long, you cant leave us like this but it would be unfair to you too to leave it after all the hard work for so long.
I hope someday soon i find an alert of un update of this fic :( wish you are great! Kiss!
PS: I know its just a fic but i cant help being scared and feeling nobody watching me. Damn (?
Oani chapter 71 . 5/19/2019
One of the best things I have ever read! I hope you'll come back to this. Very often in AUs characters are OOC just because AU, but not here, not in the best fics. Huge appreciation for this masterpiece! Hope you are doing great where you are.
ItIsMeQueen4aday chapter 28 . 5/12/2019
I hope sai dies in this. I hate him
ItIsMeQueen4aday chapter 19 . 5/12/2019
this is well written, I love it so far..except for one thing..Sakura is a huge bitch. I hate how she snaps at Sasuke! makes me glad that rogue os tormenting her.
Guest chapter 20 . 4/29/2019
No way..."There's something about him"? "artistic fingers"? "sketchpad"!? Omg Sai why :'(
Guest chapter 71 . 4/22/2019
Whaaaaattt are you going to upload the ending ?! I’m so sad I needa no how it ends
LittleKnownSprout chapter 71 . 4/20/2019
Oh my God, are you serious? What a cliffy, my heart can't take it Xd Fantastic work with the suspense and everything you have in this story, because it has truly wound together to make a masterpiece. Please update whenever you have time. I know from experience that life can be irritating, but I hope you find the time to let free your creative juices. XD Oh lol, I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Anyway, keep up the fantastic work!
LittleKnownSprout chapter 62 . 4/20/2019
oh fuck!

I kind of knew it in the beginning when you said that his smile seemed fake and all, and I knew it wasn't Gaara because of his sister, but I kept having multiple different conjectures about who it was and I COMPLETELY forgot about Sai, ugh!

Literally at the edge of my seat the entire time. Fantastic suspense!
LittleKnownSprout chapter 58 . 4/20/2019
My heart is literally exploding. I thought that Sasuke's confession scene was perfectly well-paced and emotional. It didn't help that I was listening to one of the saddest Naruto soundtracks while reading this T.T. Can't wait to keep reading!
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