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kiki chapter 71 . 2/25/2018
it's been a year since you've updated TT but i have hope that you'll still update when you have time!
sha5aditto chapter 71 . 2/21/2018
please let it be a happy ending I. beg. you. a happy ending. please. I reread this story a lot. this is probably my sixth or seventh time. NO PRESSURE. I TRUST YOULL SHOW US THE BEST ENDING EVER. I RLLY TRUST YOU NO PRESSURE. I am aware how writers are effected negatively from the comments and I don't want my comment to be one. as I've always said in the past you're the best out there! Not just this website! your writing is what makes me want to read this thing again and again and again.
randilynnbaby18 chapter 71 . 1/15/2018
its been over a year I can't wait until it's finally updated. is almost done! you've come this far, you've captured the attention of so many readers that love and adore this story! updating and writing is purely your choice, but please don't forget about all of the people you've had fall in love with this story. We are all eagerly awaiting an update from you! normally I wouldn't beg for an update, but this story has been one of my utmost favorites and I reread all the time; and from other reviewers I know I'm not the only one. I genuinely hope you're doing well, and that you not updating is coming from being busy with life, and not from illness or injury.
This Username Is Classified chapter 71 . 1/9/2018
NEED THE LAST CHAPTER OMG Sakura thank you for being so resilient and trying to use your brain even while in pain. I hope things turn out well, after all their hard work.. This is such a good story, well-written and you really led things flesh out really well. Aaaah can't wait! You can do this! Thanks for even attempting to finish it x')
This Username Is Classified chapter 62 . 1/9/2018
This Username Is Classified chapter 25 . 1/8/2018
I'm actually so thankful Sasuke has her phone rn
This Username Is Classified chapter 19 . 1/8/2018
Kelexii chapter 71 . 1/1/2018
Please please update. I am in love with your story and have been waiting for the ending for the past year. I am on edge and can’t wait to read what happens next! Please please come back and finish the story!
Guest chapter 71 . 12/29/2017
Don't give up on this story, I need it in my life. You are an amazing writer, probably my favorite SS story out there and it's not even done.
Guest chapter 71 . 12/27/2017
Please dear god, for my sanity. Next chapter u angel.
KatTush chapter 71 . 12/5/2017
mushipans chapter 71 . 11/29/2017
I've come back here again to reread the entire thing. I've been following this story for many years and knowing that it will come to an end soon is bittersweet. I cannot wait for the next update! thank you
Honest Thoughtz chapter 51 . 11/18/2017
Hmm... Nice!

*continues reading

You're a phenomenal writer... I love their development...! The progress was slow burn but realistic...! You have discipline in writing.

When I call a writer "disciplined", I mean: They're creative, controlled, and patient. A disciplined writer respects conflict, development, interaction, and characterization. They try to keep their charaters' dialogues *realistic*.

While most other writers would let their OTPs jump and mooch at first sight Juz coz it's hot and their hormones urge them to -Unlike these writers- a disciplined writer tries to build up character relationship, create tension, and allow conflict to push the two to understand each other and come to terms with whatever- and just develop them realistically.
So when the two characters finally interact with a romantic light or sweetly: we, the readers, would appreciate it more. The story behind their interaction gives more meaning...
Good job~! I appreciate how you developed their relationship.
Honest Thoughtz chapter 48 . 11/17/2017
I actually respect Sasuke for meddling and I appreciated Sakura for accepting his Sacrifice and joining him in his meddling.
Risks are ok if it comes with an effort to try do something... Anything about your predicament. I always repected people who fought back, no matter how hopeless. People who stayed determined when their spirits should be crushed-those are inspirational people.

I was just a little dissapointed with Sakura last chapter. Sasuke didn't need to get involved yet he offered to help Sakura. She acted a little ungrateful last chapter:

"last night's events came spilling into my head. How much of the evening's happenings was he aware of? Did he know about my going out with Gaara? Would he hurt him? God, no, I thought, before my mind moved on to the following occurrence: Sasuke. What if the Rogue found out about our trip to the alley? He'd harmed Sasuke, once, because of me, because he hated the Uchiha for meddling into the situation. Would he do it again?"
- she just realized?

Meddling with Sasuke... I respect the effort to end the trouble. It was dangerous but was a necessary move. It was really selfless of Sasuke. And I respected him for pushing some action and giving support to Sakura

Going out on a date with gaara- arriving late for her snooping with Sasuke and arriving with heels: all those were unecessary and careless moves.

The date: was unnecessary and might unnecessarily endanger gaara
Arriving late: made her seem ungrateful when the person she was meeting with was only doing because he wanted to help.
Heels: she acted like they weren't about to sneak on some dangerous people.

It made Sakura seem like a character who doesn't know what to prioritize, inconsiderate of others safety, ungrateful of help, a little too hormonal, not determined to try or help out, unprepared, careless, not planning, etc...

NOW ino's in danger... I just hope Sakura won't allow her bestfriend to die without putting a fight.

I'm trying to like sakura here and giving her chance. She is realistic, i guess... But even real people have moments where they do everything in their power and not just cry or go emotional.
I'll see...
*continues reading
Minor bad character traits aside... Everything else about this story is great.
I'll keep reading to see if Sakura gets some character devrlopment.
Please continue making great fics... I'm enjoying this so much.
Honest Thoughtz chapter 47 . 11/17/2017
I need to add:
She thinks gaara's innocent and doesn't know about the rogue- at least that's what she thinks.
what then makes her think she's safe with gaara?
He's oblivious and ignorant. Doesn't she know ignorance means that he's guard isn't up?

By interacting with gaara doesn't it cross her mind that she might get him involved? She acts like suigetsu didn't die by just talking to her... Shouldn't she think that going out at a date might get that person killed?

If she does think that that person is someone not involved... Then wasn't she being selfish by pretending that nothing's wrong by being in the company of an ignorant and blissful person?
Doesn't she know that bringing people close to her (literally) brings them within the line of sight of the rogue? The rogues eyes are mostly focused on her... Doesn't she know that anybody standing next to her might draw the rogue's eyes to that person?
So she thinks that gaara is innocent... She was pretty selfish to take comfort in his innocence, not consider that she might get him involved by bringing the rogue's attentions to him, careless enough to fall into a false sense of security. She thinks he's ignorant right? So how can he keep her safe if his guard isn't up... Idk.. Because it's not like he's expecting a killer to watching over her.

I'm just criticizing Sakura's selfishness... Only thinking about her comfort yet not considering the potential danger her comforter might get in...
She presumes he's innocent and she took advantage of it.
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