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Aliya-a chapter 31 . 6/23/2017
There is a high chance that the Rogue is in fact Sai, why wasn't he at the hospital with the rest of the guys, not everybody likes Karin but they cared enough for her to be there, at the hospital. It also explains why the Rogue and Sasuke has the same way of talking, Sai lives in the same house as Sasuke and he paid attention to the way Sasuke speaks, to imitate him and in this way to convince Sakura that Sasuke is the one responsible for the deaths. Sai had also antagonized Sasuke in front of Sakura, and a part of Sakura's suspicions about Sasuke and a part of their fights were started by what Sai had told her. Sai was also indifferent to Karin's death and to Sasuke's suffering, it doesn't matter how much you hate somebody in extreme circumstances you have to show a little pity, but Sai isn't showing anything, he is like a robot. It was touching to see the words of affection that Sasuke had told Sakura, that he cares for her, he puts her on the same category as his family and with Karin, a girl that he loved, and maybe his angry in the next moment is that he perceived what Sakura told him as a rejection.

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Aliya-a chapter 30 . 6/22/2017
Now it is Sasukes's turn to be embarrassed because of the curiosity of Uruchi and her husband, and I am sure Sakura enjoyed every minute of it. Sakura just realised that Sasuke and Karin had a relationship and isn't very happy about it, though she doesn't realises why that is the case, maybe because she is starting to develop some feelings for him, or she is feeling sorry because she has realised that Karin's death will affect Sasuke more than she thought. The stalker is somebody from Sasuke's past, whether it is the same guy that Sasuke was arguing with a few chapters back, or the guy he talked to, when he was grounded or somebody else, they all are related in a way. Is it a coincidence or more that Sasuke had the same line as the Rogue? I don't think that Sasuke is the Rogue, but is there a connection between the two?

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Aliya-a chapter 29 . 6/21/2017
The question is who is following them, it can't be the Rogue since he is busy killing Karin, so it must be somebody from Sasuke's past. It was amusing to see Sakura's parents reactions when they found out who her friend is, her mother was very nervous and upset with letting her daughter go out, while her father was casual about it even telling Sasuke embarrassing stories about her. Maybe as a lawyer her mother takes breaking the law by the word while her father having worked as a police officer had seen the other side of the deal, also he is beast friends with Kakashi, he probably has more information about Sasuke and his past than we realise. I liked their interactions, Sakura realising that Sasuke had a hard life, forced to grow up on the streets without protection, but he also lives in the real world and isn't forced to live his life to perfection the way that Sakura was raised.

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Aliya-a chapter 28 . 6/19/2017
The Rogue once again has used fear to make Sakura to give him another name, he had planned everything, he had known that Sakura's parents are at home and he delivered his message knowing that they were at home, he had sent her those pictures to frighten her. Sasuke is also more perceptive, he already knows that there is something wrong with Sakura but he wants to give her time, for her to be comfortable with his presence for him to start to ask questions. Sakura becomes aware of the good parts that Sasuke has, and is starting to realise that something in his past has changed him and made him angry. The phone number was the sweetest part of the chapter, Sakura knows that she can relay on Sasuke when she needs help, or at least her instincts tell her to relay on Sasuke when she is distressed.

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Aliya-a chapter 27 . 6/18/2017
Sasuke and Sakura are interested in each other more than they would like to admit to themselves, Sasuke tries to disguise it as insanity and concern for the situation at the phone, when she was afraid, and Sakura tries to say that she is curious about Sasuke but that it's only that. It must have been awkward for Sakura to find herself in a house full of boys and then to see a half-naked Shikamaru, but also a half-naked Sasuke. I wonder if Sai doesn't have any hidden motive for trying to make Sakura doubt Sasuke, every time they have a conversation in which Sasuke is involved,Sai always says that Sasuke is a bad person. It also looks like Gaara has some secrets of his own, and in a way or another it involves Sakura, could Temari's disappearing has something to do with the Rogue?

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Aliya-a chapter 26 . 6/17/2017
This chapter shows the growth of the relationship between Sasuke and Sakura, in the last chapter Sakura was worrying that she didn't knew what to say for the conversation to flow, and now she doesn't think what she should say, the conversation runs naturally. It was interesting to see the conversation between Sai and Sakura, they aren't friends and their interactions weren't that often, but he seems to worry too much about her, and there are two options, either he hates Sasuke and wants to ruin his developing relationship with Sakura, or there is something else that he is hiding. I also liked that Shikamaru was a true friend to Sasuke and had stood for him.

Keep up the good work.
Aliya-a chapter 25 . 6/16/2017
It was such a sweet chapter before the Rogue had appeared. Sasuke was trying to deny that he had a great time with Sakura and that she is more than just an annoying princess, that during the time that they have spent together they weren't enemies anymore but they were friends. But I guess that moments like these will be rare, and not just because of the Rogue, although he is the main cause, but also because of their personalities, Sakura's way of seeing Sasuke and his friends and Sasuke's feelings towards their past.

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Aliya-a chapter 24 . 6/15/2017
So the Rogue was in the house with her, for the moment he has no interest in killing her but only wants to play with her, that means he probably left when Sakura was upstairs changing. It was cute to see Sasuke worry about her and his invitation taking her to the beach, he probably was with her all the time otherwise he wouldn't know to tell her when to turn right or left. It was sweet to see their interactions. It is clear that Sasuke cares for Sakura at a certain level or Sakura had judged him wrong and Sasuke has more compassion in him that she thought him capable of. Sakura trusts him, otherwise she wouldn't have followed his instructions even when she was in the forest, maybe she had followed her orders because she was scared and she needed someone, but still it is saying that she followed him

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Guest chapter 71 . 6/14/2017
Hi! i hope everything is going well for you, it's been awhile, when are you going to update? i want to know what will happend
Aliya-a chapter 23 . 6/13/2017
The Rogue has been in her house while she was sleeping and had left her a message on the home telephone, he probably had started the alarm when he had left her house, because he wanted for Sakura to know that he can appear when she lest expects him and to make her see her house no longer as a safe place, even with an alarm. I wonder if Sakura's dream is like a premonition, more people will die but the question remains who is the mysterious knight that will be there for her, could it be Sasuke? Sasuke clearly is willing to set aside whatever reasons he might find to help Sakura, he doesn't care about rules, reputation or maybe his pride.

Keep up the good work.
Aliya-a chapter 22 . 6/13/2017
It was nice to have a chapter without the Rogue being present, but he isn't that far away from Sakura's mind. The interactions between Ino and Naruto were hilarious and then Ino thinking (correctly) that Sakura was bothered to see Sasuke with Karin, and letting them together dragging a clueless Naruto after her. It is also fun to see that Sasuke is so eager to introduce Sakura to his friends only later realising that his friends might tease him because of his actions, Suigetsu looks like he will do just that. It is still sad to see that Sakura judges people after their appearance and by the fact that they are part of the Outreach program, she should learn that if people wear certain types of cloths that doesn't mean they are bullies, and just because Karin is mean that doesn't mean that she doesn't have a sad story behind if Sakura pretends tha Sasuke says or thinks about her doesn't affect her, it is clear that is the opposite, she cares about his opinions towards her. What is interesting is whether Karin was telling the truth, I think she was telling the truth and that sometimes Sasuke considers Sakura spoiled, and he probably hated her in the beginning, when he realised that she was the girl from five years ago, but from his thoughts it is clear that he no longer hates her. A mysterious figure has emerged from Sasuke's past, and that figure is trouble, it was nice to see that Sasuke is protecting Sakura.

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Aliya-a chapter 21 . 6/12/2017
The Rogue is a person that this time has risked a lot to deliver his messages to Sakura, if he had time to slip the message in the sketchbook, Sakura is right in saying that he had a limited amount of time in delivering the third message, and is also that he had seen her when she had ripped the first message, which means that either he was waiting fo her when she got out of Art class, or he is also taking that class with her. It was nice seeing Ino tease Sakura about Sasuke, it's clear that Ino thinks that Sakura has a crush on Sasuke, and from her own thoughts Sakura was disappointed when she didn't saw Sasuke on the field. Also Sasukes thoughts are interesting because he is also thinking about her and is eager to see her again. Even though it seems that Sasuke might like Sakura, he defends himself when she is rude to him.

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Aliya-a chapter 20 . 6/10/2017
The Rogue is capable of choosing a random victim and them murdering it, but he must have been very close to the park when he had talked with Sakura last time for him to pick Moegi, he is also trying to make Sakura feel guilty about what he has done. The most surprising act comes from Sasuke who is trying to be nice towards her, and is a jerk when Sakura mentions Gaara. He seems worried for her wellbeing, even though he doesn't give a full explanation for why he doesn't like Gaara or Sai, he says that he doesn't like Sai because he acts like a robot and with Gaara he seems upset about the fact that he and Sakura are close. Sasuke seems 'happy' when he is able to cheer Sakura a little.

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Aliya-a chapter 19 . 6/9/2017
Sakura was right when she was thinking that somebody was following her, Ino has been a witness to that. Sakura posses an interesting question this time, is she guilty or not about the deaths of Dosu and Kim, I don't think she is guilty of anything, she was under and is still under duress, the Rogue is forcing her to do something that she doesn't want to do, but she is also brave she had refused the Rogue this time, but will there be consequences because of this refusal? I liked the fact that Sasuke had come to her rescue even though earlier that day she was rude towards him, she didn't mean to be rude but Sasuke had caught her during a bad time.

Keep up the good work.
AmAzEd chapter 71 . 6/9/2017
you have a brilliant mind! I was sitting with Skillet reading this fanfic right from chapter 1 to 71. O M G! you had my attention right from the start and had me on the edge of my seat and nervous as hell for Sakura. I could picture this made into an anime movie!
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