Reviews for Instant Message
morahon chapter 12 . 8/24/2021
This is my first ss thriller/horror fic to read, THIS IS SO GOOD! Im at the edge of my seat the whole time i was reading. Thank you so much for this
morahon chapter 11 . 8/24/2021
Sasuke stop being in denial pls
morahon chapter 9 . 8/23/2021
morahon chapter 8 . 8/23/2021
morahon chapter 3 . 8/22/2021
morahon chapter 1 . 8/21/2021
Heard a lot of good things about this story! And they were right that the first chapter is hooking and interesting! THIS IS SUCH A GOOD START! Thank you so much for this fic :D so excited for this journey
sakro chapter 71 . 8/12/2021
Wow! this is such a good fanfic please update
Guest chapter 1 . 8/11/2021
You were saying in a chapter you'd finish this unlike many fics out there, so why hadn't you, good story but I wish I didn't read, if I'd known it was incomplete I wouldn't have wasted my time.
Guest chapter 71 . 8/7/2021
It sucks that this was never finished, especially since it was so close to the end
Lizardo 053 chapter 71 . 6/23/2021
I loved how you built up the story. While reading chapter 71, I could feel my heart in my throat. Your characterizations of the characters are so interesting.
Moonflowermacc chapter 1 . 6/23/2021
Ok, I just binged this entire fucking fic and you just stop at a cliffhanger and just never update again. How could you do that to us
Guest chapter 71 . 6/10/2021
Whatttttt...where's the last chapter!? Noo don't leave me at such a cliffhanger! I need to know if she's alive or dead..
Guest chapter 69 . 6/10/2021
You're a brilliant writer. I was squirming while reading some scenes.
Guest chapter 55 . 6/9/2021
You really have me hooked! I cant seem to put my phone down reading yr awesome story
Guest chapter 71 . 4/8/2021
GIRL WHAT IS THIS CLIFFHANGER. i fr found this fic based on a friends recommendation and i binged read all of it in 2 days and the fact that you said there was 5 chapters left until it was over i was for real getting my hopes up for this story to come to an end until i saw the date and it hasn’t been updated since 4 years ago...:/ in a way it seems the supposed cliffhanger leaves a sad ending considering this fic doesn’t seem to be updated any time soon. i really was rooting for them to find sakura as they were so soo soooo close too. i was so hoping for a sakura and sasuke reunion but i guess my heart will remain broken under the assumption that sakura died with her final proclamation of love to sasuke :( i really did enjoy this fic i’ve never read anything so gorey and the fact that one of my fav characters in the anime was rouge was just shocker to me. i really would hope to see this story updated and finished but a girl can only dream really since i guess 4 years is a long time so i guess there is no point in keeping my hopes. hope your doing well tho i felt like i was reading you go thru ur life in the authors notes lol
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