Reviews for Fate Favors the Fearless
11lol11 chapter 21 . 9h
Woh all that action XD Go Link!
Guest chapter 21 . 7/1
This is my favorite fanfic ever! I'm really glad you're going to continue it and I hope that the updates are a little more frequent ;)
But honestly the dynamic between Link and Zelda is so good and their characters are also really good separately and together! Keep it up! :)
second-stooge chapter 21 . 7/1
Glad you could update this story and I can understand how you feel about having a full time job.
On to the review.

I think that Ganondorf is testing the Ordon Army and it's Wolfs right now, that's the only reason I can think of why Ordon was able to push as it did. Ganondorf is not above sacrificing pawns to further understand his enemy. Also glad that you managed to put a little bit of humor in there with Link talking about Ganondorfs nose as well as talking to Sir Gentilesse and at the end... over all, I think it was a good chapter and one that leaves you on edge since a war is always a very big event.
Link'sLily chapter 1 . 6/29
his was excellent so far! You did an incredible job with the description and just the writing style in general; the longer, eloquent sentences match well with your short, powerful ones. You are a fantastic writer and that is certainly proven correct by this story's success. I know you must get this all the time considering your popularity, but I would love some expert advise on my own story, According to Legend, which is doing decent on the site, but I have higher hopes for it especially in the future since I plan for it to be around 3 thousand words or so (assuming I combine it into one story instead of splitting it up). I am extremely passionate about this story and the directions it will take. You definitely don't have to, just thought I might as well put it out there since your advice/attention is as good as gold to me. Thank you for reading this and this truly was an amazing first chapter. Please continue this epic.
Zeldageek726 chapter 21 . 6/28
AMAZING! Don't you dare let this be discontinued(I know you said you wouldn't but still...) it is to great I've fallen in love with this story and you're making me paranoid that Zelda is misleading June I'm so confused about what to think! but it is still awesome :):):)
mistery904 chapter 21 . 6/27
Wow! I thought fore sure you had abandoned this. Great work and also please don't take another year to update again! The writing is too good to wait that long :D
Celestia's Paladin chapter 21 . 6/27
I hope it won't be another couple of years before you update again. I seriously thought this was a dead fic. You did pretty good with this, and was worth the wait.
Itherael chapter 21 . 6/26
Lengthy and awesome! Worth the wait! I'm glad this is back, keep writing my friend, it's always cool to see Link being epic. Expecting more!

- Frank
Smeehan98 chapter 21 . 6/26
This was a pretty damn good battle scene. There's a good blend of realism with the Shield Wall tactic whilst still keeping it exciting with the fresh ideas and badassery. The Goat and Wolf tactic in particular was a good example - nice tactic and Link got another opportunity to be his usual self.

The only point I really have to mention is that it didn't seem like any progress on either side was made. The battle seems to be going perfectly in Ordon's favor (perhaps a bit too well - I mean 3 lines on the charge alone?!), yet seems no closer to ending. If the same thing had happened to the Ordon lines they'd be well on the way to being overrun from how you described it, though I guess the Gerudo do have more numbers to fall back on?

Not a bad thing necessarily since it means i get to read more of this later. Anyway, even if i don't get it you did put an explanation in, so it's fine on my watch.
RandomButLoved chapter 21 . 6/26
It's all right; we don't mind about the little wait. Anyway, I am so glad that you gave us this chapter and cut it off at that point, because it seemed fitting to end it there for some reason. 15k is awesome, and it's awesome that the war hasn't just been one chapter. It was actually nice that Epona and Achillies held back, and Zelda too, as this was the chapter for Ordon to reappy shine. I loved the development for not only Ordon, but Ganondorf and his Army too, as their pre-battle talk was brilliant; especially on Link's part.
Speaking of which, it was his chapter too, and I really seemed to forget how awesome he was at fighting, and how he effortlessly he rallied the Army and helped to control the battle as a whole. Something must be up the sleeves of the Gerudo...
Brilliant chapter! :3
Guest chapter 21 . 6/26
Thanks for the update! Great chapter!
Legendary Legend Layer chapter 21 . 6/26
simply amazing. your battle scenes are awesome. I felt as if I was one of ordons frontline men watching link during his wolfing. it was great and I loved it. I can't wait till the next chapter. honestly with a few scenario changes this could potentially make an excellent original novel. keep it up!
sukarettimay chapter 21 . 6/26

mahal kita,
Minaly22 chapter 21 . 6/25
Welcome back, there are some very good lines in there, and I am just too happy you won't be abandoning this to care.
KokiriQueen chapter 21 . 6/25
I honestly have one word for this chapter.
I could not peel myself away from it even if my house was on fire. This is some of the best writing I've ever seen. The fact that you can write such a great battle scene is just so epic, I can't even think of better words to describe it.
Honestly, I was and wasn't surprised Link did so well. And this is purely based on my perception of the way you wrote Link, it probably doesn't relate at all to how you do.
I had a feeling that Link would pull off an amazing stunt like that because he's such a great hero, even with his boasting (which is completely appropriate along with the storyline). But, part of me was wondering if his arrogance would be his quick misfortune. I thought that it could've been like so many people are looking to him for guidance, and his first act in real battle was a mistake, but I figured that wasn't likely based on how freaking awesome his character is! This is such a great chapter.
Also, I LOVE the sexual humor towards Ganondorf and his son! It just adds to the list of why this story and your writing is brilliant. Zero complaints from me, keep doing what you're doing, I love it. I can't wait to see where the story goes from here!
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