Reviews for Fate Favors the Fearless
Guest chapter 21 . 1/22/2020
Any more chapters for this amazing story?
when is the next chapter 21 . 1/16/2020
it is great but how long does it take to make one no offense
nukedestroyer101 chapter 21 . 4/15/2019
prepare for war in latin and the title is fortis fortuna adiuvat or fate favors the fearless... its on john wicks back
Billy Bob Joe 23 chapter 20 . 4/4/2019
Is there an update ready for this?
ToufeekS chapter 21 . 2/21/2019
This fic needs to be continued... amazing story.
Billy Bob Joe 23 chapter 21 . 1/12/2019
Hey, do you think you could update soon?
AUMaker chapter 1 . 12/25/2018
I am so immersed with this fanfic. This is so well done. I had hope to see the conclusion of the first battle but it seems that I have to wait a couple or more years to do so. I love this fanfic so much, I have read it trice now, every year since 2015. I love what you did with Link's character. It is such a unique characterization. He is usually portrayed as a silent and humble hero. Here he is arrogant and cocky and I found it so refreshing. Although I am bothered at his negative reaction to matrimony and commitment but that's a personal pet peeve and didn't make me love your Link any less (It's a trope I have encountered too much in my romance novel hunting XD).

My only complaint is how Zelda's character turned 180 all of a sudden. She was so horrified at witnessing death earlier on the tournament but then suddenly she's familiar with it and revealed that she had had her first kiss when she was seven. Either she was pretending to be so deeply affected with death during the tournament and the massacre that happened after, or she was lying about her familiarity with death as to appear in control with her emotions in front of such authorative figures. As for the accusations of her being manipulative? I do believe she was to some degree but I dont think she was truly manipulating Link as she seems to oblivious to her effect on him. A part of me wants her to make due with her words of "All you have to do is ask and I'll gice you everything", specially if its in front of Rusl. The guy needs to see that Zelda's feelings for Link is truly real and not just a tool for manipulation. Well, I could only dream. XD

I do love her gentleness and kindness though. I like when a heroine is shown to be vulnerable but still stand up on her own feet and face the adversities thrusted upon her. That's true strength for me.
Guest chapter 21 . 11/11/2018
I hope you have a couple chapters ready to go soon! The wait is unbearable
french defense chapter 1 . 8/16/2018
Its ok. We dont mind waiting another few years for an update. Its not like you have hundreds of readers or anything waiting for it. :P
icicle.c.cold chapter 21 . 5/25/2018
Is good! Me like! LOTS! Looking forward to next chapter very much. Don't leave us hanging!
icicle.c.cold chapter 3 . 5/21/2018
Beta readers are a must have, and Grammarly is free and a real life saver. Love the story so far, Link is an right arse to anyone who pisses him off, and a sweetheart to those he knows. And I love the "alpha male" tendencies you gave him, works well with the wolf aspect of Link. You've really made him a person, rather than an avatar. Great work!
Guest chapter 21 . 4/13/2018
Hey I hope you haven’t given up on this story I’ve read through the whole thing twice. It really is amazing
forestblade chapter 21 . 3/27/2018
Can't wait for the next chapter of this! Incredible battle.
0rth3us chapter 1 . 3/17/2018
Still waiting on that 3 year update
Guest chapter 21 . 1/21/2018
AMAZING! I have read this fic all the way through and you never fail to impress! Question: when will the next chapter come out? The anticipation is killing me!
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