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Gojin1990 chapter 24 . 6/19
Are you still working on this? How often do you update if yes?
my 2 guys chapter 2 . 5/22
that was good keep the chapters coming
my 2 guys chapter 1 . 5/14
that was good keep the chapters coming
Aurora - Kitsune Lord Of Fire chapter 1 . 5/2
Haku's a woman you dumb shit.
AlucardChick101 chapter 2 . 4/16
Awesome story. Keep up the great work. .
Guest chapter 10 . 4/9
in his mom shop Naruto found some wehops from the d and d time poind and fornrimes like some gun swonrds one was red and bule one with a fox on it and other one with blacke and yellow one it with some danondgrsonit. a calw like shind and some others wehoples too,
arinasution5 chapter 6 . 4/6
Wolfone10 chapter 20 . 2/16
So is the kyuubi a devil arm or not? I mean if it IS then it ISN'T exactly a separate entity anymore and can't be extracted simply because, it's not a mass of chakra anymore... The same could be said for garaa.. as naruto supposedly ABSORBED the one-tail as another devil arm, it seems VERY murky, in that one chapter they are NOT jinchuriki and in the next they ARE... It's more then a little confusing.

Also with ALL these people knowing about Kushina and Minato (the shinobi council) how the hell did kushina get dead? Do you honestly think ALL the clans put together would have LET that happen? That makes no sense. On a side note, if naruto can FEEL garaa's chakra and visa-versa then why couldn't naruto tell EXACTLY what Garaa was the SECOND he met him? Or at least during the written test? (they were in the same ROOM!) (If so, why didn't he warn the hokage the second he saw him?)

Why did he give away all of his devil-arms? I mean with them he could have DESTROYED orochimaru.. Not only that, but it makes no sense HOW.. The only reason the devil arms WORK is because he's the descendant of sparta! I mean heck, Tenten and Haku haven't even COMPLETED their marks yet! and that's being VERY fast and loose with them being even SLIGHTLY demonic. *have you ever seen Inyuyasha?... It's in general a VERY VERY bad idea to give demonic weapons to others* also remember HE subdued them, NOT the girls! they got no claim whatsoever to the "powerful and prideful" demons. Nevan especially would never allow it, considering she claimed naruto FIRST and obeying another woman is COMPLETELY against a succubus, not only all these things combined, but just attempting to "give" them away is like treating them like slaves not helpers and partners. Sorry, but this is a pretty HUGE, GLARING plot hole! Yes keeping all the devil arms himself DOES probably make him O.P. but that's kinda the point, I mean EVERYBODY from summons to demons is scared of a descendant of sparda.. There SHOULD be a reason.

Also in this chapter.. If naruto has SO MUCH on his plate, why the heck are they sending him out on missions OUTSIDE the village?.. Considering that you pretty much ate up ALL his time with STUFF IN THE VILLAGE.. He's got NO TIME for missions outside of it (considering they take days, weeks and even months)
Wolfone10 chapter 19 . 2/16
You do realize with that simple statement that his body was ABOVE a jounin... You've effectively made Orochimaru and MOST of the akutski NOT A THREAT right? I mean think about it, Kabuto (orochi's right hand man) could only fight kakkashi to a stand-still, and kakkashi is WEAK without his eye... That effectively means Naruto is stronger, faster, more durable then Kabuto...That effectively makes him DOG-MEAT.. And sasuke is a JOKE... Naruto should be able to kill him with one hand tied behind his back, blindfolded, deaf and not paying attention. It's true... If he's ABOVE jounin, that only LEAVES KAGE... and sasuke even with the curse mark is a gennin... It wouldn't be a fight, it would be an adult abusing a toddler.(gotta monitor those power levels a little closer).. Naruto especially with the shadow clone, gets powerful FAST... REALLY REALLY fast... Add in dragon/divine power/phoenix/power over the dead/all the bijuus/half-demon/kyuubi's help/divine artifact/mystic swords/vampireism/lycanthropy/devil-fruit/elementalism ANYTHING really, and he FAR FAR outclasses anything a gennin could POSSIBLY DO. So canon needs re-worked. When sasuke defects he should NEVER catch up to him (as it would result in sasuke's instant demise), also people like orochi and kabuto who have devoted their LIVES to just LIVING and destroying the leaf, would not have the POWER to stand up to him... It's like a weight lifter that stops lifting weights... Their muscles turn to fat. Their just not that strong anymore. The akutski (although WHY they are still after him is a mystery) have been training non-stop to take down BIJUU... They SHOULD be significantly stronger... Although again, after naruto flushed their plans down the toilet, I have no idea why they'd be after him. The statue NEEDS all 9... If even ONE is missing the plan for the Juubi disappears in a puff of smoke... Kagura is NEVER gonna be resurrected, all their plans turn to CRAP. Obiteo, Nagito, the three tails plan, ALL OF IT becomes COMPLETELY worthless! everything they have done for DECADES, becomes NOTHING.. (might piss em' off)
Wolfone10 chapter 18 . 2/16
"many lives lost"... ACTUALLY you said "Thankfully, there were VERY FEW CAUSALITIES" in "aftermath" since they had advance warning.

I like that you BITCH SLAPPED the council... But somehow it seems a little underdone.. I mean Tsunade LOST her boyfriend, her brother, her child...her CLAN... ALL to them.. Don't you think she'd want some PAYBACK more then just stripping them of power? I mean if the hokage rules them (finally got that part right) then they could be accused and executed for high treason.. FOR WHATEVER REASON floated her boat at the time... "they looked at her wrong... they disagreed with her... anything"...Revenge is a dish best served COLD... I know my reviews seem a bit... BLOODTHIRSTY.. But you gotta consider the subject matter, EVERYTHING is solved with their fists! There isn't a single epheny or revelation that DOESN'T happen after a beat down! i'm simply taking it to it's LOGICAL conclusion. DEATHS probably a LOT of them... Only THIS time committed by the "good guys"... (you know like NORMAL people with superpowers)... if Tsunade can CRACK a mountain with a punch why wouldn't she turn EVERYONE that cost her everything into a bloody smear on the ground? Especially sense nobody could arrest her? Proof, no proof... WOULD YOU CARE? If you KNEW they were responsible for killing your entire family for no reason other to control you? I'd paint the walls red... They wouldn't have a chance to plan, they'd be too busy.. in hell...

After all who's to stop her? The daiymo? He doesn't care... Already approved her induction and DOESN'T CARE what happens in the villages... The shinobi? She's their supreme commander now, they CAN'T go against her... civilians? WHO CARES? So NOBODY... Not only is she the most POWERFUL political ruler in the village... She's PHYSICALLY the most powerful (with the exception of possibly naruto.. Who has his own reason for letting the council die).. NOBODY CARES ENOUGH about them... They get NO HELP... So it's basically a group of civilians trapped in a room with a sannin that wants nothing but for them to DIE... It's a bloodbath!
Wolfone10 chapter 16 . 2/16
Wouldn't Hanabi be MORE safer at the Namikaze compound? I mean she was sent AWAY from the hyuuga compound for her safety after all. So is she safe at the hyuuga's or NOT at the hyuuga's? because this is confusing. Also if Rin was around this whole time why did she LET kushina die? Especially if she's at the diyamo's court, shouldn't naruto's heritage be known to HIM then through her? Also what did Hinabi find in the library? That seems to have been forgotten.

Also why would the akutski even be continuing with the plan? Naruto already shot the "moon-eye" plan to hell by getting rid of the kyuubi and turning into a weapon, not only that but he did the SAME THING to the one-tail, so basically there are now TWO of the tailed beasts that they can NEVER get ahold of... So it kinda flushes their plans down the toilet and also makes it so they have no reason to be after Naruto or Garaa anymore. (all they gotta do is LISTEN to the rumors in the leaf they're all crowing about naruto killing the kyuubi)

About tsunade, her entire clan wiped out by ambushes? Seriously? Even a blind, deaf, fool would kill danzo over it. I've said it before, but to WHOM are they needing to present proof TOO? It's not the daiymo he's made it quite clear he doesn't give a shit what happens in the villages so long as the nins keep doing their jobs... It's not the people (the hidden villages don't operate by democracy) The kage is the only one you gotta prove it too.. and if he/she is the one with suspicions? Then BRING THE HAMMER DOWN on the old fossil! The only reason they don't in canon is because they don't even SUSPECT him in canon (he's never tried anything OVERT.. LIKE KILLING THE SENJU and UZUMAKI clans)
Wolfone10 chapter 15 . 2/15
The team thing that kakkashi thinks is a BIT flawed... Naruto is NO LONGER happy go-lucky, not bright and nice.. Sakura is more of a fan girl then Rin ever was, she doesn't play peacekeeper if she ALWAYS sides with the Uchiha (that's not keeping the peace). The uchiha is a power-hungry, jealous little prick.. NOT the aloof genius. So in actuality they are NOTHING like his old team at all.
Wolfone10 chapter 13 . 2/15
If sasuke was "hit with the force of a truck going seventy miles a hour" he would be a blood-smear on the ground. (as much as that makes me smile) Not able to stop himself, his bones would SHATTER, his organs would pop like water balloons, and his skin would rupture. Come to TERMS with what happened? SERIOUSLY?... There is no "come to terms"... and the jounnin should have let Naruto kill the uchiha. I mean whether he's killed by naruto or defects to Orochi, the leaf STILL loses the sharringan either way, so it's not like it REALLY matters. At least with his death, #1. Orochi doesn't get his paws on the eyes, #2. The leaf throws a very SERIOUS monkey-wrench in Orochimaru's plans (always a plus) #3. there are two more eyes to implant in BETTER nins.
Wolfone10 chapter 9 . 2/14
Orochi is pretty much a JOKE in the naruverse.. I mean think about it, he pops up like the boogey-man when they are all kids, just learning ninja skills, gets his ass HANDED to him by naruto and then shows up later after the akutski are done... He's so weak he doesn't DARE show his face while they're facing off.. What I really wanna know, is if EVERYONE is so skilled in sealing (orchi's 5 prong seal... assorted ninja with chakra suppression seals, danzo with his seals) why is it called a "lost art" and also why in the hell don't they use them against the akutaski?... If you slap one on Kisame's sword he's pretty much DONE for the fight.. Slap one on Itachi and his sharringan is out the window... None of these people are much of a threat! Yet nobody ever does, they save it for when Naruto is "freaking out"... Does that make sense to you? Asuma DIES fighting these idiots, when ONE PAPER SEAL would have won it! Either sealing is a LOT more common then stated, OR naruto can't be stopped, you gotta kinda pick one.
Wolfone10 chapter 8 . 2/14
I say, just put the uchiha DOWN, I mean it's what you'd do to a mad dog, regardless of if it was a rare breed or whatnot... You'd still shoot it in the head before it became a problem... Same principal applies here... I mean sasgay was already mentally unbalanced, power hungry and a complete slime as a person, now with Orochimaru's interest and a seal spoon-feeding him power it's only a matter of time before he goes traitor... The higher-ups (even danzo) should see this IS A PROBLEM... better to just put the boy down and be done with the whole situation. Yes the sharringan is powerful, but NOT powerful enough to risk giving it to the enemy, also who's to say that sasuke and itachi are the ONLY uchiha left (in fact I KNOW they're not, because in the new movie AFTER "the last naruto movie" there is a father and daughter BOTH with the sharringan). Itachi might have had WHO KNOWS how many kids out there. To say nothing about dalliances and one-night-stands by other uchiha (before they died) on missions. Sasuke just ISN'T worth the risk.

Wait, huh? How did the fox appear.. Isn't it a devil arm now? I mean you had that whole speech that it was going bye-bye. Also if Kushina showed up at naruto's birth, wouldn't they KNOW he's the son of the forth? Considering he was the only guy she was around... Careful... Your plots leaking. Of course that happens ANY time you add the civilian council, because it's such a stupid body of government, why would you even WANT civilians in the ruling process of what is essentially a military base? That makes no sense whatsoever. There are NORMAL villages where a civilian council makes sense... But this is a HIDDEN VILLAGE... That means military might! (as in NO CIVILIANS-allowed to rule, advise, talk, anything) It's bad enough with the advisers (which, I again see NO POINT TO, they are NOT nins anymore, their advice is outdated, they never LEAVE the village so all their intel is so old as to be worthless, and their opinions are antiquated and completely irrelevant)

HUH, it's funny that you talk about the sandime kazekage, because Naruto gets the magnet release power too in canon.. LOL Along with boil and lava, plus all the elements, and yin and yang and yin-yang.. So these fanfics that give him all the elements are ACTUALLY correct! ALONG with 3-4 kekki genki too :) He gets the all anyway, who cares if it's a little early. I mean honestly, he becomes a badass at 13 not 15... In the grand scheme of things? That's really just an eye-blink.
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