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Axcel chapter 21 . 3/27
He doesn't bag Koyuki? Awwww... :(
Axcel chapter 18 . 3/27
The Hokage has absolute authority and infinite power over his or her village second only to the Daimyo. Tsunade could mess with the council all she wants regardless of how many hours had passed.
Axcel chapter 17 . 3/27
Why do authors constantly say Tsunade uses a genjutsu or henge? The manga explicitly states that it is a medical technique which genuinely prevents her from aging. The entire jutsu is even explained in detail several times. Authors of fanfiction have a very bad habit of making assumptions and not even bothering to look up information about...well, anything, really.
Axcel chapter 14 . 3/27
Haku shouldn't be able to use Cerberus. Naruto has not marked her and even then she'd need to defeat Cerberus to earn his obedience or he'd kill her.
Axcel chapter 9 . 3/26
You...don't actually know what bullets are, do you...

If the chakra bullets are silent, then why do you say it makes a thunderclap when fired?

By the way, why make the change to chakra when Ebony and Ivory already had infinite ammunition and fired very large bullets with immense power behind them thanks to the demonic energy, could be overcharged with demonic energy, and generally ruined everyone's day? Now they're weaker, are limited by the user's chakra, and silent just does not fit Devil May Cry in the slightest. They also seem to have lost their overcharge ability.
Axcel chapter 8 . 3/26
I agree with you about yaoi. I have nothing against gays or homosexuality, but too freaky is too freaky. Besides, can't the yaoi pairings at least be between people who actually have some chemistry together instead of people who don't go together simply for the sake of making yaoi? Not to mention that, unfortunately, yaoi authors not only write BAD yaoi, but they also spam numerous yaoi fics per author.

People like that worsen the reputation of homosexuality.
Axcel chapter 6 . 3/26
Clearly, Naruto isn't afraid to take advantage of things that come his way. Dante was a bit too prudish/chivalrous in that regard.
Axcel chapter 5 . 3/26
I didn't think he used Dante's pistols. Since you showed him reloading during your flashback, but Ebony and Ivory never need to be reloaded since they use demonic energy to create ammunition infinitly. I doubt their magazines are even a separate component from the hilt.
Axcel chapter 2 . 3/26
Politically, Tsunade and Naruto being forced to marry each other and have children makes sense. Regardless of age difference, both are the last (known at that time) members of two of the most powerful clans in the world. More importantly to politics, their clans were originally one clan, but the Uzumaki eventually broke off (peacefully) and formed the Uzumaki clan. That clan went on to become so terrifyingly powerful that they got the Uchiha ans Senju to work together to build Konoha basically by telling both to sit down and shut up.

So, Tsunade X Naruto would reunite those clans completely. Since Tsunade is the granddaughter of Uzumaki Mito, this would make the politics even more satisfied. Remember that Tsunade's chakra control is described as a trait of the Senju clan. Combine that with Uzumaki chakra reserves, powerful body, and kenjutsu talent (which is on-par with their fuinjutsu talent). Tsunade herself already demonstrated an incredibly high level of fuinjutsu mastery by inventing her chakra seal on her forehead. Not to mention the medical technique that prevents her from ageing (not a henge or genjutsu).

Given her medical skill, if her ovaries are empty or whatever, I'm sure she could fix that. So having children isn't an issue either. Oh, and how long Uzumaki live (a really freaking long time).

Their children would be Tsunade strength, chakra control, medical jutsu, and fuinjutsu combined with Naruto's healing, chakra capacity, longevity, ninjutsu, trap mastery/stealth, and his sheer cunning/deviousness. Scary, right? The returned Senju clan would really scare the hell out of everyone. Hmm, there is even room in the middle of the Senju clan crest to fit the Uzumaki clan crest to signify their reunification.

Seriously, the Uzumaki defeated six bijuu form jinchuuriki and tens of thousands of the strongest ninja of three great villages and several of the strongest minor villages. The bijuu killed (dispersed, whatever), and the ninja massacred. Even then, a tiny few Uzumaki survived. The invaders didn't. Now imagine the Uzumaki with Tsunade's strength, Naruto's reserves, and near perefect chakra control, the completed Rasengan, shadow clones, and Hiraishin, and two of the three most powerful summoning contracts. Yeah...flee-on-sight for an entire clan, probably.
Captain Moroni chapter 23 . 3/14
I can't wait for the next chapter in this story. Hopefully it catches me while I'm on my DMC kick. Vergil's awesome. Nuff said.
wesker101 chapter 23 . 1/16
jaime bien ta fic jai hate de lire les prochain chapitre.
nicholas.souddress chapter 23 . 1/12
I don't know your schedule for posting but I know I can't wait for the next chapter.
dakk55 chapter 23 . 12/16/2014
Excellent read. One of better DmC/Naruto crossovers. Hope there will be more chapters up.
Th 1998 chapter 13 . 11/22/2014
I really like your story and your ranting about the Naruto manga is completty corrct
Shroud Leonitus Helsing chapter 5 . 11/15/2014
Just an idea when naruto defeats the shukaku no ichibi he gains a new release called:Cosmic slayer. If you want it to sound cooler try the Japanese translation of it.
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