Reviews for Devil of the Hidden Leaf
Mizukodai chapter 2 . 9/20
And Kishimoto garbage to add to the last failure.
Mizukodai chapter 1 . 9/20
Haku's a girl dips**t.
Guest chapter 24 . 7/22
Please update man.
robert krause chapter 15 . 7/10
when his godfather had be it some bottles to get sex for when ,Naruto had other hand be go over the new the jobs SJ be doing for when some had the school to working with and some was in t and I ared and when the get a red and blcke book of his dad own book on life and why was he and his wife was trying to doing to him when in it he find out the shop be redoing into a new looking of a old bank looking shop and with the up floors for some ninjas tools and Imles too and when in it he find new way of offices to be into it and some time He get the mob boss money and co moeny too and buy out the others shops out form the Ione ape and wolf too and when in time Naruto put the working it over and then the old sings he took off the old shops and some time Naruto put into the old sings in the meeting room and working it too ,when in time the office he had keep is full of art books and some time a pother of the old founer and co founer him now only in the ninjas vest SJ and tenten with him too , when then the working room Naruto keep a tools of made ninjas tools and others tings too , when in time bouny huther was good for him and when think of ask tenten to join in fox nights a bouny huther co to took out goons and some s calss bad guys and woamn ,she ask Naruto will be long and handing full ,he say yes tenten ,and the pay will be good too ,and moving about is sill long and it times bonging too so get some books and some others things to doing when on the road , when she doing it and Naruto doing the same ,when in others lands and vaillges Naruto and tenten get to made some slfe houses up in them is sand vaillge mist waves and some others too ,when then the big one a ware house in the lands of waves with some beds and some food and some time Naruto and tenten living in for when took out armys of goons and some others too , when then the mob moeny doing is help with the job and when in tea couny Naruto put the moeny away too ,as for a little one for his wife little sister and wife too #59b had 1000-00-99-to some of 3000-000 moeny to be ueds when the gril is 19 to 29 for her ueds too ,
robert krause chapter 14 . 7/6
when Naruto had be home for when looking into the boing books on the most hand men and woamn in to looking over the books he found out of 23 form the mist vaillge he took out and the last one is husk woman Q. Robertson a woamn who made kids into killers and ninjas spy like and be into get pay too and when the woamn hidden in the bad lands for years and she had get them out too and when in the old bank offices when Naruto kown of he took out her out and killoff her and her army of goons and s calss ninjas ,when into the old office Naruto found the moeny of the frilmy and itis blue parts too and took them with him and he took her head and sword too a gold loin and shinde too with him keep them and tune the herd in and get pay for it 300-000-09 to 500-004 for paying him off too , when go to the old turd ports citys shops in the vaillge had outside Naruto keep a up side bed room and he was in bed too sheep in it now and the sword into the wall now , when then one of his wife tenten came out to sheeping in bed with him now, when the next day meeting with her over the shop new looking now and the others get buy out now , when loin ape get to be a new HQ for the shop now Devil may cry co now , 40 offices and cub city too and meeting room too full of old shops he get to be on the wall now , and the 2 wall of men and woamn calss ,bad guys and woamn like get took out , even the gave robbing bothers Mc ford get took out and both boys hats golf hats now Naruto own now a bule and red ones too , his own now , when in the office Naruto keep his rt of hot big bodds grils and woamn on the wall to some odd swords too , when then he be looking into the need for a palying room too for his tema and co owners when then Naruto had be working on the buyout out red lights ared homes and ueds bars too ,
robert krause chapter 11 . 7/5
when get to ueds of moeny he get he be working as a bounyhuther to gund working too and when in time and be on the go he keep some old home too when on the road about to get his god mother and when think of buy out the old homes out in the outside of the vaillge he buy out the lots of form the 1 to 55 of out and looking it the last one is for a guop of them to go to like the time he and tenten had made into for beds and some art on the wall as some food too and when working on it Naruto and tenten keep some meeting room on the floor of the home to meeting in too , on the wall is men and woamn bad one s he took out s calss and b calss men and woamn he took out and moeny full up the bank moeny too , when keep his men cave office and bed room too , he sheep in bed too , when he took out some time too he be looking into the buy out of foes old shops out too , when then like NCIS la boos ,he get to owner ship of old homes some form the red lights ared of the vaillge he be working with and seeing a old bar he get ownership of now #8 and some time too a home in the woods too and some warehouse too and when in the hosue his working on a old ship the fox nights a ship get to working to go with his wifes and need to go away too is a home in whipool he be working with too , when he be on the go a town city he took out in the land of wind remas port city itis full of evil men and woamn some form the misty vaillge and then kill off them off Naruto keep posts books and some art too , when meony is add too when in time Naurto find one men who had the scolls of the whipool and when looking it he get mad it him took both guns and frid it so hand on it both the eyes get stood ing out by him and his own end too ,the same his right hand woamn Rc was took out too ,when her cothers he keep some for his wifes and the others he sold to some shop in the vaillge for moeny too ,
robert krause chapter 8 . 7/5
when Naruto and ten ten had be working on the shop in the vaillge and when down in the shop Naruto and her find out on the door it was not opan for others shop owners trying to get in and thifes into it and Naruto had be think of buy out the others shop out on d and e blocks out and then when in the offices he get his mom old office with it was a dske he siting it looking over the bule parts and seeing it now of his dad frilmy and itis the old bank in the bad lands when the frilmy was like the a tema and warriors of hale and then banks 2 and was the 4 rich frilmy and poweerfule too and when looking over it now think 1 go to the bad lands and get the moeny out and moving it here and when doing it he be no a buy out job the others shops and the old posts out side of vaillger get some noew owner ship of it now and when doing it he then be working on the meeting room for tenten and her mom and dad and the bothers of her and then others too ,seeing why job is in to it now and he letting them kown when the shops get buy out and then sings form it is now his now and when get the buy out he ueds the warlords moeny to mob moeny too he be buyout the others too and then be working with his guop on the new HQ and itis meet ing room is over now with his foes sings form them on the walls now same too with the office his own now and tenten get one and both dad and mom get one and when the others get the cub room and when in the office Naruto like the NCIS LA Naruto keeps his own dolls grils form the playboy grils in bunny s grils cothers to some of zap zig and her f frineds and when in the office he keeps his working too , when in the out side of the vaillge he get them too is a men cave offices and working stay room too #99 them same Name he get form the old Hide out he and the others had ueds when the 4 was little , he keeps meony Hidden in it and books form the gams pc and gams of ps2 Ps3 and Xbox 360 too , when the art on wall of Starfox earth and some of hot grils too, when the bed in it too , desk in the office is for working on for school working Naruto be the swords men and he made it good and be it times he made the guop doing d working too .
roooobert krause chapter 15 . 7/4
when then Naruto and co had be working on the shops buy out form the d and f b anders and when in the old ueds bule is Ione ape a shop ueds to be a good shop to buy out tools and ninjas swords and cothers when it 1own and father was sill runing it and his 2 helps and now the 2 kids and then the kids of the 2 had nit doing good with it and now itis tools Naruto seeing the tools not good or the cothers now bad to ueds not good when the shop is now out not , Naruto buy out the last owners and he put the sings of them into the meeting room as a art now and itis to made others seeing Naruto had you as a foe and the co of them out way now , when then offices on the top and 2 floor is up now and when in the old port out side of vaillge is ueds now as Gary men co Naruto 2 co and the 4 and his wife own co for the co ueds too ,when get the mob moeny and gold into the co and ueds it for the meeting room and his frilmys meeting too and men caves and offices too ,
Rebmul chapter 15 . 7/5
a clone?
Guest chapter 18 . 7/3
when he get home with her and then made her living in the band home in the back and when in it she put her colthers away for it now a blue and red ones to some blcke ones to some blue svlers cothers too and when in the bed room is a big and is one of the 1 homes in the home be in the days of the 4 hokle had living in too , when then her old ninjas hand bard is no the wall now the sound on it now , when in the 2 room is her siting room too , when then she get the note on why her jobs is to working with , a note too say to her you to working with the others cothers and put them awau too not to took for you own ueds , Naruto put in , when go the ranks of the others in the home Hinata is to be the 2 in commer under Naruto as for Anko is be 3 and then working with tenten too when going out to the meeting he had with both her mom and dad over the move to the home now and both of her bothers the 1 is Micky lee Jr who more of a woods and Huther is living in the cottlers home now and the 2 others Robert K, Robertson is in the red lights ared of the vaillge and his get a old inn now , and the 3 is Ricky fox too living in it now , when then the boys was odds balls ninjas and be into the time of the 4 and 3 hokles and now with Naruto into the bad lands to some help too ,,
robert krause chapter 18 . 6/20
when in the old ueds shops on the outside of the vaillge Naruto open up the gary men co a moeny ling co he had made with mob moeny and then when in the up sides office Naruto put going over mob moeny and some time ueds it to buy out the others foes out and when in the new office meeting rooms is old sings of his foes he buy out and then when in the old shops Naruto tenten dad be buit up a new ared to made swords and others need weopands and then why was a mom and son old shop is a cotlers made room for colthers and when it is tenten mom own office and when then the maid one is offices for her tenten dad and Naruto too and when it is cub offices too and when it is 34x9 of them and when then is a palying room full of X box 360 games books and art too same with paly s games and books and art too ,when in the Naruto own office is v r sun gals he be in the hot woamn games and one of starfox earth too , when it times he need to working the mine shop when tenten is there too sold out colthers and others ninjas tools to swords and others Imles too .when then the pay roll was big too , when in time Naruto be buy out others foes too , a new base is nee for the meetings and offices too and when then Naruto had get some new help too not with his others 3 wifes he get some help form the school too when the need for d rack job and when it too, he had some kids working the job with tenten bother Danny lee running it now , when then Naruto had get a old were house he buy out for a men cave and offices too , working the school had it time be a pain in ass for him .
Guest chapter 7 . 6/18
when Naruto be looking into a red book with moeny looking $ on them now and when think of took the meony and gold ueds it for a pay roll and when in time it help out too , when in the old tred ports
King of Bahamut chapter 23 . 6/16
please update soon
robert krause chapter 18 . 5/28
when Naruto and kin lee own mater had them it the cothers shop for when to buy some new cothers when hers was 3 of them form the bule loonge and some time he even put her into a bule mard cothers now , and then a frilmy cust on it too , when he get her home he let her living in the old ampler his dad had used when the home was be buit up , when in it he let her kown her sound vaillge hand bled it put on the wall as a mind full of her old life with the sound vallge now , and when itis 4;00 pm and the next day bf is 6;00 am and then calne up and then off to school , when then the sle is a frinerd of my and you will keep out of toble too, when then he was in into a bed room in the mind home now , think of his mom own cloed he find into it a cub size office in it and find some books on the life and a map of the bad lands too and find out she was think of took a frilmy trpe to it with her son and dad too find the all money and frilmy hordsmons too , when think of it well be cool now .
robert lrause chapter 22 . 5/26
when then the time now is it now Naruto had be into looking over some old trading ports out side the vaillge was now his own when it 1 he was to ueds them for new shops but seeing his home had some of them as will but with Goth gril now in the caln now and with it now , Naruto and them meeting before and seeing hers as a calne can made new shops 2 hand shops is now open and then some time the news of it now , when now the old shops he get is some men caves for him and the 2 is tenten she cave now and the 3 is for the sisters hug and the time of it now , when then Naruto keep on the wall of old time warroirs and big bodds grils and woamn too , and a big king size bed and a bar too , when in ten is her own swords and other note, too , when then some time too ,
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