Reviews for Kink in the Chain
omigod-you-guys chapter 1 . 4/10/2008
aw. sad. :((

make this a story! I love jude/max. :))
Eriala chapter 1 . 4/9/2008
ok, i’m going to begin this review with a humble apology: i haven’t been reading your fics, i’ve barely been reading any atu fic at all, and i’m incredibly sorry. i’ve been spending most of my fanfic time lately in the tolkien fandom from whence i came; but playing around with elves is no reason to neglect such a fabulous author as you. that being said, i’m reviewing this one first because i’m about six chapters behind on “eleanor rigby,” so it’s going to take some time to catch up and i wanted to give you something in the meantime. so here are my thoughts on this fic:

when i read the summary i was very excited because of the max/jude/lucy label, and because your title gave me dirty thoughts, but it didn’t turn out how i expected at all. it was, of course, a thousand times better, in a weird way.

it didn’t have a particularly promising beginning: you say “you’re not the same” twice in the first paragraph. the repetition works well later in the story, but the same phrase said twice, so close together, doesn’t flow quite as nicely as it could; maybe you could word it slightly differently the second time? anyways, it didn’t quite do it for me, but decided to give you a chance and keep reading. and i’m very glad i did.

that was a really a stupid nitpick. this piece is tragic, but stunningly beautiful. the phrasing was direct and concise but portrayed the story, the emotions, all of it just perfectly. i didn’t cry; it wasn’t that kind of sad. it was more the kind that gets inside you and makes you really think about it, makes you wish you could do something about it, but of course you can’t because it’s fiction. you captured each character absolutely, and oh god, i feel so bad for all of them.

“you may ruffle your sister’s hair or give me a light punch on the arm as we head towards the baggage claim area” – it all feels so very real, it could be a scene from the movie. it’s obvious that max is trying so hard to be max, which makes it all the sadder as the fic progresses. when jude says “you aren’t my max” i want to slap him because it feels like such a rejection, but i can’t really blame him.

seeing max so fragile and broken kills me, it really does. and that jude can’t deal with him unless he’s hiding behind a mask and pretending to be something he’s not, is, well, awful, especially since it’s not max’s fault. your description of max, while depressing, was fantastic. a few quotes that stood out were: “now, they are blank, glazed over and tortured, as if you locked up the haunted memories inside them” -and- “i’m afraid that you’ll snap like a twig when i embrace you.”

this story really just shows the horror of the war: not only does it destroy a faraway country, but it also ruins what could be an amazing romance. i mean, none of this should have to happen. it’s horribly unfair. when jude said, “i’m sorry i can’t hold you tightly in my arms and tell you everything will be alright, because it isn’t,” it really hit me what a painful situation they’re all in – not just max, but the whole group of them. sure, jude can leave, and i understand how it can feel like the right decision, but really it can only make things worse. i know how it feels to have someone you care about abandon you simply because you’re going through a hard time, and it can only make you sink lower.

the only possible course of action from here seems to be for max to learn to live without jude, to live with the horrors of everything he’s seen and done, and to find comfort in lucy: because even if jude were to come back, he’s committed such an abandonment that i can’t imagine them ever being the same threesome again.

your characterizations are exactly right; they’re not the same as the movie, but i can really imagine them this way, they fit the fic just right. i really don’t know what to think of your lucy, but she certainly seems to be the one who’s most together here, even if she does briefly lose it. she sort of highlights the whole situation, how jude needs to just accept what has happened and be grateful it wasn’t worse. but of course, that he can’t do so only proves his love for max: it’s because of how deep his love is that he cannot accept what max has become. or at least, that’s how i see it. i think i would have liked a bit of expansion on the jude/lucy dynamic – it’s a threesome fic, but seems primarily focused on max/jude.

i would advise against a sequel. you’ve left us heartbroken and amazed by how astoundingly gifted you are. you’ve said everything in a very succinct and clear manner, and dragging it out would detract from this marvelous artwork you’ve created. not that i wouldn’t love more, or that i don’t think you could do a good job of it; i just think that you’ve made your point, you’ve left me blown away by your incredible talent, and that’s enough.

your last line really hit me: it seems like every story in this fandom has a strong “love is all you need” theme, so it was refreshing, if depressing, to hear the opposite. it really set this fic apart from the rest, and made it even more unique.

i believe i’ve just written a review longer than the fic itself. i hope you don’t have anything against long reviews. it’s really the least i can do to thank you for such a breathtaking story that i don’t think i’ll ever forget. oh, and of course this is going straight to my favorites list.


amatorius48 chapter 1 . 4/9/2008
that was heartbreaking, :( and really good. goodluck IF you decide to continue, otherwise, good job!